Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay

Hiking totally rules.

You get to experience the unique quiet of vast expanses and jam-packed wooded zones. You hear strange bugs, smell all sorts of things, remember how to walk on uneven ground, and forget what rushing feels like.

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The woods can be a scary enough place during the day, hut take away the light and things get even creepier.

The slightest sound or breeze can set your nerves on edge, and sometimes its safer to be scared.

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Ahh, threesomes... the roulette of monogamous relationships. You spin and take your turn never knowing if this is going to end in a fizzle, some fireworks, or a freakout. Spoiler alert: unless you're both experienced players, there's been a LOT of talk and clear boundaries drawn, or both - it's pretty likely to end in freakout. Bummer, cause fireworks fam. Fireworks.

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