People Describe The Worst Scandal That Ever Broke Out At Their School
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Thanks to shows like 'Glee' and 'Boston Public' we know that schools can be a hotbed of salacious drama.

The amount of teachers being arrested for being in love with students is staggering.

Kids are violent and cooking meth in class.

It's a miracle one makes it out in one piece.

So let's share some stories.

RedditorBorn-Dimension6705wanted to hear all the tea and crazy about everyone's days as a student.

What went down?

They asked:

"What was the worst scandal of your school?"

I think my school was pretty scandal free.

So tell me some sordid nonsense.


"High school teacher slept with a student who was also her daughter's boyfriend."- grieserl



"A dude stabbed someone in the lunch hall. Same guy later went on to murder and partially cannibalize his best friend. He was killed in prison, I think."- DonatingToWallStreet

"In 11th grade, 4 guys went on a murder spree one night killing I think 4 people."

"One was grown."

"One was his brother, my age at the time."

"One was a guy that started bullying me."

"Even started trying to run me over with his car.'

"And one was a hilarious guy that had a great boxing career going for him and had planned on going professional after graduating."

"They are all in prison now."- Competitive_Lab_3924

Lock your Drawers

"If you want a porn scandal, my wife’s got one."

"I’ve posted this before on a similar thread, but here it goes."

"At her high school there was a really nice old physics teacher who was very smart but taught in a poor public school to make a difference to the kids."

"He was really helpful all the time and would stay after class to review the material and talk kids through their outside problems when they were having a bad day."

"Then, during one class, a girl found and stole a flash drive from his desk."

"My wife says that this girl was an annoying brat."

"It turns out the flash drive had a video of him and two other old men masturbating together."

"It got spread around the whole school, and pretty soon everyone was laughing at and kind of disgusted by the teacher, this was in a very conservative place."

"The teacher never got fired but my wife says that his demeanor changed completely, like a 180 from who he was before."

"He never made jokes or stayed after class to talk about problems at home."

"He was my wife’s favorite teacher until this happened."

"Now, it’s really irresponsible for a teacher to keep that kind of stuff in his school desk."

"At the same time, it’s really unfortunate that that one incident ended up taking a lot of great resources away from current and future students."- RowBowBooty

Too Interested...

"Art teacher was arrested for being too interested in young girls."

"Looking back he always had his favorites that he would sit on his knee to 'teach' them art stuff."- shinyhappycat

"When I was in high school, one of our physics teachers was notorious for getting a bit too comfortable and friendly with the female students."

"He would regularly walk around the classroom as he taught and always found his way behind one of his preferred female students so could 'casually' rest his hands on their shoulders."

"It was creepy as f*ck."

"We also had a Biology teacher who would always lift his leg and rest his foot on one of the lower tables or chairs as he taught - best way to describe it is the Captain Morgan pose."

"This would've been fine and dandy, except this teacher was packing serious meat and every time he struck the pose it created a painfully noticeable bulge in his crotch/thigh area."

"We had more than a few female students suddenly start paying attention whenever he did that."- shaoting


"The girl playing Anita in West Side Story slept with the choreographer the school hired to teach us how to dance."

"Choreographer was fired and as a result we never learned to dance the way real gang members would."- KapnQueasy


West Side Story is always problematic.

Do a different show.


"A teacher nearly stabbed the eye of a student by slamming his face on the desk while he was playing with his triangle ruler."- iAmVonexX



"Multiple girls accused same teacher of getting them pregnant, teacher is fired without investigation due to the sheer number of accusations, girls give birth, teacher demands paternity tests, none of the kids are his, girls admit to lying and make up story as revenge, teacher sues school, and most of those babies have grown up without knowing their biological dads."

"Some of them have claimed that the teacher bribed the lab that did the paternity test and threatened them into admitting they’d lied."- Hubbyof5

He didn't survive...

"A teacher lost control of a class which just wouldn't settle down, I don't know to what extent, but it resulted in him storming out to get the, pretty feared, principal to intervene."

"Unfortunately before he reached the principal's office, he collapsed in the staff corridor of a heart attack."

"He didn't survive. His son was in the same year as the class in question, just not in the same room. I can't imagine what he thought about his peers for the next two years in the school."- DKoala

The Shooter

"Some kid in middle school threatened to bring his dad's gun to school and shoot another kid."

"He was taken to the principal's office and the principal took out his own gun, pointed it right at the kids head and asked him if he still felt like a tough guy."

"From what people said it was a fake airsoft gun another teacher had confiscated and they thought it would scare him straight or something."

"He told his parents."

"Parents filed a lawsuit."

"He 'resigned' shortly after."

"Idk what happened after that."- supertoilet99


"Elementary school principal was a leader of a heroin ring!"- LogjumpGas


Join Us

"An actual cult."

"I am not even joking."

"I'm 14 and go to a k-12 school."

"Years ago, this teen who I'm pretty sure was a sociopath formed a cult dedicated to stopping a 'generation war' between children and adults by bombing the school."

"One of the members was me, when I was 10."

"One of them was a teen girl with long hair who was schizophrenic."

"One of them was a boy who was abused as a child."

"One of them was there because she didn't get it."- MoekkoLoli

Tragedy at graduation

"A girl in my school who was also a relative of mine died in the middle of her graduation."

" I believe it was because of a brain aneurism."

"This happened the year before i started in high school."- zimpl_

This is how horror movies begin...

"One time at school all of our classes were excused and we got sent out early."

"Found out early it was because a girl has written 'i will find you' in period blood over the walls in the boys bathroom."- Turbulent-Remote1253

Lipstick Mirror GIF by I Know What You Did Last SummerGiphy

Literally counting the days...

"They never dropped names but in my high school, some of the teachers waited for some of the girls students to be 18, ran into them (while shopping for example) and started dating."- aminata_225

Beyond Humiliating... but what was he thinking?

S"ome kid I knew at school, let’s call him Jim, decided to wank it in the school bathroom."

"Apparently someone snuck their phone over the stall and filmed him while he wasn’t looking."

"A few rumors came up, and Jim denied it."

"A few people believed him, but that was until Wednesday of the same week."

"Whoever it was that filmed him decided to start mass airdropping the video to everybody, now everyone in the school knew about it."

"Teachers started getting involved, pulling kids randomly to ask them what they knew about who filmed it."

'It got so bad that Jim’s parents got involved, and now anybody caught watching the video got in very deep trouble."

"Kid ended up moving to another school."

"Kinda feel bad for him but it was funny as hell."- Fluffyhairs_lol

The school's red light district.

"It involved me, actually, I would give footjobs in the toilets for $20."

"I made around $400 by the time I was exposed."- imafrenchfryhbu

Who is letting this happen?

"Today at my pedagogy seminar, our professor told us about wacky things he has encountered as a teacher."

"He is also a high school teacher on top of doing seminars, and he told us a wild story about a 60 something physics teacher."

"So apparently this, again 60 something, woman got caught f*cking an 8th grade boy, kicked out and had her teaching license revoked."

"She applied to have it back, passed the exam with the highest grade and became a teacher again."

"Almost immediately she got kicked out again for the same thing."

"She reapplied again and got her teaching license back, again."

"The same thing repeated."

"This would be 4th time she reapplies for a teaching license."

"I pray that the ministry is going to force her into retirement soon."

"The retirement age for women in my country is 62, 65 for men, but many teachers stay in the system for longer for the extra money, as the pension from the government is usually too low."

"Or else this woman is going to f*ck her underage students until she dies."

"Just the fact that a known predator was allowed back in a classroom after repeated and proven offences is... I don't have any words."- coffeeaddict_413


"In 5th grade, I overthrew the economy of the school with bottle caps."

"The school tried to crack down on kids using bottle caps but we survived."- DisastrousBrother325

caps GIFGiphy


My school was boring.

Some of these schools need a TV series.

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