People Break Down The Worst Way Someone Ever Asked Them To Leave After A Hookup
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There are humane ways to tell someone to go home after a... liaison.

How can one be so rude after being so intimate?

I'm not saying you have to snuggle and profess love, but damn, a quick... "thanks, I hope life is kind to you" goes a long way.

Redditor sumyungdoodwanted to hear the tea about the times they had to tell a lover to take a hike. They asked:

"What is the worst way someones asked you to leave after sex?"

Tell me your worst. Mine our stories where I had find my clothes in the dark and sneak out naked.

Don't ask...

A Late Run

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"Asked if he could drive my car to the gas station to buy cigarettes and when he came back he told me he left my keys in the car and it was running."



"An old friend invited me over for her famous beef stew. I got there, we fool around, had sex, then right after she handed me a tupperware of the stew and said 'you got sex and stew, now please leave.' Still not sure if that's the worst way I was kicked out or the best."


"Most of the people here didn’t get stew. You did okay!"


'is it that obvious'

"Went home with a girl from the bar. After we had sex, she said something like 'soooo... think you can get an Uber now? If not, I GUESS you can sleep on the couch for a few hours.' Here I was, sitting on some random girl's couch trying to find an Uber at 4 AM. Mercifully I did find one and when the guy picked me up he said 'so, your hookup kick you out?' I said 'is it that obvious' and he replied 'you weren't the first one I drove back to their car tonight and you probably won't be the last.'"



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"Go grab some Taco Bell. You can eat it on your way home. Honestly it was better than the sex. And I don't even like Taco Bell that much."


I hate Taco Bell. And since reading this... I hate people.

Mrs. Robinson?

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"She lit a cigarette, then looked at me for like 20 seconds, and said 'Well, bye.' I just got dressed and left. Never saw her again."


And you are?

"While dozing off, he gently tapped my shoulder, and said: 'Maribel, you can’t stay here.'"

"My name is not Maribel."


"See this is what happens when you don’t let people talk about Bruno."



"He got off me and started looking at pictures of other women on Instagram, and commenting on how much more attractive they were than me and told me 'oh yeah you can go now.' We were best friends for like two years up until that moment."


"I’m open minded but this is exactly why I often don’t trust male friendships. You could even be a lesbian and one moment of vulnerability they may take advantage of that. I know it’s unrelated but your experience made me upset and I’m sorry you had to go through that."


second time...

"He rolled over, grabbed his phone, and without even looking at me said 'find your clothes, you know where the door is' and just laid there on his phone ignoring me while I gathered my clothes and left. He tried texting me a few days later because he was drunk and horny so I told him 'you know where your hand is' and blocked him."



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"We were good friends for a few years before hooking up after a night of drinking."

"Halfway through sex he told me he can't actually do this because he wanted to get back with his ex and can't mess it up because she's the hottest girl he'll ever be with. He lived in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't leave until the morning so he made me sleep on the couch."


Wow. Some people are truly disgusting. How do you treat other humans this way?

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