Art and creativity is subjective.

One person's garbage is another's dream.

So who really knows what makes a bad movie?

I just know I've witnessed a ton of them.

To each their own I guess.

Redditor NuclearWinterGameswanted to compare notes on the worst cinema has to offer. They asked:

"What is hands down the worst movie you've ever watched?"

There are so many bad movies out there who knows where to begin. I do... Jason X (Jason in Space). It's BRILLIANTLY bad. You'll thank me later.


marble hornets dancing GIFGiphy

"The Slenderman Movie."


"Definitely. I watched it once with my sister and it was so terrible that the only entertainment we got from it was making jokes about the cringeworthy scenes. They could've done so much more with this adaptation."


Oh Meow No!

"A talking cat."


"I loved this movie. A drunk Eric Roberts literally phoning in his dialog for the cat. The very clearly homosexual dad and son talking about girl problems..."

"Then finding out the director usually makes gay porn. I made some friends watch this. They weren't nearly as smitten as I was with it. I don't like cats and they do. I figured this was just some way a rich dipsh*t found to immortalize their cat. If I had that kind of money, I would have done it for my dog."


The Best of Bad

"Birdemic, the definition of 'comically bad.'"


"Birdemic is a masterpiece of ineptitude. No part of it was not the worst it could possibly be. Terrible acting? Woo-boy. Clueless directing? In spades. Ham-handed editing? Hopeless special effects? Sound quality of two tin cans tied with string? Birdemic has it all."



"Dragon Ball Evolution."


"Goku who for whatever reason is a high school student. Imagine getting a character that incredibly wrong. A character that you could google, and learn every single inch of their personality traits, likes, dislikes, speaking mannerisms etc. You would think it's impossible to play or write that character wrong."


Memed Out

Emoji Apple GIFGiphy

"The Emoji Movie, I hate it trying to relate to kids today it's like a teacher using dead tiktok memes in their presentation."


I'm strangely fascinated. Oh help me.

Compared to Books

game of thrones fire GIFGiphy

"Eragon. And the Avatar movie (The Last Airbender). Technically, there are worse. But those two... Are SO bad if you even barely compare them with the original (book/series)..."


Worst of the Worst

"I visited my mom a few weeks ago and I saw this awful piece of crap movie on Lifetime with her, about a disk jockey trying to find love and running into a killer. Horrible acting, horrible story, shi**y writing. Worst movie I ever saw in my life. I don’t know the title. That movie was the first Lifetime movie I saw in full since I was a child living in a house with one television. 😂 Those things didn’t get any better."



"'The Killer Shrews' when I was home after school in the 1950s, I watched black & white movies on TV. (I was probably 9 or 10). This one was so badly done, I kept watching out of fascination. People are isolated on an island, where shrews have grown to enormous size. There's a line like 'shrews had to eat their body weight in food every day,' so the risk is that they will attack and eat you."

"Much of the movie has people just sitting around, saying pointless dialogue, looking worried. That part is so boring. But then you see the shrews. They're dogs with big tails. They walk like dogs, casually, not at all threateningly, while the people shriek. Hand puppets of shrews were also used. The shrew scenes are so poorly done it's really funny. I had to keep watching."


Ho Ho NO!

"Krampus: The Christmas Devil (2013). I thought I'm going for the 2015 Krampus I intended but mixed my movies and... it's just... bad in every aspect. Story, dialogues, scenes, acting, costumes, camera, sound, soundtrack, effects, everything is terrible!"


"Watched it with my girlfriend during the holidays and said all I liked about it (and we didn’t finish it) was the title and I pronounced it Krahm-POOSE… over and over at random times of the day for like a week."


The Horror

Ian Mckellen Yes GIF by Cats MovieGiphy

"I've seen Cats 3 times, there is something horrifying and fascinating about it to me. It's a mystifying movie, I don't understand why, it's genuinely extremely terrible. The only part that shatters the glamour and just becomes outright bad to me is James Corden."


Now that is a list of horror. I can't imagine any of that sober.

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