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You've likely seen at least read the book or seen at least one of the adaptations of Mary Rodgers' Freaky Friday, the story of a mother and daughter who can't get along and through magic switching bodies and quite literally seeing the world through the other's eyes one, well, freaky Friday.

That inspired today's burning question from Redditor CryoTraveller, who asked the following question: "You're allowed to body swap with anyone on earth for 24 hours (as in the movie Freaky Friday). Who's life do you swap with and what would you do?"

We actually wish we could see these swaps happen.

"Any astronaut..."


Any astronaut on the International Space Station so I could float around and see the universe from that perspective.


"Swap with someone wealthy..."

Swap with someone wealthy and "forget" a nice chunk of money somewhere. I'd probably feel bad after but if they can afford to lose it I can afford to gain it.


"He or she gets 24 hours..."

Hmm, I would try to reach out to a wealthy individual, paralyzed from the waist down or at the very least able to lucidly communicate. Such that his or her conscious consent is unquestionable and can be further authenticated by lawyers and verified by reporters.

He or she gets 24 hours to do what they like, provided that they return my body in good condition, without long term repercussions, and with a trusted loved one to keep them company throughout. At the close, an agreed sum will be transferred to my account.


"I would swap with someone..."

I would swap with someone trapped in their body. I know it would suck for me, but maybe they could do something amazing instead of me wasting a day. I recently listened to Lock In and Head On on Audible, so the idea is fresh in my mind.


"Swap with some crazy mass murderer..."

Swap with some crazy mass murderer and abuser. Time out the 24 hours to the minute. Find the tallest building I can find. Jump off seconds before the swap back.


"My husband..."

My husband who is going through chemotherapy, so he could get up and feel good for a day and I could better understand what he is going through on a daily basis.


"I would switch with my mom."

I would switch with my mom. She has a nerve disease and is going through it rough right now so I'd switch really just so she can spend the day in my body and have fun running around pain free for a while.


"I see no downside."


Stephen Hawking.

I die and he comes back to life and into a somewhat functional body.

i see no downside.


"I'd like to know what it feels like..."

Somebody in a loving relationship. I'd like to know what it feels like to be cared about.


"Disband their stable..."

Swap with an ex, and turn their whole sh*t around.

Disband their stable of sidepieces, make amends with good friends they cut off for dumb reasons, let their s/o (if any) go have fun with their friends, throw out their hard recreational drugs, buy healthy groceries and meal prep for the week, and maybe sign them up for some hobby or fitness program.

Hopefully that overhaul puts them in a more positive space. Otherwise I just Netflixed my own Truman Show lolol


"Someone who isn't pregnant..."

Someone who isn't pregnant. I'd go to town on some wine and some sushi and just bask in feeling normal and good.


"I have a lot of negative judgements..."

I have a lot of negative judgements about fatness. I'd swap with an obese person in order to understand what it's like and grow my compassion.


"I'm a private caregiver."

I'm a private caregiver. For three years I have gotten the pleasure to hang out with a couple that is approaching their 70th wedding anniversary. They are the coolest youngest old people I have ever known but with ever advancing dementia they are more and more frequently forgetting their favorite adventures. Not to mention the general aches and pains that come with being ninety. I would switch places with either of them so they could spend the day looking at their photos and hopefully remember their children again or at least have one day not riddled with arthritis. I could spend the day in a comfy chair watching animal planet, win win.


"I would swap with an Instagram model/influencer..."

I would swap with an Instagram model/influencer or a socialite to see what it would be like living as someone in a different social class. The experience would be eye opening or fun provided the conditions of the swap allow me to retain my basic "personality" or intelligence and vice versa with the other person.

I could go on all sorts of wacky adventures around the world or hold discussions about topics I would normally refrain from partaking in.


I'd swap with a person who is extremely unfortunate. Maybe someone experiencing poverty and a debilitating condition. I'd come back to myself and it would open my eyes as to how nice I've got it. I always get myself into a self-pity party because of things that have happened, but at least I have a roof over my head, a comfy bed, food to eat, a job, the ability to go to school, and my health. I'd probably reach out to that person I swapped with and try to help them.


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