People Confess The Most Soul-Crushing Thing Someone's Ever Said To Them
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It's a fact of life that people can be brutal. Whether it's because a person is downright cruel or because he or she is drunk or angry, they can say some awful things.

My Indian aunt once mistakenly thought a cousin of mine was my daughter and told me American teenagers were trashy and stupid. I don't talk to that aunt anymore...

There is never an excuse to be that cruel, but that doesn't stop people from behaving that way.

Curious about this, Redditor Brilliant-End9428 asked:

"What is the most f*cked up thing someone said to you?"

No Excuse For Cruelty

"Mum's (59) boyfriend got mega drunk a few weeks back, told her that he was "only with her because he pitied her""

"Drunk or not, she wasn't having that. Back to being single."

– astrielx

Worst SIL Ever

"My sister-in-law was joking about how there aren't any male children that will "carry on the family name" when she knows full well that I lost my son at birth."

– otherm0ther

Wrong Reason To Have A Child

""You were our last attempt to save the marriage""

"Thanks, mom. Glad to know I was a failure straight out of the gate."

– Papa_Smurf87

Their Loss

""You're too ugly to buy ice cream from." - Some b**ch to me @ 15"

– Dividebynegativezero

Undeserving Of Being A Father

"When I was 11 my father (who I hadn't seen in 5 years b/c of divorce) showed up at a family Christmas and calmly asked me to not call him 'dad' b/c his new kids didn't know I existed."

– marshfield00

Grandmas Shouldn't Have Favorites

"I was 7 or 8 and I told my grandmother I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up. She told me I would never be smart enough and that I'd be lucky to one day be my cousin's house cleaner."

"My cousin was her favorite grandchild."

"I'm 32 and I still remember it so vividly."

– Jackie_13


"I hope you realize I'm only using you for your money"


No Good Reason For Saying This

"My grandmother and grandfather told 7yr old me if my mom kills herself and my dad dies in Afghanistan they would rather see me rot on the streets than taking me in"

– sugarhornyicetea

How Did She Keep Her Job?

"not to me, but to three of my friends in middle school. i attended a semi high-end school, and you would expect that the school counselor would be pretty good. hell no."

"the first friend reported a table of boys, with names, that were joking around and casually using racist and sexist slurs. she had VIDEO EVIDENCE, with clear audio of the boys saying those things. the counselor said “there’s nothing i can do about that.”"

"second friend was being sexually harassed by some boys. they were grabbing her shoulders and arms, making inappropriate jokes, completely violating her personal space, and generally making her very uncomfortable. the school counselor responded with the most horrible thing i think i’ve heard. “boys will be boys.”"

"third friend (not exactly a full friend but i knew her through my other friend) sent a LITERAL SUICIDE NOTE to my friend, saying she planned to kill herself by jumping in front of the school bus on its way to pick her up. he freaked out (they’re very close friends) and immediately told his mom, who notified the school counselor, and did all the necessary things. my friend ended up convincing her not to do it, and she was obviously sent to the counselor the next day. two times, and then she didn’t visit again (not by her choice, but by the counselor’s), and my friend gave her more counseling than the professional counselor ever did. we were almost dealing with a suicide, and she didn’t even care."

"i wish i would have reported her to the school board. she was so insensitive and fucking sucked."


Mountain Out Of A Molehill

"I was driving on the highway the other day and there was a really sharp exit. I apparently cut someone off even after properly signaling and moving to the lane to turn right. They followed me into the parking lot and as I got out of my car they said “you piece of sh*t, you asshole, you deserve every bad thing that’s going to come to you and you deserve to die”. Afterwards, they stormed off."

– KPenguinM

Ignorance At Its Best

"That I am carrying the balck plague because I have asthma... middle school was something else"

– Maximum_Calendar_791


"When I was 9 ish, take or lose a year, I was flying to see my family as an unaccompanied minor, meaning I was flying alone. I had done it before, totally not a big deal, but this guy was on the plane while I was getting in. A big man in a suit with a clipboard. He said “wow, you’re a pretty girl! You could be a model! … well, maybe after some plastic surgery.” That comment has never left me."

– TheWolf122


"Working in retail I have heard some stuff come out of people's mouth but the 1 that stands out is from an elderly man commenting to me about some good looking ladies walking around the shop and he says to me "hey she's nice isn't she?" I said "she's looks young like underage young" and he replied "well young skin will stretch" I was just shocked at what he said as he walked off."

– ChosenSean91

How Rude!

"I have a long list, but when my mother told my boyfriends mom “that I would be a perfect housewife.” This was when I tried to go to college."

– Ok-Mission-2440

Favoritism Is Disgusting

"Had a great great aunt who lived through the Great Depression (she was muy old). At Christmas she would give presents and it was clear she would give gifts based on how much she liked you or not."

"Oldest brother got a nice scarf and hat, I got a decent hat and my other brother got a 10 year old calendar with a coffee stain on it. She really didn’t like him. He tried to be nice to her and the one day said hello to her and she replied with “where’s the one I love?” in reference to my oldest brother."

"She was a rotten old bag."

– PoppaUU

Someone Is Emotionally Stunted

"At my father's funeral. I was 18. Me and my family were at the front row of the room, nearest to the casket, so from behind people couldnt see our faces. After the ceremony, I can't remember exactly who it was, probably an uncle, told me how strong and 'a man' I was for not crying."

"I did cry, of course I did. I guess he didn't see me cry. I didn't really register it at the time, said "thanks" and didn't think much about it."

"Years later I realized how messed up that was. Who goes to someone after they lost a family member and expects them to not cry? To give compliments if they didn't show emotions? To not care enough to shed a tear? Why shouldn't I cry at my dad's funeral? What the f*ck???"

– Pea-Nut2

No Words

"when I was 10 a girl came up to me and said "you're very veiny, can I pop one?" I dont know what the fck she was meaning by 'pop' one but I never talked to her again."

– Deleted User

Joke's On Him

"Not me but my choir teacher."

"When he was in the 12 grade his band teacher said to him the he was "worthless and that he would grow up to be a failure""

"That teacher was wrong, cuz my choir teacher had been teaching band and choir for over 20 years and he's pretty good at it."

– Deleted User

That's Not How It Works

"Just dont be depressed. Like bro..."

– SpeakablePerson

No matter who it was that said something that cruel to you, know that you deserve better (and that it might be time to cut someone out of your life).

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