People Break Down The Worst Fast Food Chains
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Healthy, well-balanced fare it is not, but there's no denying people across the globe love fast food.

Not all chains come even close to living up to their own hype though.

Redditor Dangerous_Language26 asked:

"What is the worst fast food chain?"

Everyone out pizzas the Hut

"The sad, sad decline of Pizza Hut. Back in the 80's and early 90's it used be the place where you had pizza parties. You read your books to get a free personal pan pizza."

"Then they started to cut corners. The tomato sauce tasted different, the crust was hard. It was greasy and it just drove people away."

"Compared that to Dominoes which was literally the lowest tier of pizza and Pizza Hut dominated them for years."

"Then Dominoes hired Patrick Doyle as their CEO in 2010. They ran all those ads on focus groups and how they were going to improve their customer service and change their recipe. It all worked and using tracking technology and GPS Dominoes went from the bottom of the barrel to the king of the hill."

"Now Pizza Hut is at the bottom."

- dresn231


Tim Would Be Appalled

"Tim Horton's - at least in the US. Their food is universally gross and overpriced. Their donuts are gas station quality at best. And the biggest most unforgivable sin is that for a chain that prides itself on coffee, they serve it in an atom-thin, hand-scalding cup through a drive-through window so unless you have carpenter's callouses on your hand you are assured to get first-degree burns. They use those cheap 1975 era coffee lids that you have to manually peel back, ensuring further skin damage as a splash of coffee will inevitably come out. Then finally you lift it to your lips, but with no other pinhole to regulate flow a geyser of 400-degree lava vaporizes the skin on your lips. You try to stuff your mouth with what you know is going to be an average-at-best donut just to have something to soak it up but that donut was cooked in a Cleveland warehouse that shares space with a Spirit of Halloween three days ago so it's just stale and bad and you can't decide if you want the burning coffee or the gross donut out of your mouth more. I've never felt like an entire chain hated its customers more than the masochists that visit Tim Horton's."

- caffeinex2

"Tim Hortons gradually turned into complete sh*t after they were bought out. It's not even a Canadian company anymore. Their donuts have been garbage since they stopped baking them in store and their coffee isn't even good. Like you said all their food is gross. As a Canadian I've been boycotting them for quite some time. It's a shame because they used to be very good."

- divine__love

​"They used to be the darling of the fast food breakfast genre. Shockingly good coffee for cheap, circa 2016. What Dunkin Donuts wished it was. Now it’s awful."

- im_a_seaturtle

"It’s terrible! And as a fellow Canadian, I’d like to formally apologize to our American friends because this is not the Timmy’s we grew up living and you’re being ripped off hard. 10 years ago Timmy’s was the absolute best, hell even 5 years ago they were better than this. This is not the company we were all raving about, they’ve changed drastically."

- banditlovexo

Not Even Cheap Any More​

​"Gonna give a curveball answer: Subway"

"Since they dropped the $5 footlong model, they are are just overpriced and underwhelming subs. Go to Jersey Mikes, Firehouse (good god come here, best subs for a chain IMO), Ike’s Love and Sandwiches (if one is near you?), or some really good mom and pop deli shops"

"There nothing redeeming about their subs"

- Flaux454

"The only good thing about them, is they're in truck stops, so you can get disappointing food that isn't just always McDonald's, while you're on the road"

- GordonShumwaysCat

"'Subway: It's Not McDonald's'"

- ExtraordinarySuccess

Not Finger Lickin' Good

"KFC. Used to be my absolute favourite but when they changed the chips it started going downhill. Now they're just super slow at getting the food out, even when it's not that busy (at least all the ones where I live are)."

- OrangesandLemons98

"I used to work next to a KFC in 2001/2002, and FU*K, their mashed potatoes, and gravy were so good. I would've happily bought gallons of their gravy just so I could put it on everything."

- ProjectShadow316

"Excellent answer. It used to be so good. Them getting rid of the potato wedges hurt. Fortunately, if you have a Wendy's with breakfast where you are, their potato wedges are great!"


​Arby's Of The Past

"​I was going to say Arby’s, because about twenty years ago an Arby’s franchise had all the charm of a crack house, but it feels like they’ve come around lately. Maybe new ownership, I don’t know."

- Playful-Opportunity5

"Arby's may be the best of the big ones these days. Varied menu, everything is pretty freaking good. I will die on the hill of Arby's Curly Fries being the best fast food fry."

- SixPeiceTaye

"Honestly I've gotten sick from Taco Bell and McDonald's, but have never gotten sick from Arby's or Weinershnitzel, and they both get so much hate for no reason imo. I actually prefer Arby's to most fast food."

- Octobersiren14


​Not The Queen Of Dairy

​"My husband is a health inspector and he will without a doubt tell you it's Dairy Queen."

- cassiecas88

"Just had it yesterday. Ice cream is great... their burgers? Yuck."

- IcyAd9404

​King Of Burgers?

​"I'm not sure about worst, but I don't understand how Burger King is still around."

"They just opened a new one about 2 miles from where I live; it's across the street from McDonald's and near a Subway. I never see anyone there. Their dining room never seems to be open, there are never any cars in the parking lot. You drive by, and there will be 12 cars in the McDonald's parking lot and 5-6 cars in the drive through, and the BK is a ghost town. And many of them around here are like that. Nearest I can figure, they're all drug fronts."

- pm1966

"I love Burger King! I could eat whoppers everyday and fries with zesty sauce. The one near me is always packed and the food always comes out looking exactly like the advertised picture and is hot and fresh."

"With that said it probably depends on where you're located and if it tastes good. In my area the Wendy’s, kfc, Hardee’s and arbys all suck and never have any business(not sure how they stay around) but I like them in other towns I’ve been too ours are just sh*t and have horrible service and don’t know how to cook the food correctly!"

- Poctah

"Me too. Zesty onion ring sauce is amazing. Whopper is a top-tier burger. Chicken fries… amazing. I love BK and will die on that hill!"

- kabobinator

No Time For Taco Time

​"Taco Time. Not to be confused with Taco Time Northwest (which is a f**king delight ::chef’s kiss::). Regular Taco Time makes Taco Bell seem like fine dining and tastes like Satan’s butthole."

- reruning

"This sounds like a real Alfredo's Cafe v. Pizza by Alfredo situation."

- SubwayMan5638

"Uh yeah. You nailed it. That’s so funny. I had totally forgotten about that episode."

- reruning

"If you go into Idaho or maybe Western Montana, you start to see taco time restaurants but they aren’t taco time northwest. They are really haggard and rundown. Basically a Hooverville for Mexican food. Two different chain restaurants with dang near the same name."

- reruning

Don't Stop For Their Wings

"Wingstop. My source, you ask? I work there lmao. Chicken is sh*t quality and super small not to mention how awful all the stuff in the sauces are. Everybody is obsessed with the ranch despite it literally just being mayo/buttermilk/hidden valley ranch packets."

"AND the new sandwiches we just started are nasty and come out raw despite cooking them exactly how corporate told us. Not to mention everything is just stupid expensive. $1.69 for a tiny side of ranch at my store 🤷🏼♀️"

- smallemochick

​Chipotle Sucks Now I Guess

"I gotta say Chipotle. Hear me out."

"When they first started showing up they were really good. Cilantro lime rice. Tasty barbacoa. Decent hot sauce. It was treat going there. It wasn't too expensive and enough food that you'd always be stuffed full after eating. What else could you want?"

"Qdoba showed up. It sucked. It was terrible compared to Chipotle. Not even competition."

"Then Qdoba got good. Chipotle panicked and decided the solution was to increase their prices, shrink the menu options, and change their recipes. Suddenly the rice was bland. The barbacoa was dry and tasteless. They added that terrible cheese sauce that is truly inedible. I mean parmesan? Really? Not a lime in the store. Just dreadful. Their speed of service became embarrassingly slow. I don't think I've been there since that Godawful cheese sauce.

"I want 2008 Chipotle back. I think that was peak Chipotle. I'd get lunch there by myself and stare bleakly out the window at the parking lot; thinking about hating my job and enjoying my food."

- mostlygray

Not all chains live up to their advertising, but quality can sometimes really depend on each individual location.

So go ahead and try that new place out, just don't be surprised if it kinda sucks.

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