People Explain Which Horrors They Wish They Could Unleash On Their Worst Enemy
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Many of us sometimes fantasize about what we would do to our worst enemies, especially in the moments when they're actively making our lives worse.

While most of us would never actually do any of the things that we contemplate instead of screaming at that super annoying person at the office, we do get pretty creative with the ideas.

Redditor take_me_there_ asked:

"What WOULD you wish on your worst enemy?"

This One Would Hurt

"A conscience. Let her realize the horrific things she’s done."

- Jenny010137

"Seriously. Introspection, self awareness, and empathy are traits that would improve a lot of sh*tty people."

- el_muerte17

"Oh I wish I had thought of this one. If my enemy had a conscience, wow life would be much different."

- Shelbysouth43

No Pearly Whites For You

"I’d like all their teeth to turn really yellow and stay yellow no matter what they do."

- toothfixingfiend

"What did I ever do to you?"

- Spideredd

"I don't even know you! Give me back my enamel!"

- AngryMustache9

Everything You Own Is Orange Now

Snl Cheetos GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"Permanent Cheeto fingers. Just orange cheese dust getting on everything."

- cocoapuff1721

"This has to be one of the most evil things I ever heard, yet absolutely hilarious."


"The Midas Touch: Snack Edition"

- MaryVenetia

Ouch, But Forever

"Stubbing and breaking their toe and right as it’s about to be done healing it happens again over and over for the rest of their pitiful time on this hell we call earth."

- No-Bee-2971


- Alpha_6

"More of a Toemetheus imo"

- PykeTheDrowned

Self Reflection

"For them to realize how big of an a-hole they are."

- mayhemanaged

"Same for me. The trouble is mine probably knows what a tremendous a-hole he is, and just doesn't care (it's what defines him, is his outlook more than likely), so, give mine a conscience as well, he undeniably lacks one."

- RhoadsOfRock

"a crushing moment of self realization is something that can destroy you mentally. I wish that on them."

- chancetodream

Bury Them Under A Mountain Of Minor Inconveniences

"Always being hungry two hours after eating no matter how large the meal. Slow internet. Traffic jams no matter the location. Self doubt. Allergies. Favorite shows spoiled."

"Nothing major enough to be life altering but constant, low grade inconveniences that wear on your soul every day."

- I_Love_Small_Br**sts

"Every bite of food they eat/drink they drink being slightly the wrong temperature."

"Coffee? Warm but not hot. Cola? Cool, but not cold. Muffin? Ever so slightly frozen."

"Not enough to ruin their life, but just enough to not quite have full enjoyment of anything.."

- HappiHappiHappi

They'll Never Be Able To Use Their Computer Again

"Quick scan with McAfee on their computer."

- halflife_3

"You f**king monster."

- Orion_2kTC

"The constant pop-ups from McAfee is too far."

- _Land_Rover_Series_3

That's A New Level Of Evil

"Bed bugs."

- thrawn1825

"Currently dealing with bed bugs, and I can absolutely confirm this is the kind of thing I would wish upon my worst enemy. It is miserable and painful, and I've tried everything to get rid of them at this point."

"I would easily wish this upon my worst enemy, x10."

- ArbitrarilyStagnant

"Oh hell no, you went there... Hopefully they aren't living in an apartment complex or you've cursed everyone in the building."

- expect_less

Well of course I know him. He’s me.

Animated GIFGiphy

"$100,000. I sure could use it."

- Sparklesperson

"'It’s no surprise to me I am my own worst enemy'"

- FishyVonFishenHymer

"Lol I thought this was that deep sh*t like 'pray for those you resent to have all the things you want in life….' Then I realized."

- No-Chipmunk9527

Forever Constipated

the powerpuff girls bubbles GIFGiphy

"That they can never have a satisfying poop. They always feel like they have to go to the bathroom and when they do nothing comes."

- [User Deleted]

"Wow. That's evil. Always feeling the need to pee would be good (as in horrific) too."

- ipakookapi

We definitely don't recommend implementing any of these plans (not that most would actually be possible), but here's some new ideas for the next time you're stuck in a meeting with your most annoying coworker and need a little fantastical escape.

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