stupid financial decision

People Divulge The Stupidest Financial Decision They've Ever Made
Image by Frantisek Krejci from Pixabay

Finance and financial management really needs to be a part of all school curriculums. Seriously, who needs PE every single year?

And what in the world is the point of a free period? Also, trigonometry... just no. Learning about how to make and properly handle money would change the outlook for everyone.

Learning that it doesn't grow on trees or that one day we'll have to make our own and turn on into survival... that seems like a more dire and useful life lesson.

Too many people make far too many stupid mistakes that keep them in debt and unhappy, and that can be avoided.

Redditor u/viKiKing0 wanted everyone to own to some mistakes involving money by asking:

What was the stupidest financial decision you ever made?
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