People Explain The Worst Thing They've Ever Found In A Love Interest's Apartment

People Explain The Worst Thing They've Ever Found In A Love Interest's Apartment
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There are few things that can kill a budding crush. When you find that deal-breaker from your love interest, it completely negates any opportunity for a future date. And sometimes, these deal-breakers can be found right in that person's house. Here are some prime examples.

u/Retsgo asked: Your date is going well so you head back to their apartment.

What single item found at said apartment would eliminate any chance of future dates?

Bad parenting.

In his youth, my dad went out on a date, and ended up going back to her place. She opens the door, and there's a toddler in a playpen. Alone. She'd left her child home alone while she was out on a date. My dad told her how f*cked up that was, and left.




I had a date with a girl I'd met through mutual friends.

She was beautiful, interesting, and had a great job. Our date went really well, and afterwards she invited me up to her apartment...

... where she revealed her crack pipe. I'd just recently dated a girl who turned out to be hiding a serious meth problem, and the crack thing seemed even worse.

She told me that smoking crack "wasn't a big deal", but to me, yeah... it kind of was.

So I told her I'd call her, but I actually never did. I still feel kind of bad about it, but again, crack.



Not necessarily dates, but I can't tell you how many times I've been over to girl's/people's places and there has been dog sh*t on the floor which they did not immediately clean up.


Absolutely not.

Fist shaped holes in all the doors.


I misread it as fish shaped holes and that made things even weirder

Why is this getting so many up votes lmao.


Me but with Steve Buscemi.


A candle-lit shrine to Kenny Chesney. Yes, it happened.


What if it's Don Cheadle.



A used condom. It's great you're being safe but you're nasty.


That's a lot of sex toys.

Oh oh wait this just happened to me!! Things went well. Decent conversation, having a good time. Head back to his apartment, start making out. He stops. "So what are you into?"

Umm..."well. Like what do you mean?"

I like to think I'm pretty adventurous. But this man takes me into his closet, where he had another, like, pop up closet. He says, "I'm just going to let you look."

Serial killer vibes going but hey, I'm already in here. Let's see what's in closet number 2.

Sex toys. Hufe sex toys. As long as my arm and definitely as big around. And a huge hook thing I've never seen before in my life.

It definitely killed the mood. He did call and ask for another date but I think we are just into some majorly different things.




Real life story time. Someone I used to work with went on a date with a guy another coworker had set her up with. Things were going well and they ended up going back to his place after coffee to keep chatting.

Walked through the front door and the first thing she sees is a large crystal bowl sitting on his coffee table full of condoms. We're talking like salad serving bowl, FULL of condoms. Guy lived alone. I mean, kudos for safe sex, but just seemed weird. Why so many? And why prominently displayed on the coffee table?


That's concerning.

My picture with a giant red x written across.


I friend of mine actually went to a girl's place,who he had met online. They have only talked a couple of time. The girl had taken a picture from my friends social media account and made a HUGE copy of it and framed it. It was above her bed in the bedroom. My friend made a quick exit.


Immediate deal-breaker.

One-ply toilet paper.


Or paper towels for toilet paper.


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