deathbed confessions

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Not all secrets are taken to the grave. In fact most secrets always find a way to be heard. Usually guilt is the key to unearthing confessions, it's often too much to bare.

I think it's because nobody wants to die guilty, just in case there is whole afterlife situation. It's best to start the next journey with a clean slate. That's why we hear so many tales about sudden deathbed confessions. Nurses, doctors, cops, witnesses have a plethora of memories and secrets they've been told. And I am here for all the tea.

People are scandalous! Shall we listen?

Redditor u/alyssaoftheeast wanted to hear all the dish health care workers have to serve, by asking:

Nurses of Reddit, what are some of the most memorable death bed confessions you've had a patient give?
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