You can pick a lot of things in your life. Sad to say your parents are not one of those things.

Being a parent, a good parent, is asking a lot of a person.
Put aside your ego, making all decisions around another living individual, and having consideration and care for their feelings can be too much.

Since not everyone is capable of doing these, it leads to stories like these.

Reddit user, Angry_Cheesecake_, wanted to hear how your parents made you feel awful when they asked:

"What is the thing that your parents did/say to you that still haunts you to this day?"

Matters of love are a sensitive subject, requiring a sensitive ear to listen.

Clearly, not everyone is equipped for this.

Does Someone Have A Little Crush?

"When I was a kid, if my parents even suspected that I liked someone, they would mock me mercilessly for it. My mom would seriously even threaten to look up their phone number, and tell them embarrassing lies about me if I misbehaved at all. Because of this, I still feel a deep sense of shame about anything remotely romantic, and am extremely secretive about my love life." ~ dinipa7059

"My parents did the same thing when I was a child. Like wtf? I never felt comfortable going to them about anything and I still don't. Finding out I was pregnant and was going to get married in Vegas was a shock to them since I never told them anything. Pretty sure they thought I was going to be a nun." ~ BooBooPony30

Taking The Wrong Side

"I was dating an absolute monster of a human being through college and for a couple of years right after. He was 14 years older than me (I was 18 and he was 32) and appeared to have his life together since he had a good career, a beautiful house, and a lot of nice material things. He also happened to be abusive in every single way you could be abusive to another human being."

"When I finally decided I had enough, I broke up with him and my mother told me she would never forgive me for taking away her favorite son (talk about an insult to my 2 brothers!). I told her EVERYTHING he had done to me over the last 6 years and she took his side on everything. She basically said I provoked him and that I deserved everything. She invited him to thanksgiving and Christmas the year we broke up and I refused to go. I had my first Friendsgiving that year and spent Christmas alone."

"As years went by we moved past it but I will never get over it." ~ Heysandyitspete

Unable To Look In A Mirror

"Back when I thought I was asexual (I now know I'm a lesbian), I got into an argument with my mom over something rather small and insignificant. In that argument, she decided to cut deep with, "You should be glad you're asexual because no one could ever love you, and if they ever did, they would get fed up with you and divorce you."

"Interesting words coming from a divorced woman. Also, I've been in a healthy relationship for almost four years." ~ disneyfoodie2020

Not One Thing, Lots Of Things

"My father always loved my boyfriend more than me. It sounds funny, but it's true. We live in a different country and sometimes come to visit. Every time I am on my phone with my parents, my dad asks when is my boyfriend coming and said multiple times that I don't have to come with him. (Mind that I travel to my home country max 2x a year and so I would expect my dad to be more excited to see me). My boyfriend likes my dad, but is not as "wild" about him."

"For another specialities of my dad belongs quotes like "oh, wait until he finds out how horrible you truly are and leaves you for someone better" usually finished with laughing."

"You used to be so bright and smart as a kid, now look at you - getting dumber every year"

"Nothing is enough for him. I struggle with self worth because of him." ~ irmaminerva

Perhaps some parents aren't meant to be parents because they feel like their lives have been inconvenienced. Making room for another human is tough, but these individuals showed us the true bottom.

Cut Out Of Everything

"My mom told me when I was 15 that all of their assets, all the money, house, vehicles etc go to my brother when they die because he is the carrier of the last name. If I wanted to inherit anything, I should look for a man who is an only child to marry."

"The whole idea of being cut off from inheriting anything really affected how I felt about my parents from that point forward and still does to this day. Dad is gone now, but my mom is 100% my brother's burden to deal with when she goes senile and can't live alone anymore. F-ck her." ~ imnotacrazyperson

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Carefully Consider Your Words

"Maybe you could run a few laps"

"One year when I was 12 I attended Christmas at my stepmom's parents house. It was cool. They get us a few things including some jeans from jc Penny's. They were the right size but when I got to his house I tried them on and they didnt fit, so I told him they were too small. He responded with "maybe you could run a few laps". He always made off handed comments about my weight but this is ingrained in my brain" ~ hillern21

Not Believing You When It Matters

"I was sick for a year and a half; no doctor could figure out why I was in pain. My dad told me that I'm wasting all his money because my "sickness was all in my head." Im having a hysterectomy next month because the "sickness" was endometriosis that spread and keeps coming back." ~ Qu33nM4ry

Dismissing Everything You've Ever Loved

"That's stupid" said in respnsne to every interest I had my entire childhood."

"You never have done anything to help me. Ever." And called me a b-tch. This was our last big fight, after I turned my life and new home upside down to move her in with me (after cleaning her disgusting apartment she was no longer capable of cleaning or taking care of), get her on assistance needed for her medical issues, drove all over the city multiple times to get her medication and needed items, etc etc etc all for not even a thank you. Just more abuse." ~ scaly_friends_4me

Regretting Everything

"Many things my father has said has stuck with me. The one that sometimes still hurts when I think about it is when I was 19 and came home for winter break from college and was told 'Things are so much easier when you aren't here.'" ~ Purple_Daisys

And then there's parents like these, people who should never have been graced with the responsibility for another.

Bringing The Shame

"You are a disgrace to your father" He died months before i was born so i never knew him. This was just because i hid my report card from her."~ Syntt_

Going Down The Same Path

"Mom just got off a call with my grandma when I was 9 and said:"

"If I ever turn out like her I want you to kill me."

"She's just like her now and sends me the exact same belittling emails her mom sent her. I really oughta carry out her past-self's wishes." ~ NextLineIsMine

Bringing Up The Past

"You have the ability to ruin absolutely everything" in the middle of an argument and started listing a lot of family holidays where there had been arguments. For some reason I never forgot that and every time we argue I can see it in her face that she thinks of that but doesn't say it." ~ ridiculouslycomplex

Maybe Find A New Mom?

"You have no right to grieve his death. You were only married for 3 years when YOUR husband died. I was married 30 years when MY husband died. You have NO right!!" my mom yelled in my face as she jabbed me in the chest with her finger, leaving a bruise."

"I didn't grieve my first husband's death for years and it ruined a couple relationships along the way." ~ littleblackwienerdog

Maybe Find A New Dad

"My brother and I were beaten because we made my father breakfast for Father's Day. We were young and didn't realize that he had been working graveyard shift and had only been in bed for an hour. He stormed out of bed in a rage, grabbed his belt and went to town on us."

"Brother was 4. I was 8." ~ endorrawitch

"This makes me so sad and I just want to hug 8yo you and your 4yo brother." ~ ThatCharmsChick

"I'm not sad anymore. I got mad instead! He's a horrible, ignorant racist and I severed connections a while back. My father was in the Klan. My mother was horrified when she found out. They divorced in 1976. I didn't find out until the mid 80s. I'm much better off, trust me!!" ~ endorrawitch

Being a parent takes a lot.

Never forget that and always consider it.

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