People Describe Which Things Are Even Worse Than Stepping On A LEGO
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Rare is the person who hasn't experienced stepping on a LEGO.

The building blocks are popular around the globe so the opportunity is widespread.

The feeling is so universal it's often used to describe a level of pain—as either worse or not as bad as stepping on a LEGO.

So what about those things that we categorize as worse?

Redditor Fyre-Bringer asked:

"What's worse than stepping on a LEGO?"

Dr. Scholl's

"Dr. Scholl's wooden sandals we all wore back in the day, every so often the wooden sole would slip to the side so the tenderest, nerve-filled part of your foot would come down on the edge of the sandal."

"I swear I saw God."

- LakotaGrl


It's electric

"Stepping on upturned electrical plug."

- LucyVialli

"My freshman year of college I jumped off my half-lofted bed straight into my computer charger. I didn't make a noise because my roommate was sleeping, but it hurt so bad."

"It was a circular plug and took a giant chuck out of my skin."

"I've stepped on tacks, needles, and glass before but this was definitely the worst of all of those because of how blunt the edges are."

- eyetis



"Accidentally biting a chunk off the inside of your cheek whilst eating."

- GLucey

"Biting so hard it crunches."

- Sandpaper_Pants

"Or lower lip.. then biting the same spot multiple times while it’s swollen and trying to heal."

- Tdawwg78



"The only thing in existence that hurts more than stepping on a LEGO is getting hit in the ankle with the side of a scooter."

- Humble_Wonder937

"My little sister is a monster and bangs her stainless steel scooter into my feet on purpose because she thinks me wailing in pain is funny. I want to throw out that scooter so bad, but my parents will probably buy her another one."

- CrypticWeirdo9105



"A small thin shard of glass that breaks apart when tweezers pull on it."

- BassoHaase

"Metal in this scenario sucks too."

- RussianTanks

shatter good time GIF by A24Giphy

Man's best saboteur

"Stepping on a hard dog chew that has the ability to roll at 3 a.m on the way to the bathroom."

- notsleptyet

"My dog has a knack for chewing her hard toys into sharp little f'ked up torture devices, and likes to carry them anywhere and everywhere around the house with her.

"So anyways, I don’t flop into bed face first anymore."

- misplacedvegetation

"YES, because you can also stub your toe on it, those suckers are HARD, and THEN step on it!!"

"Adds injury to injury, instead of insult to injury 😆"

- rhendon46


Hay, now

"Sitting on a pitchfork hidden within a haystack."

- Back2Bach


Weaponized toys

"No one ever talks about stepping on Jacks. Those caltrop looking things."

- Nuclear_Mouse

"How about stepping on actual caltrops, meaning the plant? First time I ever did that it hurt so bad I broke out in a cold sweat."

- JuzoItami

Carlos. E. Serrano/Getty Images


"When you have socks on, go into your kitchen area, and step into 'wet'."

- CarderSC2

"I have a 2-year-old, 4-year-old, a dog and a kitten. Yup."

- p0atato


Housing crisis

"Stepping on a Monopoly house."

- EmmyLornz


These all sound pretty painful.

Do you have anything to add to the list?

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