The importance of personal hygiene is critical in light of the recent health crisis.

Believe it or not, people weren't always so concerned about keeping themselves clean. Some believe in misguided, old wives tales about germs. Others, unfortunately, are unable to care for themselves due to mental or physical health, or even finances.

Redditor u/joe691013 asked people for examples of the worst personal hygiene they've ever seen, and some tales were shocking and gross, while other examples were clearly a symptom of something more.

10. I wonder if customer's noticed

"I used to work retail and one day we had this woman come into the store who had not showered in months. She stunk the whole store up from just walking around. We had to ask her to leave due to hygiene.

I will never forget that stench. It was like low tide and a dead body had been sitting around for a month."


9. This extreme hoarder

"I work in an ER in a low income area, there was one that I'll never forget. She was a mid 40s obese hoarder who had decided it wasn't worth the effort to get out of her recliner for two weeks straight; she had a fridge within reach so she wasn't hungry but was producing feces and urine the entire time without getting up to use the restroom or to clean herself. You could smell her down the hall with the door closed and her behind was literally rotting away with pressure sores down to her bones."


8. I'm sure bad hygiene is a deal breaker for her now

"I have a girl friend who thought that it was normal for guys to have dingleberries. Poor girl was going down on a guy with matted turd fur."


7. Thank your dentist

"I had a friend with very low self esteem. could never find a gf. self pity type of guy. he had the worst grime/film on his teeth. I told him he wont find a gf until he cleans his teeth because its repulsive to anyone with any respect for themselves (in less words) he denied it saying someone will like him for him. blah blah blah. well one day his grandma paid for him to see a dentist who made them pearly whites once again... not 2 weeks later had himself a gf. still thinks it was never the problem."


6. Mints are not a cure all

"I worked at an engine assembly plant in NY state where everyone is in these 3-5 station teams that rotate every hour so you don't go crazy doing the same job for 8+ hours. We had this dude who came to our group who had the nastiest teeth I've ever seen in my life. His bottom front teeth were all fused together into one big, lower tusk. And his breath could gag a maggot. It got so difficult to work with the guy (you could smell his breath from at least 6 feet away) that we had to go to a manager to figure out how to handle it and not be dicks. Well they basically told him he needed to do something about it, so he constantly had a tub of mints on him. After that, his breath just smelled like a rotting corpse AND mint. So, yay..."


5. The nerve to just leave them there...

"I had a part time job at Uni cleaning out student rooms after the occupants had moved out. One room was left with no fewer than 28 bottles of piss that the occupant had decided just to leave in the room. The shared bathroom was next door."


4. No, dirty hands are just dirty hands


"So, I used to work at this really upscale vegan hot-pot restaurant a few years ago. The owner/manager was very adamant on how it's 'ok not to wash your hands because in my country, washing hands meant you're cleaning off the hard work you've done.' She was the only person who would, even after using the bathroom, we knew she wouldn't wash her hands, she'd use gloves yes since she'd handle food sometimes, but even then, still wash your ******* hands."


3. Maybe inbox them about it?

"I met a girl on a dating app...we got along well online...but she smelled like @ss in person. I'm talking fully clothed and several feet away, there was still a stench. I was really embarrassed for her tbh. She complained about guys ghosting her and not knowing why. I mean it's not easy to tell someone. I don't know how you couldn't be aware of it either."


2. Poor patient...

"I'm a nurse, so I've seen some ****.

But the worst would be a woman with scabies and fleas. I don't know how she got them, but she was so ashamed of having them, that she basically just barricaded herself at home for some weeks, until her daughter got her admitted to the hospital.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that everything on her jumped when you came close to her bed or she moved.

She had them everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE.

I spare you the description of her intimate area."


1. Don't touch any kind of poop bare handed

"I went to a friends house and she picked up poop from her cat's litter box with her hand, and proceeded not to wash her hands."


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