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People Describe The Brokest They've Ever Been

Reddit user Krisrunnintina asked: 'What’s the brokest you’ve ever been?'

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For many people, the difference between being housed and unhoused is a single paycheck.

For some it's a matter of money management, but for most it's the lack of a living wage for many jobs. Add a poor social safety net and poverty is always a footstep away.

Let's face it—many people have lived with a zero balance in their bank account and bills to pay and empty cupboards.

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The 'Brokest' Things People Have Ever Done

"Reddit user w3stward asked: 'What’s the brokest thing you’ve ever done?'"

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When the money is gone... it's GONE!

And when that happens, we have to adjust.

People pivot in order to survive.

Some of us find coupons and discounts galore.

Some of us skip meals.

But when people are broke and still have to keep living, one has to get creative.

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Since the pandemic, three subjects have been particularly prominent: continuing to work from home, perpetual health symptoms, and just the cost of living.

When we say "cost of living," we don't mean housing. We, unfortunately, mean living.

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People Explain Which Items Are Criminally Overpriced
Jason Leung on Unsplash

Life is lived by spending money. That is the way we have created our lives, and now that is the way we must live them.

You have to spend money on everything.

For housing, for food, for transportation.

It is literally impossible to live without it.

Sometimes it can feel like we're drowning in bills only to have an unforeseen expense crop up and do far more damage.

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People Explain Which Items They Wish They Could Buy But Can't Afford
Image by Harry Strauss from Pixabay

Being alive in 2021 is proving to be incredibly expensive. Like incredibly, ridiculously, prohibitively expensive.

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