People Reveal The Worst Cases Of Second-Hand Embarrassment They've Ever Experienced


I can't even.....

Life is a big old battlefield of social landmines we have to navigate and we will often fall victim to the bombs. Mistakes and public faux paws are going to happen. Trying to save face for ourselves is hard enough but, when we're trying to hide from the shame brought upon by others, it can be even more excruciating.

Redditor u/Noob_umbrella wanted everyone to speak up on the moments in life that made them turn red by asking.... What happened that time you suffered from 'second-hand embarrassment' on behalf of someone else who wasn't even embarrassed?

Dude. You're in love with me.


My buddy tried hitting on my sister.

"I always thought it would be cool to have a chick that's a female version of [my name here]"

Swing and a miss. Strichnine

Inside Voice.

I was at a college basketball game years ago when there was a bad call on the ref's part and the guy like two rows ahead of me and my friends yelled out something like "You f**k your mother with that mouth?!" Like it was really weird and inappropriate and not something you'd yell at the ref because it makes no sense... and then like everyone around him just got quiet and turned around to get a look at the guy who just yelled that with a "what the f**k is wrong with this guy?" look on their faces. -Words-Words-Words-

I am who I am! 

I'm a waitress with short hair. a few weeks ago an elderly couple sat down and I asked them what I could get for them to drink first. Elderly man says "ah, we're getting drinks from a fine young gentleman!"

Woman turns to him and whispers loudly "A FINE YOUNG LADY!"

He turns to her and frowns and says "that is a fine young GENTLEMAN!"

I could see the woman was dying inside and the man was just so stern in that fact that I was definitely a man despite my tons of jewelry and big butt lol. I'm not embarrassed by being mistaken for a man since I can dress pretty androgynous but I felt so bad for the poor old woman lol. she tipped me like 50% though. 1-0-9

Dad! Really?!

My dad making semi-flirtacious comments to waitresses in restaurants.

Edit: Glad to know my Dad isn't the only kinda cringy guy out there. Servers of Reddit, on behalf of most of the folks in my replies, sorry on behalf of our awkward parents. Ivedefinitelyreddit

Just Play....


Xbox live parties when a chick joins and there is always a guy or two who starts pathetically flirting. I generally have to mute my mic, mutter Jesus Christ and grab a beer. plexxonic


A girl in creative writing sharing her whole life story about her strict parents and how she had an unhealthy obsession with her sister. Didn't even bat an eye. The teacher desperately tried to stop her. hoebiden69


Almost every day this past school year, this girl who sat next to me in our math class. Jesus, she'd literally raise her hand until the professor saw her, then say these incredibly dumb jokes. Example "Haha! Who has the braincell?!?" And other stuff that almost made sense but definitely didn't fit the tone. Professor was super quiet mid thirties guy who didn't even try to smile in response (I don't blame him btw). Deeper in the year the worse it got, like two or three times a class. I'd actually have to physically put my forehead against the desk because I felt so uncomfortable. I actually made a friend through it though. The other girl who sat next to me hated it too. We'd make uncomfortable eye contact and cringe together until the moments passed. I just hope everyone knew I wasn't a part of that whole mess. wstm

On the Bus...

I was in a bus with a dude i knew and he tried to not pay for his ride. He was busted and kept on insisting that he payed. It was painful to watch. h_djo

I remember taking the bus home from work and this dude got on and flashed his bus pass really fast. The driver told him to show it properly and the guy started calling him stupid and to just let him on. The driver insisted he show it again and the guy begrudgingly does. It's expired and he tells the guy he'll have to pay or get off. It turns into a shouting match and I just couldn't take anymore. Put my headphones in and stared a hole through my phone until the guy finally got off the bus. apocalypticradish

Hey Daddy! 

I was one day going out with my dad and his working colleague in a bar to have some drinks, i had a fresh driving license, so i shouldn't drink and drive them home after. It was not my dad whom i was embarrassed by, but his colleague, who really said to some hot blonde sitting next to me on the bar totally drunk: "I think you need a proper daddy" and the girl looks in disgust, and stands up and takes 2 seats away. She was my age as well and the friend of my father was nearly double my age, maybe because the girl was my age i was embarrassed even more. Gaphalor

Who Wrote This?


I've told this story before but ... I was a news reporter and I went to cover a local NAACP event. The host had a written out history of the local chapter she wanted a teenage girl to read. The girl took one look at it and handed it back, saying "I can't read this, it hasn't been proofread." Very awkward. The host read it herself -- it sounded like it had been written by a first grader. Tosche200


A dude showed up to the gym wearing a plate carrier with his name and rank patches in suburban VA (nowhere near any bases). Wasn't even doing HIIT workouts, just lifting weights. I was in a different branch, have gotten out, and STILL felt embarrassed. PMmeNudes4science

Somethings don't need an audience. 

It was in my public speaking class at a community college over a decade ago.

I can't remember the exact assignment, or the context of the assignment, but we had to give a speech in front of the class every week.

This girl got up in front of everyone and gave a full 5 minute speech about how her friend "had sex in the butt hole and didn't like it."

I have erased most of what happened from memory (for good reason) but I just remember her shouting, at the top of her lungs, the phrase "sex in the butt hole" multiple times in 5 minutes.

I have never been more uncomfortable in my entire life and you could tell the entire class felt the same. Then I looked at the professor in the back of the class and she was white as a ghost. Like she didn't know how to process what the hell just happened.

Sitting through 5 minutes of that was the most uncomfortable experience I've ever had in my entire life. RedShirtDecoy

60 & Up!


My dad talks about "owning the libs," praises Ben Shapiro constantly, and says "oh we're starting a me too movement!" Every time a guy touches a girl. Flappybird11

Your dad sound like every single person I've ever met over the age of 60. Brancher

Don't Judge Me! 

Oh this just happened yesterday! First class of summer semester in grad school, we were going around introducing ourselves. Professor wanted a typical "what do you do for fun" kind of answer, and this 50 year-old IT guy just deadpan says, "I love smoking crack cocaine." Clearly it was a joke but it did NOT land, everyone else in the room just stared at him until he said he was kidding. I_Febreze_Dogs

Don't BE the Example! 

Once in high school we had an assignment to write an introduction for an imaginary movie/book/play or whatever you wanted. The teacher showed us a short text as an example. The weird girl in my class used that text and read from it at the end of the VERY SAME class and we were all like "you didn't write it, it was the example the teacher showed us just now" and she burst down CRYING and said that we were all mean to her and that she wrote it all by herself and that it was just a coincidence that it was identical with the example. Cringed so hard. Ms_hartwick

Forget Culver's! 

Someone I was dating and I were ordering at Culver's drive thru. She was talking to her mom over the cars bluetooth and then all of a sudden her and her mother started cussing and yelling at each other. Well, if you don't know, at Culver's the whole shop can hear you if you're at the drive thru. The manager came barreling out with a red face telling her, "You have to leave now! This is a family establishment as people don't want to hear your profanity!"

That only pissed her off more and she started going off on this manager. So, dumb f***ing me, thought maybe I could be the voice of reason. I say, "hey let's just go somewhere else. We don't need them spitting in our food." (I personally don't think they would've but she's a germaphobe to the max and I was just trying to convince her to leave) She left alright.... and I just stood there with the manager feeling so embarrassed about her anger issues and then getting kicked out of the car. AbsoluteIyUnsure


My mother-in-law does stuff all the time where its embarrassing. One of the most embarrassing things I remember though is we were at olive garden since that is where my nephew wanted to go for his birthday. She asked for a senior menu (she had maybe just turned the age where you would even qualify or get a senior discount.) When the server told her they didn't have a separate senior menu she demanded to speak to a manager and complain about it. Everyone there was mortified. Pretty sure my brother-in-law left a hefty tip as part of an apology. Pylon17

Nothing to See Here.


A guy got pretty loud and confrontational with the waiters in a restaurant, to the point where people from multiple tables were staring at him going off. He just sat down afterwards like nothing had happened. PM_ME_YOUR_WORRIES

Know Your Limit! 

My buddy and I were at our local bar with some friends, and he got smashed on one too many shots of Goldschlager.

He suddenly decided he was a pool shark and tried to show off in front of some girls, as he challenged everyone in the bar to beat him. In four games, he sank two shots - both by accident. All I could do was shake my head as he continued to make an a** of himself.

Worst of all, this was in front of a bar full of regulars, so he heard about that for years after. DaddyForgives


Who else wants to share some shame?

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