People Weigh In On Whether They Would Buy Meat Grown In A Lab


Some people like meat, others not so much. But what about meat that doesn't require slaughtering animals? Do people think it has the potential to replace animal protein? Prevailing thought here is that it can and should. Why not?

ichbinshalt asked: Would you eat/support lab-grown meat? If so/if not, why?

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I'd love to try it. If it's just as good and cost effective, I'd switch.


I had vegan "Chik'n patties", specifically spicy ones, because I wanted to see just how far fake meat production has come.

They were $4 for 6 patties. On one hand, it tasted exactly like a cheap chicken patty. On the other... it tasted exactly like a cheap chicken patty. there weren't any noticeable texture or taste differences.

So, to be fair, cheap chicken patties are probably one of the closest relatives to fake meat products since they're barely true meat anyways, but I was impressed.

I've always been of the opinion that, if fake food can get as close to actual meat as possible, there's literally no reason outside of capitalism that society couldn't start mass-producing that fake meat, and stop abusing other animal species just to make more real meat. It's a hard task though, chicken and beef especially have a special power to them. Their distinct taste and textures are, in my experience, almost impossible to imitate perfectly. There's a HUGE difference between the burger and chicken patties from a fast food joint, and a $8 2-pound slab of ground beef or chicken breast filet, cooked on the grill to perfection.

EDIT please leave me alone with the "vegan food vs. lab-product meat" stuff. I literally just wanted to share my experience with eating a product made to imitate meat and comment that "if we've come this far with products that are distinctly not meat, I'm sure science can make lab-grown meat a possibility."


One day.

Yes, if it is:

  1. Safe for consumption
  2. Just as tasty as regular dead animal meat
  3. No more expensive than regular dead animal meat'


It currently is more expensive to make, hence the markup for replacement patties I've seen. But if the demand were to increase, production could gain more traction and we could see a price reduction per patty


In the long run, lab grown should inherently be cheaper and easier to grow than whole cows. It's just a matter of achieving economies of scale.


Seeing a trend here...

I would, I see it as a good alternative to current meat production and as long as it both tastes good and has less negative impact on the planet I'll definitely support it.

Edit: Thanks for the upvotes. If people want to know more about why modern meat production is an issue, Kurzgesagt made a good summary which can be found here.


Same here. I love a good steak but I simply can't support the way factory farming makes the lives of animals hell and how much it contributes to climate change. If they can build a factory of machines growing muscle/fat that's the equivalent of the real thing without all the harm I'd be all over it.


To feel even better about your decisions, factory farming is essentially a giant petridish for disease and antibiotic resistances, and will probably lead to an epidemic eventually.

So many reasons!

Staying on topic, as a lifelong vegetarian I'd probably at least try it, but it may be too creepy for me to enjoy. No moral question though, I think if it's labmade, anyone who wants it should enjoy it!!


If it's the same, why not?

If you couldn't tell the difference in a blind test... who cares?

Edit: Also if it's the same price or cheaper and presents the same health and nutrition profile as non-lab meat.


Why wouldn't they?

Yes. My question is would vegetarians consider it, the ones who don't eat meat for animal rights.


I would 100% support it, but I personally wouldn't eat it, because I've always hated the taste and texture of meat, even before I went vegetarian (for ethical reasons in addition to disliking it). I assume good lab-grown meat would taste more or less identical to the real thing, so I'd probably stick to my current beans and veggie heavy diet.


I've been a vegetarian for a few years (for environmental and ethical reasons) and now I'm trying to be vegan, and yes, I'd consider it, but I don't really miss meat.


No more death!

Be able to eat meat without killing animals or using billions of acres of pasture/feed corn? Sign me the f*ck up!


And especially without cows producing the amount of CO2 that they do. Seriously, it's a problem right now.


An interesting question. Then again, Oreos are Kosher...

I'd be interested to see how any Muslims and Jews feel about this. Is it still kosher/halal?


That's why I'd support this, if it's taken from a living animal I believe it can be seen as halal. Some scholars may make an argument for it to be haram though so it'd be interesting to see how it plays out but I know some have already issued fatwas (religious rulings) saying it is halal.


As a Jew, I've discussed these sorts of questions with my rabbis plenty because it's fun to see Halacha (Jewish law) apply itself to modern times. The short answer, according to what I've learned, is yes, provided that the tools used to make the lab-created meat have not been in contact with non-kosher food. And because lab-created meat is not technically meat, it can be eaten with real cheese. I cannot speak for our Muslim brethren, but I'm guessing it would be halal because I heard that whatever is kosher is halal. I could be wrong, though.


Meat is pricey. Lab meat has the potential to be cheap.

F*ck yes. Meat is way to expensive. I cant wait till I can grow my own at home cheaply that doesn't require a birth certificate.


Meat is incredibly expensive to produce. We have just socialized 99% of the costs. All the land that it takes to both house the animals and grow the feed. All the greenhouse gases they produce. All the fertilizer that has to be produced for said feed. All the destroyed coastal areas from the fertilizer runoff (and loss of fishing habitats). The damage to water tables and pollution of drinking water. The loss of fresh water for other uses that is diverted for agriculture to support the feed and the growth of the animals, and on and on. Almost none of that actually goes into the in-store cost of meat but those are all valuable resources we are losing and real costs we are bearing.

I feel like it is analogous to someone not liking how expensive his garbage pickup service is, so he decides to dump it in his back yard. He talks about how much he is saving, as his plants die, his family gets sick because of the disease a bunch of rotting garbage brings, his property value goes down, and his house stinks and looks like sh!t. Sure, if you ONLY look at the money spent on the garbage pickup, he is way ahead. But if you look at the value he has lost and the indirect costs, it is a stupid, short sighted decision.


On the other hand, there are those who don't trust the process.

Probably not. There have already been plenty of scandals with the ordinary meat; companies love to cut corners / cut costs / skirt rules etc.

With something completely manufactured there are so many things we would have to trust them about: That they've conducted all the trials they were supposed to, to the required lengths of time; that they don't quietly change their manufacturing process to "something cheaper" but less safe without telling people; that there are not long term problems with the product that only being to show up when people have been eating it for decades, that there are no problems with the quality of the products their suppliers supply to them to make / grow the meat...

If it was out for decades and other people have been eating it...yeah ok maybe then. Otherwise no.


But as long as it's tasty, I'm in.

As long as it doesn't taste like despair.


If it tastes good, isn't too expensive and is healthy, I'd be all for it.


Yes, provided;

  1. it has to taste as good as the real thing.
  2. it's reasonable safe.

Yes I did put taste before safe.


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