People Debate What The Worst Weapon Would Be To Bring To The Zombie Apocalypse
julien Tromeur on Unsplash

The popularity of zombie films, TV shows, comic books and novels have lead a lot of people to imagine their zombie apocalypse survival strategy.

Where would they live?

What about food and transportation?

Perhaps most important for many people are the weapons they plan to wield.

But some weapons that do just fine pre-apocalypse, are less than useless after.

Redditor Mister_DumDum asked:

"What's the worst weapon (but undeniably a weapon) to have in the Zombie Apocalypse?"


"I’d imagine a Musket would suck."

"Makes a ton of noise and only get one shot with a long reload period."

- Reddit


All choked up

"One of those assassin choke cables."

- zinglord69

"Garrote wire."

- USS-Missouri

"...piano wire...for...garroting."

- oyM8cunOIbumAciggy


Do zombies cry?

"Tear gas."

- ymgve


Been there, done that...

"A biological weapon that turns people into zombies."

- DavidHewlett

"So, a zombie?"

- Mouler



"Pepper spray. You have to be close enough to use it and once you do, they don't give a sh*t because they are dead and can't feel it."

- ghostiesontoasties


Sorry, Ash

"Chainsaw, too loud, too much maintenance to be good."

- TimSherrySucks

"I was gonna say chainsaw too."

"Incredibly dangerous to the user, you must get in close to use it, would get jammed up, need sharpening often and fling contaminated blood everywhere."

- polarbearrape


Clean up on aisle...

"I work at a steel mill and one of the services we provide is melting down weapons involved in violent crimes that have been confiscated by police departments."

"So if everything they’ve brought to be melted down qualified as a weapon, my answer would be a Swiffer mop."

- SmartAlec105

"I love that confiscating and melting down that Swiffer was deemed necessary."

- Deracination


But, does he die or not?

"Wolverine Claws, you eject them and slice up zombies, now they are covered in infected zombie blood, you retract them into your body, thereby infecting yourself with zombie virus."


"If it was wolverine then his healing factor would just make him even more deadly. An unstoppable force even."

- Bandit263

"Or continually self healing undead state."

- Mouler


Roundhouse or uppercut

"Brass knuckles."

"Imagine you punch a zombie in the face but he bites you in the process."

- Exene9


Give as good as you get?

"Your teeth as you bite the bastards back."

- Lovingnature412


There are definitely some things to consider here.

Does electricity or water or fire work against zombies?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.


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