People Confess What They Have ZERO Sympathy For


The limits of human sympathy are wide, but they are present.

Everybody has their different limits and there is no way to tell whose is whose. But there is a limit present for everybody.

Sometimes it's pretty common, but sometimes it's something most of us would nod or excuse. Let's find out where some of those limits are, shall we?

u/xii_G0BeASt_-M0dEx asked:

What do you have ZERO sympathy for?

Here were some of those answers.

Save The Planet

People who litter. One that really boils my piss is whenever it's a nice sunny day, we don't go to our local beaches. Hell none of the locals do in the holidays, because they're packed with literal bus loads of tourists coming in from the cities, bringing their entire extended families to cause chaos and havoc everywhere. And the litter they leave is insane. It's worse than some of the festivals I've been to.

The other unforgivable one is littering up in the fells and mountains. That is going nowhere. You managed to walk the full container up to the top, you can damn sure walk it back empty. Degenerates.


Laws Are Laws

People that go to foreign countries with strict and unreasonable consequences for minor infractions that expect their home country to bail them out when they they try to steal something/commit a crime (in the eyes of the country they are in). I feel bad for their families for having a such a stupid relative.


The Worst Kind Of Person

People who make fun of other people starting new things. Makes people leave hobbies that could've been their favourite thing to in their spare time. Made me lose interest in speed-cubing, because that community can be pretty toxic to new people.



People who act like the victim with everything, after dating one for a while it finally hits you how cancerous it is, it weighed on my mental health and I almost went to a psyche ward, her ghosting me was the best thing to ever happen to me last year.


Unforgivable Offense

Needing to listen to music badly enough that you play your phone speaker on public transportation.


The Guard Of Injury

People who piss off the Queens guards and get hurt.

I'm sorry but how stupid do you have to be to mess with a soldier who is literally armed with a bayonet and has quick access to ammunition (usually the guns aren't loaded but on high alert periods of time, they are)? Also you know they aren't supposed to react so stop pissing them off you wankers.



People who are absolute ogres to minimum wage workers (retail, servers, fast food, etc) then cry when they don't get their way, or better yet, get kicked out. That worker doesn't control the price or the inventory, or even the store policy. If you have a problem, ask for a manager like an adult instead of throwing a temper tantrum.


Pulled To The Side Of The Road

When I see someone driving like a total knobhead, cutting everyone off, causing near-crashes all down the road, and then I pass them later on pulled over by a cop.


Trying To Get By

People who won't stop having kids even though all you hear from them is griping about how they have no money or a life of their own or they're tired all the time or they say stuff like "but this is so haaaaard". Don't act surprised that that kind of shit happens once you start having kids; it's some of the most common frigging knowledge in the world. And don't start palming off your younger kids on your older ones all the time, either; you wanted a baseball team, you gotta coach 'em all. (This is not about parents whose older children want to help or have some responsibilities like helping their siblings with tying shoes and whatall. This is about parents whose older kids don't get to be kids because they are too busy raising their siblings.)


Blinkers As A Sign Of Weakness

People who do not use their blinker while driving. Why? You're too lazy to move your hand for a second? You expect everyone else on the road to read your mind? Screw you, man. Just...screw you.


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