World Travelers Reveal Similarities They’ve Seen In People All Over The Globe


All around the world the same song...

We are all far more the same than we want to admit. Humans are humans, we all want the same things. We all have families that drive us nuts and we experience things in similar ways... if only we's embrace that fact. When you travel you the world you learn these small tidbits of life. Get out of your bubble. See other places and people.... just like you!

Redditor u/Dougdahead wanted everyone to share their travel tales by asking.... World travelers, what have you noticed about people all over that is pretty much the same no matter where you are?

The Menu is?


IF there are a bunch of people standing around at a shady looking food stand that food Be Delicious and CHEAP! ooo-ooo-oooyea

My family live by this rule too when we travel. Look for the biggest queue of locals and join it. You know it's gonna be good! Edit: wine based spelling mistakes. nogoidnamesleft

On the Fly! 

Was in Morocco walking through a Souk and caught sight of a big bearded guy staring at me, really intensely. I met his gaze and he quickly dropped his hand to his crotch area... and did the universal zip-up motion.

Yeah, I was wandering around with my fly undone. Quickly corrected the wardrobe malfunction and gave him a nod of thanks before going on my merry way. Never a word was spoken. The bro code transcends boundaries of race, geography and culture. size_matters_not

The Children.... 

I once saw an Indonesian toddler get angry at her sibling or friend and lift her skirt and show her butt at him. I thought immediately that this must be universal: showing your butt to someone is always an impolite thing to do.

Also, babies and little kids are similar everywhere. AlreadyForgotTheName

Amongst the Dead....

Did the whole backpacking Europe thing. One of the first things I saw was a bunch of goth teens sneaking into a cemetery and drinking. Felt at home the rest of the trip. LanceWindmil

Kids make it work.....


Kids are the same everywhere.

They haven't been molded by their cultures yet. Regardless of race, religion, or any other differences they may have, they're generally pretty good at playing together and doing idiot kid stuff. progpost

Oh you crazy Aussies.... 

In the local drinking establishment there will be at least one soon-to-be-drunk Aussie, one Swedish backpacker and one weird German. If it's Africa, there is likely one crazy Israeli just out of the army. qw46z

One thing I have learned from traveling in Europe is that, while not especially gregarious, Germans are pretty reliably kind and helpful. Can't count how many times a German has done me a solid while abroad. The English, too.

I met a lovely German couple in line for the Parisian catacombs when I was sixteen, and they offered to let me tag along when my mother had a panic attack in the first tunnel from her claustrophobia. They even stuck with me at the exit while I waited for my parents to come. I think bonding over how unpleasant Parisians are may have been what did it. SliferTheExecProducr

Food brings us together....

Everyone loves food and has pride in their country's food. If you love eating you'll make friends everywhere you go.

I'm Vietnamese by ethnicity but born and raised in the US. I can talk to you for hours about Vietnamese Foods to try. But I will also admit I have pride in "American" food which to me are region specific (bagels, Mexican, BBQ, sandwiches, etc). Asainthug9

Don't take it personal..... 

They get defensive if you criticize their government, even if they're the ones who started it! In other words, they keep it in family. You're allowed to criticize your brother, but no one else is. laterdude

It's all general.....

Basically everyone just wants to make a better life for themselves and their family. And most people are happy to welcome you into their country, wherever you are. And as someone said above, airport taxi drivers are b**tards everywhere. brain_sweeties

God Bless Ice Cream...


I was in a remote part of Italy, not a word of english was spoken or understood. I ordered my ice cream by pointing at the pink one and gesturing a large amount. I sat next to a guy that had just got a cone too. As I nodded hello his ice cream fell from his cone onto the ground. The look of utter sadness was something I will not forget. No matter where you are, losing your ice cream sucks. instntpudn

More alike than you think....

-Grandmothers cook the best food and will feed you until you explode. -Teenagers finds ways to rebel -Love of music -Communal gossip over a hot beverage... coffee, tea, mulled wine -Fried chicken is everywhere in so many delicious varieties -Children finds ways to play with anything. tbizzle90

China Wins....

No matter where you go, everything you buy is still made in China. HelloBucklebell

And that is why they've already won, it's just taken us this long to figure it out. Final_Frontier_is_Me

Where Am I?


There's always an fool who will hold up a bus by asking stupid questions. Sadly when I'm not familiar with the local system because I'm in a different country, it's me! iammaxhailme

Don't make eye contact....

There's always that one guy pretending to be a Buddhist monk or something trying to pass on some 2 cent charm and guilt you into donations. I've seen this scam in virtually every country I've been to. Yamasennin

The Good People....

People are nice, and want to help.

Whether you're in down town Shanghai, the areas around Tokyo, or somewhere in South Africa, if you need help, the average person will do what they can to help you. Flag a taxi? Easy for a local. Get directions? You may not have cell reception, but they may. People, in general, are not bad. BARDLover

A Universal smell....

Farts are universally hilarious/embarrassing. Had dinner with a Thai family who barely spoke English and I don't speak any Thai. Anyhow we are sitting with our legs crossed on a carpet with multiple dishes spread out on the floor and I went to reach for a far away plate and a squeaker came out. Everyone erupted in laughter. So yeah universally funny. Jarthos1234

YOU are the problem! 

Traffic, every major city you go the cab driver always complain about traffic and how they would like to just leave to a quieter place. CrackTotHekidZ

That cab driver shouldn't complain about traffic. He is traffic! AppleJuiceIsLoose

Love is in the Air...


I was in Djibouti Africa of all places. We were doing humanitarian aid for school there. It was an area that was pretty much 3rd world. (houses made out of stacked rocks) On our last day we were playing soccer with the community and there was a woman and a man prob in early 20's sitting next to each other. The guy was teasing her which was causing her to smile in a flirting way. It was pretty cool to understand what was going on without any other words. crakawinterzz

A Kiss for medicine....

When we were visiting the zoo with my 2 year old daughter, she wandered up to an Indian family to wave at their baby in the stroller. The family was a young couple and the grandparents. My daughter showed the grandfather the bandaid on her finger. He bent down gave her finger a kiss and hugged her. This all happened in less than 30 seconds, and was wonderful to watch.

Compassion doesn't have language barriers, and neither does kissing bo-bos, evidently. fitcht3ll

Tobacco Language....

I used to travel a lot in the '70s and '80s. Things may have changed since then but one thing that always impressed me is how a smoker can walk up to any other smoker in the world and bum a cigarette or a light. It's like an international brotherhood. Not a smoker myself, just observed this. HuckleCat100K


We are far more similar than we think... don't you agree?

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