Guys Break Down The Worst Parts About Being A Man

Being a man has its advantages.

For example, most men have the luxury of standing and peeing.

The embarrassment of being called up by the teacher to solve a math equation on the blackboard during a "peak" time as an adolescent male is very inconvenient.

Or so I've heard...

But as much as a gender has its perks, they also have their share of drawbacks–which was closely examined after Redditor figinjosejospe asked:

"What’s the worst thing about being a man?"

Because men are often portrayed as resilient and strong, they are always expected to rise above adversity.


"The general lack of empathy or support. You can do it because you're a man. I'm drowning on all fronts here, just looking for anything to help."

– OldHolly

Men Can Be Victims Too

"Sexual harassment and sexual assaults are usually a joke or not taken remotely serious when you're a guy."

"I've been sexually harassed and assaulted at work, and told 'lucky guy!' Or 'they're old enough to be your mother, take it as a compliment' as if that makes the situation better. In the end, honestly, if you're a guy and made sexually uncomfortable, it's too bad so sad, move on. When I approached management about it I'm just told 'Well, let's make it a clean slate and move on'. What? They literally dry humped me? Grabbed my a**? Even when a member does it, it's just completely fine?"

"Men aren't normally seen as victims. We're just expected to not be or to not be effected by it."

"Work for Costco btw, it anyone is curious as to where this happens."

– FanaticDamen

Due to the fact that the majority of predators happen to be male, guys have to be hyper-aware of their conduct–even when their intentions are purely innocent.

Careful The Things You Say

"We cant say kids are cute without being on fbi watch list."

– albertkapla

All Guys Are Not Creeps

"While driving a classmate past a daycare I frequently pass on my runs, i commented that there's a bunch of cute kids that play there, just thinking it's nice there's still something good and pure in this messed up world. He started acting like I said they were sexy or something. I don't stare at anyone's kids, I'm just out for my run and looking ahead. Had to tell the guy 'look, I'm almost 30, everything about my biology is screaming to make babies. So just chill dude. Not everyone is a creep' still made me feel bad the rest of the day."

– Electrofungus

Pegged As A Pedo

"Isn't my baby so cute??"

"He's adorable!"

"Bruh you f'king pedophile get the f'k out."

– FestiveSquid

These male Redditors had damning experiences working with kids.

Forced To Give Up On A Dream

"The stereotype that all men are pedophiles if they like working with children. Volunteered at the daycare that I went to when I was young for a field day event. One of the mothers there expressed her concern for a male being there around her kids and word got back to me. I was pursuing a degree in early childhood edu and dropped out and gave up on that dream because a lot of people thought I was weird or that I must be some sort of pedophile."

– RetroactiveThoughts

Consequences Of A Joke

"A friend of mine (a guy) worked as a daycare worker for a few years. Until one day some 12 yr old girl told one of the workers he had made a comment on her boobs, so he was immediately fired. The next day the girl asked where he was, and then when they explained it to her, she said she was just lying because she thought it would be funny. They offered him his job back but the whole situation was so mortifying for him that he has never worked with children ever again."

– dorkjaden

The Cousin-Sitter

"Im on vacation and yesterday i had to babysit my cousin while my aunt and my mom were trying out clothes. A concerend employee asking what we were doing and she said 'i dont know him, he just sat near me!'. Great. Keep in mind that im 17 and shes 11. And the thing is, we do know each other. If her mom didnt come out when she did, the police probably would have been called."

– RobloxJournalist

Built-In Prejudice

"I feel this. My mum runs a daycare and hired a male POC. Mind you he was the best person ever with kids and all kids at the daycare loved him. Nonetheless, many parents decided to change days when their kids would come. And ofc this meant they wanted to change the date to a day when this man was not working. My mum always believed in him and kept him hired and brushed off concerns of parents since he NEVER did anything wrong. He was her best employee. Just goes to show how fucking prejudiced people can be."

– Tesseru

The list goes on, but another common complaint was hair issues.

Hair, There, Everywhere

"Hair, everywhere, I mean seriously, does it have to come out of my ears?"

– butcherboy76

The Option

"Body - you're getting older now, what would you like to ease the burden?"

"Me - oh I dunno, knee lubricant?"

"Body - hair out of the ears it is!"

– OrdinaryGymRatAbroad

The List

"The lack of respect men receive as parent."

"Not being able to interact with children without fearing being called a Peado."

"It can be desperately lonely, especially for the introverts."

"Extremely weak emotional connection with male friends and peers."

"Hair loss."

– Squiggles87

Hair loss is definitely a bruise to the male ego.

I would sooner shave my head completely than walk around with a partial scalp reveal on the crown of my head.

Besides, there are plenty of people who think being bald is kinda hot. Amirite?

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