deathbed confessions

The things we are faced with at the end of life are unimaginable.

The mind is ready to unload it all in those last moments.

I suppose it's because when we know the end is coming, it's our last chance to try and make it right or unburden ourselves.

Just in case there is a hereafter.

And the people who always catch these last-minute monologues besides our loved ones?

Nurses and healthcare workers.

Redditor maaraa_h wanted to hear from healthcare workers who have been there in the end. They asked:

"Nurses of reddit, what where the most haunting things someone said on their deathbed?"
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Nurses Break Down The Most Memorable Death Bed Confessions They've Ever Heard
Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Not all secrets are taken to the grave. In fact most secrets always find a way to be heard. Usually guilt is the key to unearthing confessions, it's often too much to bare.

I think it's because nobody wants to die guilty, just in case there is whole afterlife situation. It's best to start the next journey with a clean slate. That's why we hear so many tales about sudden deathbed confessions. Nurses, doctors, cops, witnesses have a plethora of memories and secrets they've been told. And I am here for all the tea.

People are scandalous! Shall we listen?

Redditor u/alyssaoftheeast wanted to hear all the dish health care workers have to serve, by asking:

Nurses of Reddit, what are some of the most memorable death bed confessions you've had a patient give?
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