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Some of our most rewarding experiences have involved fictional characters. In fewer mediums has this been more resonant than in movies.

A screenplay can absolutely make or break a movie a movie, so it's always a pleasure when they boast memorable scenes and even more memorable lines. These factors have helped some movies retain their place in the public consciousness.

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People Share Their All-Time Favorite Movie Quotes
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One of the most memorable things about movies, and tv, is dialogue. You can go to your grave knowing all of the best lines of cinema.

Who hasn't spent hours in parking lots of bars, drunk, replaying the dialogue of the classics of Hollywood?

A film can look look gorgeous, but the words, the words make it all come together. Maybe I'm biased.

Great dialogue and memorable quotes are what keep us coming back. Our chance to relive, reenact and be a part of the story.

Redditor No_Housing_4819 wanted everyone to share some of our most memorable film moments, they asked:

"What's your favorite movie quote?"
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There are literally millions of movies.

Within each movie, hundreds to thousands of quotes. The options for your favorite movie quotes are endless.

Of course, not all movies are created equally, so some definitely stand out more than others.

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