People Describe The Worst Coworker They've Ever Worked With


thelatterchoiceEven your dream job can become a nightmare with a bad coworker.

While it's doubtful that you'll get along with everyone you work with, some coworkers are just torturous to be around. With their bad attitudes, habits, and work ethic, they can turn any job into a living hell.

Redditor u/drlqnr asked people, "What's the worst coworker you've ever worked with?", and people jumped on the opportunity to vent about people they can't stand at work.

20. This evil former manager

"Super late, butttt. A former manager of mine used to insist that 'job security is the worst thing that can happen to your staff.' To him, this meant going around serving people with resignation letters and asking them to sign it. Not to actually fire them and not as a punishment for people who'd messed up, just random employees who were happy with their jobs, I guess to show that they were replaceable. He made several people cry with this tactic.

A completely insufferable person all around who was eventually fired."


19. No one wants to hear about that stuff

"I worked with a born again Christian that would love to tell stories about how much *** he crushed before he was born again."


18. The coworker brought their side job to work

"I fondly recall a past co-worker from about 30 years ago that tried to sell drugs to all of us, and got pushy if we declined. He would also get super ******* high at work. Good times."


17. Dishonest and disrespectful

"I had an insane boss who did things like cheat the PTO system so it appeared she had 100% adherence and lie on her applications to get into diversity programs (one said she was two reports from the CEO of the company. So was most definitely not.) also she was very disrespectful of peoples' healths, including mine, she told a pregnant women who threw up on herself to wash off in the bathroom and get back to work."


16. This nosey peer

"My coworker would pull up a chair behind me and watch over my shoulder for the 8 hour work day."


15. The boss that liked to gossip about employees

"Had a boss who I caught laughing at me behind my back, only to deny it when confronted by me. There were seven co-workers in the office, all laughing with him. I questioned him and he denied it. He said he wasn't even aware that what's going on."


14. That's just nasty

"The guy who took his shoes and socks off in the office and trimmed his toenails. At least he did pick up after himself."


13. The loud breather

"One coworker at my first job out of college used to breathed really loud. His cube was next to my cubicle and I could hear the air brushing against the particules in his nostril all the way down to his lung. I almost went postal because of this."


12. This selfish response to some good news

"one time I became pregnant before I said yes to being hired for a job - had no idea I was pregnant - when I had to declare it she told me - 'have made things very difficult for the rest of us' no congrats, smiles or anything nice - nasty person"


11. This worker had nerves of steel


"Worked at a popular chicken tender restaurant. Not the worst but a bold coworker- someone came in from the drive thru complaining their tenders were cold and shitty. Kitchen guy proceeds to take the box from him, open it, and start eating the tenders in front of him saying 'man I don't know what you're talking about, these are fine to me'. He didn't even get written up."


10. We all work with at least one know-it-all

"My coworker likes to initiate conversations, then does long pauses where you go to say something back, then he cuts you off and keeps talking. He has entire conversations almost entirely by himself. He also likes to make changes to my paperwork before its turned in.. ends up riddled with spelling mistakes while he tries to make the content look smarter. Fortunately its all electronically stamped with who made revisions."


9. This phone obsessed girl

"Worked with a girl who would sometimes just lay on the floor and play on her phone. She would routinely flip out about something her boyfriend did and just start screaming curse words, sometimes in front of customers. She was eventually fired for smoking weed while on the clock."


8. This manager who needed to be trashed


"I had a manager once who dumped trash on my desk my third day there. She said it was to remind me that taking out the trash was part of my job description (it wasn't, I was a research assistant at a mortgage firm)"


7. The worst shift

"Fast food. Third shift. The only other employee stayed in the bathroom doing drugs."


6. Employees aren't robots

"Not necessarily a 'co-worker' but my old supervisor literally told me not to think, even if it's wrong that I do things her way, and not to ask questions because I should already know what to do. I had just gotten the position"


5. This criminal coworker

"My worst co-worker was one I worked with when I was a cashier at Walmart. She approached me and asked me to cash out her paycheck. I was still new at the job and never got training on how to do that function. She was sympathetic, so she walked me through how to do it. Transaction over and done, I go on about my day.

I get called back a couple of days later by my managers and they circled me in an office and accused me of stealing. After tears, video tapes, and telling them what happened they told me that apparently this coworker of mine had stolen not only from me, but several other people that day as well. They just wanted to confirm I wasn't in on the deal."


4. Some "Human Resources" are completely ineffective

"The HR manager at my last job had zero training, education or experience in HR. She was argumentative, passive aggressive and incompetent. Toward the end she asked me 'Why are you being resistant' and 'You're not being a team player.' when I was advocating for client safety. I was the second person in less than a year to leave and hire an attorney."


3. This serious pooper


"This guy named Daniel I used to work with at McDonald's in high school. He let everyone know he worked out and enjoyed being on the football team. He had this thing about taking 5 ***** a day. He would walk by on his way back from the toilet, chest out, shoulders back and triumphantly announce 'that's **** number 3!... ******* Daniel."


2. Leave religion out of the workplace

"I work with this guy that tries to convert people to his religion every day it's super annoying"


1. This co-worker needs some friends

"I have a coworker who's very old-fashioned and strongly believes that males and females cannot be friends. Well, it just so happens that my manager and I, a male and a female, happen to get along quite well because of our similar ages and interests. She reported me to the other managers for it and accused me of sleeping with him."


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