The World's Most Polite Intruder Broke Into This Man's Apartment And Just...Cleaned It
Nate Roman/Facebook

A Marlborough, Massachusetts man recently returned to his home after a day at work to find that someone had been there in his absence.

Surprisingly, the intruder didn't steal anything. They just...cleaned.

Nate Roman shared the story of the break-in on Facebook. He began:

"I need to share an experience."
"Today, while I was at work, a stranger entered my house. It's possible that I forgot to lock the back door, they didn't break anything while entering."

Apparently this wasn't the first time Roman left without arming the security system.

"I usually forget to arm my alarm during the day, but unfortunately that also happened, so I don't have any video, despite having cameras."
"Ready for the weird part? Not only did they not take anything (that I can find), but the purpose of the visit was to clean my bathrooms and bedrooms. They made the beds, vacuumed the rugs, scrubbed the toilets and left tp roses."

Roman believes that a housekeeping service may have accidentally entered his home instead of a house they were contracted to clean.

"No notes, no creepy arrangements or anything. My best theory at this point is that a housekeeping service accidentally went to the wrong address. It's still weird and creepy AF. No idea what to think about this."

You can view Roman's post, along with a beautiful toilet paper rose that was left by the mystery intruder, below:

Many who read Nate's post on Facebook were intrigued by the story.

Brenda Sumner/Facebook

Apparently housekeepers ending up at the wrong address is surprisingly common.

Suely M Medeiros/Facebook

Matt Johnson/Facebook

The general consensus seemed to be that people wouldn't mind mystery cleaners turning up at their place.

Diane C Chancellor/Facebook

Dayna Smith/Facebook

Rayan Bergdahl/Facebook

Josefina Paderez/Facebook

One Facebook user suggested asking neighbors for help in finding the person.

Rebecca Hernandez Weightman/Facebook

Lots of people wouldn't mind having someone randomly show up and clean their house, but it's still important to make sure doors are locked when leaving home.

Not every intruder is going to be as polite as this one, and coming home to all of your valuables missing is never going to be a good feeling.

Hopefully this incident will be enough of a reminder to help Roman remember to lock the doors and arm the security system when he leaves for work in the future.

Security systems can't help if you don't turn them on.

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