The Worst Scandals At Their School According To Students
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School can be a hotbed of craziness.

We all of course assume students will cause drama, but what about the adults?

It's all a powderkeg of scandalous possibility.

Olivia Pope herself couldn't spin some of the stories that come out of high school.

And a lot of towns are rocked by school scandals.

Redditor Lost-Warning-2588 wanted to hear about everyone's craziest school stories.

So they asked:

"What’s the worst scandal to happen at your school?"

My school was pretty tame. At least in the public news.

I have no idea what was behind closed doors.


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"Girl A decided to fight girl B in class. Girl A ripped girl B’s real hair out, broke her nose, and crippled her. Girl B was sent to the emergency room. Girl A was suspended for 2 weeks. They were both in 7th grade."


After Graduation

"The math teacher left his wife of 18 years for one of the graduating seniors."


"Had a history teacher do the same thing. Left his wife for a student he had in freshman and sophomore year and they married the year after she graduated."


"Happened with an English teacher in my school. He didn't leave school until a couple years after she graduated, but he left his wife and kids for her, and she dropped out of an Ivy League school for him."



"One year in exams days they were trying to add a new method to prevent cheating where a man from the administration comes to every class before every exam and collects students phones while sticking a sticker with a number on each phone and giving the same sticker to the student."

"So he can get his phone after school without anyone taking someone else's phone that looks alike or something. This was working at first and a bit 'preventing cheating' until one day some guy sneaked into our high school and came as the man who collects the phones while he wasn't, he stole the whole high school phones and went. lol."



"A student that was in the grade above me (I was a senior, he had graduated) killed his girlfriend and buried her by the train tracks right behind the school. Yeah it was crazy. He seemed like a cool guy I guess, I’d run into him at a few parties and had a couple classes with him. The girl went to school in a neighboring town so I didn’t know her."


Hold Me

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"My middle school banned hugging and hand holding during course changes because it blocked the hall. In protest all the Eighth Graders stood up and hugged each other during their lunch period. A bunch of students got detention. Made the cover of the Charlotte Observer."


Hugs make the world better. Hug it out.

Good Lord

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"The caretaker killed two local girls and hid them in the school, he tried using the clay kiln to burn them. He later dumped them a few miles away."


The Super

"We had a computer teacher/football assistant coach who was just blasted all day, had so many DUIs he had to get rides to work, but was the cousin of the Superintendent so he kept his job. Let’s just say that when he crashed a student’s car in the parking lot because he convinced them to let him borrow it that that was the beginning of the end of it."

"It was a small town. The scandal is that the Super tried to cover it up by trying to convince the kid to take the heat for it. To no one’s surprise, the kid was not convinced. They let him stay on as Super for another two years."


Crazy, man...

"A kid in my senior year short story class (who sat directly behind me) was charged with the stabbing, beheading and burning of one of his friends/drug dealer."

"I remember the day like it was yesterday, sitting in my short story class when my teacher came in, in tears because she just heard the news."

"Students didn't find out about it until later. I actually have a friend who testified in his trial because he purchased the murdering materials at the hardware store she worked at."

"Crazy, man."



"One weekend a couple of kids from the hockey team had a sleep over."

"One of the older boys from high school targeted them. He tied them up, slit their throats and set the house on fire."

"One of the boys survived and is an incredible person. He’s the chief of a fire department and has done motivational speaking."

"The murderer is now out on full parole."



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"Kid made a chlorine bomb and threw it in the trash can at lunch. Lockdown, bomb squad, every single kid and faculty member out on the field in 95° weather for 2+ hours until parents could show up to pick up their kids."


Kids are crazy. I'm glad I chose to only have pets.

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