The Absolute Worst Questions To Ask On A First Date

Couple dating over coffee
Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

Getting to know someone on a first date is fun.

Anything is possible and exciting when the individuals involved are starting off with a clean slate and asking each other fun questions.

The usual suspects often include specifics not listed on a profile, like "what's your favorite movie?", "what's your go-to dish?", and "have you ever been convicted of a federal crime?"

Wait, what?

Yes, there are some inquiries that are better left asking on a second date if there is one.

Curious to hear from strangers on their opinion about proper dating etiquette Redditor Hazefromda6 asked:

"What is the worst question to ask on a first date?"

Redditors took an opportunity to go wild with their suggestions.

Is Your Mother Busy?

"Would your mum be down for a threesome?"

– Nusack

First Course Or Intercourse

"Do you want to have sex before or after dinner?"

– Can_Not_Double_Dutch

Judgy much?

Unsolicited Tip

"Don't you think you should get a salad instead?"

– yedoggie

The Applicant

"What makes you think you're qualified for this position?"

– dzzi

Better Options

"Do you have any thinner sisters?"

– paulfromatlanta

These came from left field.

Their Plus One

"Do you mind if I invite my wife next time?"

– __DVYN__

Second Opinion

"Does this look like herpes? I'm not sure but my wife says it is."

– kthulhu666

Boundaries, people!

Catching Flies

"Do you sh*t with your mouth open or closed?"

– MickDirtee

Many of these amateur comedians contributed their raunchiest one-liners, but with so many single people out there looking to make a connection, I wouldn't put it past them to ask some mind-boggling first-date questions due to their lack complete self-awareness.

There's a reason why certain individuals are still single.

With their lack of social graces, they're just not ready to mingle.

But hey, there's someone for everyone, right?

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