People Share The Worst Thing A Family Member Has Ever Said To Them


What did you just say to me?

Family can be trouble. Blood doesn't always trump water. Often the ones who are to be responsible for loving us most are the ones who cause the most damage. We all say things we regret, and emotions run high but sometimes cruel is just cruel.

Redditor u/IT-Freely wanted to share some family grievances by sharing the following..... What's the worst thing a family member has said to you?

Cut it Out.


My brother has always been on and off pills. But one time he was really out of it and didn't have a car, but wanted snacks. He demanded I go to the store to get him some, but I didn't want to. One thing led to another, we got in a fist fight and afterward he said he was gonna cut my throat in my sleep. I was 16 he was 22. olylo

Tell me your real Feelings!

  • "You're worthless"
  • "I'm gonna hand you over to the social services so I don't have to look at you anymore"
  • "You were and accident"
  • "You ruined my life"
  • "I wish you'd just leave"
  • "The happiest day of my life will be when they find your body in a gutter"
  • "If you keep secrets from me, I'll kill you"

There are many, many more uplifting and motivational quotes from my violent and abusive dad. Shas_Erra

Grandma from Hell! 

I was part of the reason my dad killed himself. Thanks Grammy. Eli58282949

It was never you. For her to be the type of person to say that, it was very likely her causing the misery in his life. Wish you well. beechbom

Love Hurts!


My mom admitted she loves my brother more than me, let me tell you: that crap HURTS! miserable-af-

No Entrance. 

My uncle - that he'd "block me from my grandmother's funeral" because I didn't go and visit them one year for New Year's. I had been going to their place in Pennsylvania for well over a decade for New Year's, and thought I'd take a year off. Get a phone call from him threatening me randomly, and saying I'm an ungrateful young man (he claims not to remember this now). My dad had fun screaming back at him, telling him he's a disrespectful piece of sh!t as well and to get a life (over me not coming that one year).

Still remember that vividly to this day, and will never forget it. Bring it up once in a while when he asks when he's ever been hateful or disrespectful to me. My dad remembers and I do, too, and usually denies him his right to willful ignorance. ElvenAmerican

Unlucky Kids.....

"You're lucky you met your husband, no one else could ever love you considering how ugly you are." - my father


"I wish your mom would've let me use the coat hanger on you and your brother, the day you were born was the day my life ended." - also my father. catscradle2112

Family Gossip....

My uncle tells me on a regular basis I should hate my mom because she's a terrible person. SuitedVirus64

That's awful. I lived with that from my grandmother about my mother and I mean, there was reason to be upset for sure. People make mistakes and it's up to you how you might wish to maintain a relationship with him. Crappy that your uncle is trying to shape that for you - hope you can find a healthy way to cope. brandnamenerd


Mom told me at my father's funeral, "I wish you kids (6 of us) were dead too." I know she was grieving badly that day but it hurt deeply and it's stuck with me the rest of my life. I've never shared it with my brothers and sisters to save them the pain. jmooney55

Thanks Anyway....

That I should thank her for not aborting me.

That I shouldn't get my hopes up with my girlfriend because let's face it, I'm not that good-looking and no one would ever love me. That fat or thin, no one wants me. Auntie_Paticca

Mirror. Mirror On the wall.


I asked my Grandmother-in law to borrow something for the something blue wedding tradition. She said no because the item was too pretty for me and she was saving it for her adopted granddaughter.

"Oh, my mother's old thing. I'm saving it for Meghan. It's too pretty for you." iwannaholdyour-ham

When We Were Young...

When I was younger my dad was pretty much verbally abusive. He was great most of the time, but when he got in a mood or when you upset him.... I grew up believing that I was an idiot, a moron, a piece of crap, etc. I've had a lot of self worth and anxiety problems because of that, and a damn rough time with depression.

Except growing up I couldn't seek help from my parents for that because my dad was very vehement about his opinion that depression "is just whiny losers who can't deal with life so they make up drama and 'feel bad' so they cry that they want to die which is just attention seeking. How stupid do these kids these days have to be to think they'd want to die- do these morons not realize that once you're dead you're dead and that's it? You don't get a redo. Depression isn't real. People just make a fuss because they don't want to deal with life when they have it easier than anyone else before them." ShhhUdontKnowMe

Define Special. 

When I was about 7 years old, I was diagnosed with dystonia (a neurological disease that caused my motor neurons to malfunction; resulting in the right side of my upper body being paralyzed). After a few months of going to the doctors and having tests done (all of which scared the hell out of me as a kid) I was sitting with my mom in our living room. My mother was the most loving and caring mother I could ever ask for. That's why what she said to me in our living room broke my heart. She said: "I don't want a special kid." I went to my room crying that night because it felt like she was blaming me for something that I couldn't even control or change. I was already depressed because of my condition and how it affected my performance at school, but now it felt like the universe was kicking me while I was down. LuisMD19

B(u)y a Nose.


"If you ever want a nose job..." I was 12. it was my grandma. lubear2835

Thanks Mom. 

"Your grandpa started getting schizophrenia around 25. Out of all of the kids, I think you're the one most likely to get it too." Thanks mom, but crappy prediction skills. shankliest

The Struggle. 

My father in law told my sister in law while they were in a big fight that he hoped she never could have kids. She was struggling to have kids and had a miscarriage and he knew that. NorthYogurt

Don't be Annoying! 

"You're so annoying I want to grab you by your head and slam it into the dashboard. This is why you'll never find a husband. If I could I would just leave and never see you again." from my dad 🙃 CrabbyBabby

Return to Sender....

"You better not be!"--my mom after I told her I was pregnant at age 29 with my husband of 8 years. When I told her we were very happy, especially after having had a miscarriage, and that the baby was a gift from God, she replied, "See if you can send it back." darken8

A Bonus....

Uncle - huh looks like I win, we took bets on how long you'd last in college (I come from a very gambling addicted family).

Dad- don't forget I've cut other children out of my life, don't think I won't do the same to you.

Mom- I really wanted another child but while I was pregnant you were rough housing with me and landed on my stomach and I miscarried, you took away my chance.

Grandmother- you'll never get a man if you're over weight, I'll pay for whatever diet you pick, until then you're going on the cabbage soup diet (I was 15 and about 180lbs)

Other uncle - I don't know how two dumba** people had such a smart child, but you're just as ugly as them so I know you're theirs.

And bonus sex ed story from mom! Here's some mouthwash, you're gonna need it. playsinpaint

The Payout.


Wasn't to me....but a sibling broke contact with my mother when my dad reason given. 5 years later he comes waltzing back. Mom says "You make me feel like you wish I had die instead of your father."

He replied - "yeah... your right."

He saw her about 6 times before she died 16 years later... but did show up for his inheritance (mom was old school and wanted everything divided equally no matter what)

He is broke now (less than 2 years later)

** for those interested....he got $145,00** Wencar

Better Off Without Them....

When I was growing up, I spent nearly every day with my grandparents while my parents were working. 5 days a week, for a good chunk of the day, for years.

I came out as gay when I was 17.

My grandparents disowned me. My grandfather told me that AIDS is gods punishment for homosexuality, and I was blamed by my grandmother for my grandfathers 30lb weight loss because of the stress I caused them.

The last words my grandparents ever said to me, was in a letter.

The last line of the letter still sticks with me.

"Don't you see how much you've hurt us?" EvasiveJoker425


Who else has family that has left a scar or ten?

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