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Dad Finds Map That His Teen Daughter Is 'Working On', And Some Of The New Additions Are Hilariously Alarming
@craigcalcaterra/Twitter; @BeauTFC/Twitter

The children are our future, as they say.

And in some cases, they're up to some truly absurdist genius.

Case in point: NBC Sports writer Craig Calcaterra's 16-year-old daughter Anna.

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Dad Didn't Want His Son Feeling Alone For Having A Scar From Surgery As An Infant, So He Got A Tattoo Of One On His Own Chest
@joejones1897 / Twitter

How people show their love and support for others comes in all shapes and forms.

Some will visit their new mom friend to make sure they're doing okay and will help with the laundry.

Some will send a sweet "thinking of you" card to a loved one.

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Female Scientists And Professors Expertly Shut Down 'Weather Expert''s Attempt To Mansplain Why They're Wrong About Climate Change
Saeed Khan / AFP / Getty Images

With the fires in Australia still burning and more than a billion animals estimated dead, people everywhere are worried at the immense loss the land Down Under is facing.

That hasn't stopped some, however, from imparting their "wisdom" regarding the origins of the fires, including their continued dismissal of climate change.

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