People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Found In Their Food At A Restaurant


We go to restaurants to eat in a way that we don't at home.

We sit on our butts, and are served. Still on our butts, we eat a cuisine we don't know how to cook.

We taste the benefits of a chef's training, with all the techniques they've accumulated over the years.

Or perhaps speed and convenience drives us. We're out and about running errands, so our kitchen is too far away.

All those reasons make it worth paying a higher price to eat.

Sometimes, though, that wager blows up in our faces. The novelty of the dining experience includes a very particular kind of surprise: a horrifying extra something in that meal.

One Reddit thread catalogued the worst discoveries in a plate of food.

Spazra asked, "What's the worst thing you've ever found in your food at a restaurant?"

Leafy (Leggy) Greens

"My uni's cafeteria. I took the salad. There was the corpse of a frog neatly cut in half. Another guy found the other half. No clue how it got there." -- gfrBrs

"Bagged lettuce. Not uncommon." -- badsamaritan87

"Friendship frog corpse!" -- jstrndmaccnt

Keeps the Whole Meal in One Piece

"I was at a local restaurant chain (Northeast US) and ordered a buffalo chicken wrap. Got about halfway in and bit into a large metal bolt and chipped my tooth. Not a good time. 0/10 Recommend." -- bassistmuzikman

"Zinc and calcium in one meal, sounds like a win to me." -- TheTruth1410

"Yep, I chomped down on a bolt while eating poutine. Waitress just said, 'Wow, that's crazy. Anything else for you guys?' " -- Geaux_Geaux_Gadget

Chef’s Special

"A used bandage with blood on it in my guacamole, yea found it when it went into my mouth." -- J-MusicVast

"Back when I was a teenager I had a job at a fast food restaurant. That morning, while doing prep, I cut my finger. I put a bandaid on it and continued working. Later in the shift, while I was frantically making sandwiches, the bandaid was lost. I've often wondered who found that on their sandwich. There were no complaints so it may have been consumed." -- 2-13-70-Dark-Star

NOT Coarse Ground Sea Salt

"Glass. When I was in 7th grade my family was eating one of those big family-style salads at an Olive Garden. I am weird and eat salad with a spoon. I put a spoonful of salad into my mouth and felt something cut the inside of my cheek while I bit down on something hard. I pulled out a bloody chunk of glass."

"The restaurant accused us of lying, even though we didn't ask for anything in return, we just wanted to let them know so no one else got hurt. Plus, if we were going to lie, why would my parents have chosen their 13-year-old daughter to be the target of salad-glass?!"

"They did end up comping me and my dad's meals, but we still paid for my mom's and other siblings."

-- TheCloudsLookLikeYou

Slither in a Cyclinder

"An entire rat snake in a No.10 sized can of green beans . The guess was it crawled into the can at some point and just got filled with beans and then retorted. The can guy said it probably drowned before it was cooked. Poor fella." -- DrDisastor

"The worst part is when his snake friends saw him going in the can they laughed and yelled, 'THIS SNAKE EATING BEANS' " -- BissXD

"If you tell me it didn't spring out like one of those novelty prank cans I'll be very disappointed" -- TheRipsawHiatus


"The last two times I went to Steak and Shake, I got earrings in my shakes both times. One was a stud earring and the other was a hoop. I wouldn't eat there ever again even if it was my only choice." -- ArtisticPomegranate0

"Maybe that's a special they're doing. Collect 5 sets of trendy earrings! Only at Steak and Shake!" -- sahnesahne

A Wager

"I found a full receipt crumpled up into the size of a marble in the gravy of a Yorkshire pudding at an English pub style restaurant. I bit on it, was confused, pulled it out of my mouth and unwrapped a full legible receipt, from the night before."

"I showed the waiter and he said he'd talk to the owner, the owner said I could choose to pay my bill, or the receipt I found in my food."

"The total on the receipt I found was almost 30 dollars more than what I ordered, I was shocked with the service and never went back."

"I also left without paying. F*** that place."

-- sixesand7s

Unfolding Story

"Worst thing my boyfriend found in his food: an m&m in a burrito from taco bell, that may or may not have been dropped out of the mouth of the person who made the burrito at taco bell. It was horrific. The mystery."

"My bf called the taco bell and demanded to know if because it was the holidays people had been throwing around m&ms or something. The manager looked in the back and said, 'Huh, now that you said it i am seeing a lot of m&ms back here.' "

-- hot_damnit

Suddenly, Footwear

"A girl's shoe."

"I was dining outside once and this little girl was jumping around dancing nearby while waiting for her parents (I guess - my back was to her so I didn't see what happened). She must have done a little kick of her foot at one point because her shoe went flying up in the air and landed in my dinner."

"Her father came over shortly thereafter and bought me a replacement. And then he gave her a talking to. Having a peaceful dinner interrupted by a sparkly Ked landing in it was a bit surreal."

-- dfwpauker

What’s With Teeth?

"At school I found a f***ing tooth in my burrito and it wasn't mine" -- Spooterman163

"A tooth inside my hambuger I was too scared to ask why that happened. So i just threw it away and got out of the place" -- dillema_enigma

"So that's where they put the bodies" -- CryoWreck

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