People Describe The Worst Wedding Ceremony They've Ever Attended
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With all months of planning that goes into a traditional wedding, you'd think it couldn't go that sour on the day of the event.

Sure, there will be some unexpected challenges and a few snags throughout the day. That's standard for any event ever.

But for the wedding to crash and burn, some glaring oversights must have been at play.

Unfortunately, those sometimes only become obvious once the event has already taken its nose dive.

A Redditor, who has since deleted their account, asked:

"Reddit, what is the WORST wedding ceremony you have attended? Why was it bad?"

Many people decried the weddings that totally stunk due to major logistical oversights. These simply forgot about the basic elements of a good wedding.

Standing Room Only

"There were no tables and chairs. Like none. They had an open bar but no fu**ing chairs. Everyone had to put their drink on the ground and hold their plate to eat. It was fu**ing crazy."

"Everyone just assumed that some sort of terrible thing happened where the tables and chair people didn't bring them but afterwards I asked her (the bride) what happened and she just said 'Oh we would have had to pay extra for that.' "

-- tsim12345

More of a Fundraiser

"My cousins wedding."

"Cousin and husband live about three hours away from his and her respective families. Everyone gets to the reception and finds out there is no dinner, only hors d'oeuvre. And by that, I mean there was a tray of cold meatballs, cold mozzarella sticks, and two turkeys for around 120 people. Half the guests left for about an hour to go get something to eat."

"Cash bar was crazy expensive, like $6 for a bottle of Miller lite."

"Then, they start selling dances with the bride and groom for $50."

"Sadly, I saw people finding the envelope of cash they were giving as a gift and taking money out."

-- BendyBoo

Got It, No Dry Weddings

"My cousin had a 'dry wedding' (no alcohol) because members in her church crowd were heavily against drinking. Keep in mind that our family enjoys drinking (We have been making our own moonshine for decades)."

"After the food was served, her church friends hauled as**out of there as fast as they could, leaving only my family of alcoholics. The DJ we were tortured by was someone random from her church that had obviously never worked a wedding before. My family lingered around a bit, but left soon after that and the reception was dead by 9pm."

"The people from her church that she had paid to help clean up had left right after the food as well. So by time I was leaving, she was cleaning up with her new husband. I stayed to help because I felt bad and she asked me to, but her wedding was awful. 0/10"

-- hussy_trash

At the Whims of Climate

"I've been to a few outdoor wedding ceremonies in summer here in Queensland, Australia (it's ridiculously hot & humid in summer) without chairs that just go on & on."

"All dressed up in your finest, feet going numn in stupid heels, dripping in sweat for hours is not pleasant. Dear god peoples, keep it short or give us shade and chairs."


Others shared stories of the weddings that went south due to interpersonal drama that exploded right there at the wedding.

Elephant in the Room

"I was at a wedding 2 years ago where the happy couple to be were also best friends with another married couple so naturally made the other couple best man and maid of honour. 3 weeks before the wedding the other couple ended dramatically through him cheating and were going through a nasty divorce by the time the wedding rolled around."

"The whole wedding became centered around the best man and maid of honour and their dismal attempt at looking happy for the new couple. The best man even had his new girlfriend rock up at the reception. Awkward as fu**, but there was definitely a sense of all the guests as to 'omg, what's going to happen next?!?'"

-- Myjunkisonfire

Hot Gossip

"I was 15, 26 year old cousin's wedding, Indian family. His fiance, also Indian got drunk at reception and made out with the best man in a closet, someone opened the door and pretty much everyone saw them walk out of the closet."

"It was jaw droppingly awkward. He got the marriage annulled."

-- Ileumn


"My ex-wife's uncle. He was in his fifties, his bride was in her twenties and younger than his daughter of his first marriage. Shotgun ceremony, there was an undercurrent of ill-disguised fury in the wedding venue."

"It all got worse during the wedding party - the top table ate the ENTIRE buffet, leaving nothing for the other guests, so somebody was forced to take a run down to a local takeaway. About 20 minutes into the disco, one set of in-laws trod on the foot of the other set of in-laws, refused to apologise, and both sides came together like a battle scene in Game of Thrones, all to the sound of Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon."

"Blood everywhere, the DJ pulled the plug, and everybody was thrown out of the community centre. It wasn't even 6pm, and guests were still arriving, and the guy sent out for the takeaway food arrived shortly after with arms full of fish and chips and a half-empty car park. Best wedding ever. Vic the groom died this year, because cancer's a fu**er."

-- duckorange

A Very Public Scolding

"Bride doesn't show up after 2 hrs of waiting then calls to tell the groom that she changed her mind. Groom starts crying and his mom shouts 'shut the fu** up! I told you to marry Kathy but noooooo Kathy was too fat huh? You just had to chase a model! She couldn't even wipe her a** with those nails much less cook your dinner. Why would Jessica want you? You're broke an you're ugly. Kathy wouldn't have stood you up cause she ugly too. Serves you right' "

"Groom continues to cry while the guests stared in shock."

"Yes people Kathy was there but just like everyone else she was afraid to confront the mom. She did give him a hug afterwards though."

-- [deleted]

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"Hubby and I went to his ex-wife's latest wedding at the request of their kids. This was her 4th or 5th wedding with her grown children in attendance. Floor length white Cinderella wedding dress with everybody in tuxes. From a woman who lived off disability, welfare, and child support."

"Groom's sister realized bride had been married in this same church before, as she walked through the lobby shortly before the wedding asked, "Come here often?" I nearly wet myself laughing."

"Photographer wasn't pleased about something so my hubby & I ended up in a lot of photos (who doesn't want their exhusband in their wedding pics)."

"We made sure she changed her name and the kids were happy; I think the bride & groom ended up cleaning up the rented reception hall themselves because his family was not cooperating. We came home grateful that we'd just run down to the courthouse."

-- Lybychick

And some shared stories of the cringe moments. Some of the speeches that happen at weddings are just excruciating.

Leave That Part Out

"As a waitress I've seen a lot at weddings. Amongst my favourite, the best man who got up and started his speech, re-telling all the details of the buck's night. The bride's family had flown in from Africa (unsure of the nation)."

"They were all in traditional dress and we were only serving alcohol to certain tables because of their religious beliefs I guess. The poor bride was hiding her head in her hands while the best man talks about the groom climbing on stage at a strip joint and eating a banana out of the stripper."

"Rule number one of giving speeches at weddings: Never re-tell Buck's night stories."

-- henrijonesjr

Candid, At Least

"I attended one last week where the bride said in her vows that she didnt think it would last, and they fought too much but she thought she would like to try marriage. Later on when fireworks went off during their first dance, the fireworks base fell over and set the carpet on fire."

-- ainslie-red

Belittled On the Spot

"I attended a female coworker's wedding. She and the groom were both very young (teenagers) and very religious."

"The father walks the bride down the aisle, and it looks like we're in for a beautiful ceremony. But once they arrive next to the groom, the father proceeds to give the groom a lecture on how he will now be responsible for the spiritual well being of the bride. How he (the father) has been her "spiritual leader" her whole life up to now, but the groom is taking over."

"While giving this speech, the father managed to strike a terrifying figure, one of those, 'You take care of my daughter or I will kill you' types, only the message was 'If my daughter falls off her Christian path and ends up going to hell, I'm coming after you, buddy.' The groom began to sob as he was being lectured, and it could not have been more awkward for the entire congregation."

"We watched the father dress down the groom, speak as if the bride had no control over her own life, and cause the poor boy to spend the rest of his wedding red-eyed and runny-nosed."

-- ChapelSteps

Stealing the Show

"Not my story but an old coworker told me about a wedding they went to where the best mans toast turned into him proposing to his girlfriend. I would have killed the see the brides face ."

-- Alcopaulics

DIY. Also Racist.

"I'll make this short. Camo vests on the groomsmen. Pause for brides smoke break during ceremony. Half the guests were in jeans or PJ pants. Finally, a make your own ham and cheese sandwich bar."

"Oh yeah and it was at a fairly hillbilly 'golf club' so there was nearly a racially charged fistfight between a young black groomsmen and some old white club members."

-- RN_SweetCorn

Bad From the Get Go

"My best friend's. Bride showed up annihilated, and her family friends kept trying to sneak her weed/booze to 'even her out'. I can't believe he still married her. They will be divorced sometime this week."

-- unicornlocostacos

Here's hoping you never have to sit through this level of discomfort or awkwardness in all of your future wedding obligations.

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