People Who Followed Someone's Advice And Bit Them In The A** Share Their Experiences


As a child or young adult, it's nearly impossible to sift through the merits of everyone's two cents about what will you bring you success as a fully grown adult.

After all, you have zero experience whatsoever to base any scrutiny on.

It's a rock and a hard place. If you respond with skepticism, you're an ungrateful punk. If you blindly follow, you find you've been duped 10 years down the line.

Lucky for the rest of us, the blind followers, the duped ones all have gathered to sound the alarm on the falsehoods packaged as wisdom.

zkaram5 asked, "What piece of advice did you take to heart when you were younger only to have it bite you in the a**?"

Sometimes It's Worth Listening To

"Don't change who you are for other people"

I get what they're going for when people say that, but sometimes you're a sh!t head and you should change.


Not When Nobody Else is Waiting

Good things come to those who wait.

I lived by that. I was the most patient person and really believed that if I was patient and waited, life would come to me.

Spent my early 20s unhappy. Took me until about 25 that I realized that whatever I wanted out of life I had to get the f*ck out of my apartment, put myself out there and grab it.



What if the Job has no Idea You Exist?

"All you have to do is work hard, the job will find you if you're the best."

Then I learned about this thing called networking...


Not All Adults Mean Well

I was taught it was rude to disobey adults. Went through a rough childhood because I was too afraid to say no.


Except All Healthcare Needs, Most Tasks at Work, In-Laws, etc.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do" was one of the biggest pieces of poppycock I'd been told as a kid.


An Unlearned Belly

It's not really a piece of advice, but growing up, the rule was ALWAYS that we had to finish what was on our plates. I definitely never learned how to eat until full, instead I eat until finished and don't feel full until my plate is clean, and often by that point I'm actually overly full.

I'm a grown a** adult and still struggle with recognizing when I'm actually no longer hungry.



"Be Cool" is a Necessary Part 2

"Just tell her how you feel"

Not that this advice is inherently wrong, but that it is far more complicated than that. How you tell her how you feel is almost more important than the content of the message.


Sounds Like Something the University Would Say

If you get this degree from this university, employers will be fighting over you no matter what your GPA is.

Then I graduated from college in 2009 with a 2.7 GPA.


What About Hard AND Smart?

I used to hear someone tell multiple people that "work smarter, not harder" was for lazy people.

The truth is you can be the most hardworking individual at your job, but if you aren't organized and efficient, that won't mean sh*t.


A Profitable AdageĀ 

"Student loans are there for a reason, take them"

Unfortunately that one is still being repeated as well.


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