The Worst Parts About Being Left-Handed
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Roughly 12 percent of the world's population is left handed.

Studies have shown that being in this distinct minority comes with a number of advantages.

Indeed, four the last seven Presidents of the United States were all left-handed,

And considering Phil Mickelson, Rafael Nadal and Oscar De La Hoya are all left-handed as well, it seems lefties are at an advantage on the field or in the court or arena.

Though, if you were to speak to a left-handed person about their experience, they'll more than likely bemoan all the disadvantages of being a lefty.

Of which, there are admittedly several.

Redditor Mythalieon waa curious to hear what people considered the biggest disadvantage to being left-handed, leading them to ask:
"What is the worst thing about being left-handed?"

Take Your Pick...But Mainly Scissors...

"The smudging is annoying."

"The right-handed desks suck."

"But it’s scissors, man."

"F*cking scissors."- Icy_Mortgage6654

Sucks The Joy Out Of Morning Coffee

"All the cute designs on mugs are only visible for right handed people."- jdon93

Baking Complications

"Measuring cup labels are on the other side when I use my left hand."- maninthemoonpie

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Good Penmanship Is Futile

"Fountain pens, and pencils."

"F*cking hate smudges."- deanfranz12

"When you write, you have to put your whole arm on the paper because you are actively pushing it."

"Whereas right handed people just have to apply a little force not to pull the paper."- iStealP

To Assume Makes An A** Out Of You And Me...

"When someone tries to teach you how to play guitar, line up a pool cue, shoot a bow and arrow, and they can’t because you’re left-handed."- aeowyn7

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At Least Some Progress Has Been Made...

"My grandad was left-handed."

"He went to a catholic school, this was in the 1930s/early 1940s UK, and the nuns would tie his left hand behind him and hit him until he wrote with his right hand."

"They said that it was a ‘sign of the devil’ if someone was left-handed."

"So cruel."- miz_moon

Might As Well Be Dying...

"Hearing the following words:"

"'Ohhh you're left handed!'"

"It becomes grating after the 1000th time of hearing it."- redbutterfly_78

In All Seriousness, It's Worse Than You Think...

"Left handed people aren't taught how to write as lefties, they are taught as if they are right handed."

"Pens tips are designed for right handed people, especially ballpoint and fountain pens."

"But even others work less efficiently for lefties."

"This is because we have to push the pen across the page, whereas they are pulling it."

"This causes frequent breaks in pencil tips, catching of nibs, and this ink/graphite will be rubbed against the lefties' hands, often ruining their writing."

"In addition, this pushing motion means there is pressure going into the hand of the lefty, trying to push the pen into their grip."

"As a result, they have to squeeze tightly."

"This reduces control of the pen, leading to bad handwriting and pain after even short periods."

"I know doing exams was awful for the lefties."

"Handwriting is for right handed people."

"Pretty obvious, you are taught a way to move your hand to get the shapes of letters, but lefties aren't taught the opposite."

"They are just left to figure it out, but these kids don't know what they are doing wrong."

"A lack of equipment for lefties, whether it is left handed scissors or desks or sharpeners."

"It may seem trivial, but these little things can make a leftie feel weird or like their can't figure out even the tiny little things that everyone else is getting so quickly."

"The effects:"

"This is a cause of lefties craning their wrists round so that they don't smudge and get a better pulling motion."

"As well as craning wrists, some may lean round, or massively rotate their page just so it isn't in the way, but no one taught them these solutions."

"Bad handwriting."

"Lack of confidence, which affects schoolwork and how the kid see his/herself."

"It may be the kid simply can't do what their classmates can do, despite trying his/her hardest."

"Uncomfortable positions causing pain in the neck, back and wrist."

"There are some, very small, organizations that have developed ways to properly teach left handed children how to sit and write comfortably."

"It usually involves angling the page slightly, but clockwise, whereas most lefties angle it anti-clockwise."

"I'd gladly volunteer my time to teach left-handed kids how to write."- untakenu

Left-handed people have to take the good and the bad much more than right-handed people.

However, considering Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and Ruth Bader Ginsburg were all left-handed, it seems that it's easy to make the most of the disadvantage.