People Divulge Which World Events They Believe Were Staged
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I've lost count of the number of theories floating about that say almost all of our world is rigged.

Do I believe in darker forces behind the curtain?

Yes. Absolutely. But some of these ideas seem impossible.

RedditorConsciousSloth wanted to know what major world news people actually think is a scam.

They asked:

"What world event do you think was staged?"

Educate me. I'm probably just naive, I don't believe in a lot of these conspiracy ideas.


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"The FBI killed Martin Luther King. I mean, his family recently won a court case that basically admitted that the police did a cover up. Also the Wendigoon Episode on it was amazing."


The Verdict...

"In the UK a spy or someone who worked in intelligence was found dead in his apartment. He drowned in his bath, locked inside a North Face duffel bag. The lock was on the outside of the bag. Official verdict into his death... Suicide..."


"Sounds like what happened to Garry Webb. Exposed a bunch of shady crap the CIA was doing in Central and South America."



"In 1964 the USS Maddox was attacked in Vietnam in what became known as the Gulf of Tonkin incident. This act convinced Congress to let the president put boots on the ground in Vietnam and essentially started the war. However documents declassified in the early 2000s revealed this was actually a false-flag operation."


Political Lies

"The War on Drugs. Once you read about how Harry J. Anslinger manufactured the marijuana scare just to keep his job, you’ll realize how crazy the entire situation is. Anslinger was the DEA version of J. Edgar Hoover, and before the DEA even existed."


"There’s a White House memo that talks about how they’re using weed to vilify hippies and heroin to disenfranchise the black population. It even says 'Did we know that we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.'”


Power King

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"The Erfurt latrine disaster in 1184. I fully believe that Henry VI staged that to create a power vacuum his family was equipped to take advantage of."


That Henry was a mess. How'd he get so many wives?


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"That time David Copperfield made the statue of liberty disappear. Definitely something fishy about that."



"The 2016 'coup' in Turkey was staged to solidify Erdogan's presidency."


"100%. The planes that were suppose to shoot him down just escorted him to land safely etc. If there ever was a legit part of it, that was a coup, they had been SO infiltrated that it was over before it started."


"Holy crap glad to see this so high. I always felt that too. One of the few world events I've actually watched live too."



"1999 Moscow apartment bombings."


"Hadn't heard of this before, damn. 'Former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko, who defected and blamed the FSB for the bombings, was poisoned and killed in London in 2006.'"


"I’m surprised this isn’t more known about in the West. The FSB was literally caught red-handed planting explosives by local police."



"Dale Jr. winning the July NASCAR race at Daytona after his father was killed in an accident there in February."


"I 100% witnessed Nascar hand a win to Dale Jr at MIS in the mid-2000s. It went to a Green-White-Checker and as they were in the middle of turn 1 & 2, a car at the very back of the field ran out of gas and drove down into the in-field."

"At the exit of turn 2, Jr is running out of gas, but they throw the caution and he limps back to the garage, claiming the win under yellow. 2nd place was right behind if not alongside Jr when they threw the yellow, giving Jr the win."


Don't Listen

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“Internet Backlash. There are maybe a handful of real people and a million bots making all the news and all the decisions right now."


a well oiled machine...

"Not an event per se but the fact everyone still thinks that Banksy is just one guy, trust me, it’s a well oiled machine that, even from the 99/2000 had a small team working on it all, it’s been one big money making exercise from the early days, the fact Robin and co are still getting away with it proves it works so good luck to them!"



"The Great Fire of Rome. But I’m not the only one that thinks this. People think Emperor Nero burned down swaths of the city just so he could buy up the land to make his mansion. The fact that that’s exactly what happened after the fire didn’t help his case. Dude was so evil people theorized he might’ve been the Anti-Christ."


Past and Modern

"At least some of the world’s conspiracy theories must be true but the thing that stops me believing most modern ones is that contemporary politics and business scandals have shown us that the human race is pretty much incapable of keeping secrets."

"Some of the conspiracy theories you hear would require so many different people and institutions, often with conflicting agendas, keeping secrets. That’s the bit that isn’t plausible. It was far more plausible in the time of JFK when info wasn’t as easily stored, recorded or shared."


Ms. Jackson

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"Janet Jackson and 'Boobgate.'"


"Janet got cancelled even though JT was the one who ripped off her top."



"I believe the moon landing was real, but they went out of their way to pack as many tv cameras on the mission as possible, so in the most literal sense it was staged as a media production almost more so than a scientific mission."


"Science was an afterthought. It was not a secret that the US was doing it to beat the Russians. It was a commercial for how bad a** America was. Later on NASA used science to keep their budget."



"The energy price crisis in the UK right now. I suspect that when Russia Invaded Ukraine the oil companies saw an opportunity to make an unthinkable amount of money and our government are corrupt enough to just let them get away with it. The fact Rishi and Liz seem unwilling to talk about it or sympathise with people is enough proof."



"Lil’ol’ Finland attacking mighty bear of Russia back in ’39. I mean, Russian later said it was staged, but the current leader is again going ”what, who said is was stages, does not look staged to me, I haven't heard such rumors before and uh we beat the nazis so we are never wrong.'"



"Shakespeare's plays."


"Fun fact, Shakespeare's work often played to the lowbrow audience with sleazy sexual jokes. The title 'Much Ado About Nothing' is actually a saucy pun. It's about trying to get a woman married/laid, and what's between a woman's legs? Well. 'Nothing.' So it's much ado about... women's privates."

"He used that joke a lot, actually. It gets used in Hamlet! Basically any time he throws 'nothing' into the script the audience was meant to titter a little."


The BOT situation is out of control.

What would you add to this list. Let us know in the comments below.

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