Effie, we all got pain! That is an iconic line from the classic musical 'Dreamgirls.' And Lord does it speak volumes. Yes we all have problems but we often need to be reminded that problems need to be put into perspective. The remote batteries dying isn't as catastrophic lets say... living in Puerto Rico post Hurricane Maria, still waiting for power and water. Having first world problems is still a problem. We're all allowed to be irked by the small stuff.

Redditor u/Tigasar wanted all the first worlders to open up and discuss what irks them the most by asking.... What's the most infuriating 1st world problem?

Sensing the soap....


When automatic sinks don't sense your hand at the right time and you're just fisting the air with a handful of soap. grimkardashian

All the pieces.... 

Not having food in the fridge, only ingredients to make food. But you're too tired and hungry to cook it. SleepyLabrador

When you're so not in the mood to cook that you eat the components of a meal, but separately. Like I'm too lazy to make a sandwich but I'll eat a few slices of lunchmeat, a slice of pickle, a slice of cheese and a slice of bread. iwanttobelievv

Oh Reddit....

Being bored on the internet. RaidanRam

Get bored on reddit, close tab. Open reddit in new tab. sylanar

Throw the remote....

Having at your disposal 150 cable TV channels, On Demand, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc. as well as 500 DVDs on the shelf, but there's still nothing good on. IrianJaya

I hear ya. I got a decent amount of cable channels, a whole cabinet full of DVDs and Blu-ray and Netflix and Hulu but I'm not the type of person who can sit in front of a TV all damn day when I'm bored. Especially watching a random episode of some old TV show in the middle of the afternoon. I have to do something.

This only feels good if it's after a long work day or a busy morning full of errands. kittycatdude

I'm Parched....


When you reach over to grab some water on the nightstand and accidentally spill it over your phone, tablet, wallet and have to wake TF up and dry everything off really fast and you still don't even get your water. Halloween_Cake


Feeling sad because you're human and humans feel that way sometimes, but then looking at every wonderful privilege you have around you and feeling bad for feeling sad....

Also tangled earphones... screw those knotty f**kers! Mwiththreehumps

The Glitching! 

When my internet starts glitching out, I have to get my lazy butt up, unplug the router, stand there like an idiot for 29 seconds, then plug it back in. Oh woe is my life. whodashet

I'm Hangry! 

Having so much food in your fridge and pantries that you become exhausted at the possibilities of cooking it, so you just eat out. SyntaxRex

This is why I love small fast food restaurants which have a simple and short menu. Focus on 5 menu items and make them good and on time instead of having 45 options. brokencig

Never let it End! 

Watching a new TV Show that's amazing, but knowing that it's extremely unlikely you will ever be able to find a TV Show similar to said one that invokes feelings just as great. C-TAP

Or watching the first and maybe even a second season of a great new series on Netflix or whatever only to find that there won't be any more seasons. PlayThatFunkyMusic69

I Need more BARS!! 


Getting pissed at my phone for hanging on to the one last bar of wifi when I can switch over to data

Please, if you're commenting about the android settings to fix this, please please refrain from doing so. This is my new first world problem now. themanyfaceasian


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