People Reveal The Worst Times To Say 'I Love You'


NOW you tell me?!?!

Now there is no absolutely "perfect" time and way to tell someone how you feel about them. When love springs, it springs. We can't control it. The soul will speak through the heart when it knows, often without warning. It's LOVE, bask in it's glow. With that being said.... there is a caveat, there are times when maybe you might want to try and hold off for a better moment. Like when they've caught you cheating.... that's maybe not the best moment.

Redditor u/undermydeathbed wanted to discuss a few important thoughts about timing.... When is the worst time to say "I love you"?

Not while Poking!


While getting a prostate exam. 484726262514141

Or giving a prostate exam. Sambospudz

Cover me in it First! 

When you're at someone's doorstep selling chocolate bars. rw032697

CHOCOLAAAATE??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take 500 bars. Fredde1909

Can't think of a better time to say it! ItBitClit

You got other Issues.... 

It happened in real life when I was a preteen. My friends and I got our hands on a bottle of cheap wine and proceeded to get sh**faced. One friend started to panic, a combination of a new experience and Catholic guilt and she just went off the deep end. In my drunken attempt to calm her down, I put my arms around her and said "I love you," and she just went into a tailspin. That was not what she wanted to hear coming from a drunken twelve-year-old. Paddlingmyboat

Do the math....

Halfway through the first date. Judge_Bredd2

3/4 through is fine though, right? U2VuZCBOdWRlcyE

That is mathematically the exact point it becomes ok. If they aren't in love with you too by then, just give up. Judge_Bredd2

You're Hired!


During a job interview. Sniperpaul296

I imagine you could easily save this by acting like you were talking about the company as a whole. GrandeWhiteMocha

Already Taken....

When they just told you about their wonderful significant other. hampsterwithabuzzcut

How depressing, but true. MercyFae

respect others...

Someone else's wedding. The-Scarlet-Witch

This just forces to me to come to terms with the fact that there are likely people out there who think it would be okay to propose to their S/O at another person's wedding.

I just have to believe based on society as whole that this happens, and probably far too often. bangobuck

Mean what you say....

When you don't actually love them. cricket9818

Done this before! Was 17. Sorry, Jordan - I thought if I said it, I would feel like I did. camlop

Holy Crap!

When you poop on the floor. ljcartmell94

Yes, the correct time is during. 823freckles

My dog always gives me the "I love you" look after pooping on the floor. lionsfandom

Not the right flow....


While peeing and staring at the guy standing at the urinal next to you straight in the eyes! slotwima


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