People Reveal The Worst Thing They've Ever Done That They Don't Regret


Sometimes doing something bad feels great.

Don't get us wrong, we are not condoning bad behavior. But there is no denying that it totally can feel great to do something bad. Especially to somebody who has it coming.

These people don't regret that bad thing they did, even for a second.

u/daydreamer028 asked:

What's the morally bad thing you don't regret doing?

Here were their stories.

Worker's Comp


Was an assistant general manager and my GM and HR decided they were going to fire an excellent veteran employee that was given (with no prior knowledge) stolen food from another employee. Essentially, one employee stole the food, then gave it to the excellent employee and said, "Hey I got this for you because I really like you, enjoy!" Whole incident was on camera, employee that committed theft told us that the good employee had no idea it was stolen, and good employee said she never would have accepted it if she knew it was stolen.

GM and HR said that 'we need to send a message to everyone that theft won't be tolerated, so let's fire both.' I objected and was overruled. Both employees were going to be fired the next time they were scheduled, and by chance the night before good employee was to be fired, I ran into her on the metro. I told her exactly what was up and told her that she should screw the company over before they have a chance to screw her over. The next day she came in and 'slipped' on a wet floor, injured her wrist, and was on workers compensation for a few months. She then resigned before she could officially be terminated (they legally couldn't fire her when she was injured for risk of being sued). I left the company a few weeks after her 'accident'.


This One's For The Extra Stress, Pops

Not me, but my sister. I was about 14 at the time, she was 18.

We were home alone, and she was getting ready for work when the phone rang. It was the police. A customer had walked into my dad's business (he operates it alone) and found him lying on the ground. They were scared something was wrong with him. Turns out he was completely wasted (at 2:00pm). Police would rather send him home than arrest him. Found out later they had called my mom at work first, but she refused to help him (there were lots of other things going on that we didn't know yet). So then they called the house, got my sister, and convinced her to go pick him up and bring him home.

So, by the time she gets back she's very late for work. She gets him into his room, and takes his wallet and keys so he can't drive anywhere. She grabs me, refusing to let me stay home alone with him, and starts driving me to my other sister's house to hang out for a while. She has to stop to get gas, and decides "You know what, Dad can pay for this." She opened his wallet, took all the cash (it was about $300), got her gas and dropped me off. She never gave it back, he never noticed.


Petty Jerks

I once had a roommate who complained about the electricity all the time for the pettiest reasons, like if you forget to turned off the kitchen light even if you were going to come back a couple minutes later he would go on a rant about how it was such a waste of electricity but he also had no problem to leave his computer turned on all day downloading torrents. I was fed up so I started filtering the mac address of his laptop so that he could connect to the wifi but had no internet. After a while he got fed up of the "internet problems" and started spending less time at the apartment and more time at his gf's apartment until he moved.


This Was Probably Morally For The Better

I told on my cousin after she made me SWEAR to keep her secret.

But the secret was that her internet boyfriend was trying to make her carve his name in her wrist and she was talking about how she'd made a few scrapes but hadn't dared to go further than that yet.

I told my dad who told her dad, and he called the kid's parents and they were banned from ever seeing each other again, and it's been many years now.

In the end, she ended up thanking me for telling on her, despite me absolutely promising over and over not to. She just got engaged to the sweetest guy ever a few months ago.


Got Close To A Punch

When I was around seven years old I came across a neighbor roughly my age who discovered a litter of kittens under his house. He was trying to strangle them. I returned the favor in kind. My friend ran, got my mom, and she took me back to the house where I proceeded to cry and vomit for the rest of the day. The next day we were able to give the kittens away at the local park. Nobody died, but I still fervently wish I could have socked him in the face before I was dragged away.


Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

I took a chocolate bar from a shop I used to do a paper round for....

I did my round 7 days a week, every day no matter the weather for £12 a week (later changed to £14 how gracious of them), my only day off being Christmas day. For my Christmas bonus, they gave me a Crunchie bar so I thought "screw it" and took an additional Fredo on the way out.


Forever Yours

I adopted a cat that I thought was a stray. Turns out my neighbour "owned" her and was horribly neglectful. When I moved I took the cat with me, which I guess is stealing.

I never feel bad about giving her a home, with food and a warm bed and someone that loves her. Leaving her there would have made me more of a monster than stealing her.


Payment In Kind

When I was around 12, at a summer camp, some kid asked me about my parents. My father's dead, mind you, and I accidentally revealed that to this jerk. He made fun of that with his group of friends and a fistfight almost erupted, but was stopped immediately by a nearby camp counselor. For revenge, when everyone else left to do some activity (don't remember what it was), I pretended to be sick so I could be off, went to his bed (there were a bunch of bunk beds), I opened his bag and stole a lego batman ds game he had as well as 5 bucks. 12 year old me regrets nothing and so does today me.


Tell Him Boy, Bye


Had a fellow college professor cross me one time.

I went over all of his publications one by one and found one he had plagiarized.

I contacted the journal with a fake email account. The journal investigated and pulled the article.

I then reported him to the university for plagiarism. He was written up and quit a few years later in disgrace.


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