From the very minute they’re born, many parents have a vision of their children’s future. Of course, all a parent should want first and foremost is for their children to be safe and happy. But sometimes, they can’t help but wish they will pursue a specific career path, be it their own or one they might […] More
People Share The Things They Hope To See In The Next Five Years
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Every now and then, one can't help but look back and think about all the changes and advancements in various fields which have occurred.

Both good and bad.

Just about every year, we continued to see advancements in technology, what were once luxuries becoming more accessible, and stronger, more diverse representation in media.

Even though there are still ongoing issues we continue to wish would change, or as the US Supreme Court recently demonstrated, major regressions in other areas.

With this in mind, it leaves us to wonder what the next five years will have in store for us.

Something which Redditor wtfkingQ9 also wondered, leading them to ask:

"What’s something you’re hoping to see in the next 5 years?"
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People Break Down Which Modern Day Practices And Beliefs Will Be Considered Barbaric In The Future
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It's hard not to look back on history and be disgusted by a number of things which were at one point deemed acceptable, even not so long ago in the grand scheme of things.

The endless list includes segregation and women not having the right to vote.

We'd certainly like to think that we've come a long way.

But when we look back on how much we, as a culture, have evolved for the better, it also makes us stop and wonder what current customs or practices accepted in society today people twenty years from now will look back on in disgust.

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People Over 40 Share Their Best Advice For Folks In Their 20s
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With each passing year, it's hard not to look back on your life, and the decisions you've made.

How you wished you'd done this or hadn't done that.

Wishing that you were brave enough to try something, or wish you'd never even heard of something you took part in.

It can be said that the time we might look back on with the most regret is our 20s, that decade of life most heavily associated with figuring out what we want to do with our lives.

Some might wish they'd accomplished more in their 20s, while others might wish they slowed things down and didn't rush into some things.

Redditor morningperzon was curious to hear from people in their 40s what advice they would give to those still enjoying the adventure that is their 20s, leading them to ask:

"People who are 40+, what’s your advice to people in their 20s?"
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