Monogamous People Explain Whether Infidelity Would Result In An Instant Breakup
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Romantic relationships have evolved considerably over the course of time.

Today, more and more couples who are otherwise committed to one another, in marriage or in word, have "open" relationships, where they are permitted to see other people on the side.

Also, many people are open about being in polyamorous relationships, where they might be equally committed and loving to more than one person.

Which isn't to say, however, that monogamous relationships are a thing of the past.

As many people continue to commit, body and soul, to one person and one person only.

And should one half of that couple break that commitment, it could be the effective end of that relationship.

Redditor bbananasplit was curious to hear whether, in this progressive age, people in monogamous couples would end their relationship over infidelity, leading them to ask:
"Monogamous Redditors: is infidelity an automatic break-up for you? why?"

Yes: What Else Are They Hiding?

"My ex-wife and high school sweetheart cheated after 3 years of marriage."

"My thoughts were summed up best by Nietzsche:"

"'I'm not upset that you lied to me'."

"I'm upset that from now on, I can't believe you'."- link_up_luke

Yes: We Had An Agreement


"If you’ve agreed on monogamy and someone cheats, it’s a violation of trust and without trust in a relationship, you have nothing."

"My relationship motto is, 'if you can be stolen, they can have you'.”- MermaidandtheKraken

Yes: I Deserve Better

"Yes, is a violation of trust, and shows lack of love and respect."- Ketosheep


"It’s a massive violation of trust and complete destruction of the idea of mutual respect."- razzledazzle626

Yes: You Never Recover From The Betrayal

"Yeah, the jealousy fades fairly quick but it's the breach of trust that gets to you."

"I was able to piece together a string of lies leading back months, finding out two different friend groups knew two different stories, etc."

"After that it's hard to even look at the person without seeing a sociopath."- Thatsaclevername


"I've been cheated on, and the pain of the betrayal is the harshest I've ever felt."

"It's completely destroyed my ability to trust anyone."- otter_dragon

Yes: They Know What They're Doing


"Cheating isn’t an accident."

"It’s a choice."

"It takes effort."

"I’d never be able to trust my partner again even if I wanted to."- A_Salty_Moon

Yes: Fidelity Is A Two Way Street


"It might take me a bit to really accept it, but I refuse to give my loyalty to someone who doesn't return it."- Trashsodaz

Yes: It Only Gets Worse

"I let it happen twice."

"We broke up the second time."

"She begged me back after 4 months and 6 months later she’s being devious and shady."

"I’ll never be able to trust her."

"I wouldn’t let it happen again."

"It’s the worst feeling imaginable."- Myke_Dubs

Yes: There's Nothing Worse


"It couldn't ever go back to being a nice, loving, trusting relationship again."

"I'd be way too paranoid and ultimately, what's the point in trying to force it?"

"Cheating is the ultimate betrayal, it's a no go for me."- bigf*ckingdiamond

If people agree on an open, non-monogamous relationship, that is their decision and not for us to judge.

But people who enter into a monogamous relationship have made an agreement to commit to one another, and no one else.

And when people can't keep one agreement, it becomes hard not to wonder what other agreements they might have broken as well.

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