People Divulge The Work-Related Accidents That Haunt Them To This Day

Depending on the job, non-office employees work tirelessly to push through with their physically-demanding tasks despite their fatigue to earn that paycheck.

But in their exhaustion, judgments can be impaired and exhausted workers can be vulnerable to workplace hazards.

And when an accident occurs while on company property, it's a devastating predicament that can have long-term effects.

Curious to hear job horror stories, Redditor Bwrice asked:

"What’s a work related accident that still haunts you to this day?"

"Beware of falling objects" was the last thing on these workers' minds.

Do Pets Miss Their Owners?

"While building Levi Stadium, a trucker was unloading rebar when the entire pile fell on him, impaling him multiple times and also crushing him."

"I never met the man, but his cat and elderly dog ended up a a local shelter. We planned to adopt the dog and ended up taking home the cat too because we didn't want to split them."

"Nena (the dog) passed away in her sleep in 2017 about 2 years after we brought her home. Seal (the cat) is around 7 years old now and doing just fine."

"I've always wondered if they ever thought of him."

– ryneaeiel

I Scream

"Worked for Edy's Ice Cream. My truck was loaded wrong so at a stop had to shimmy between pallets to get to the back pallet."

"Was unloading the top pallet and the pallet below collapsed. The top pallet slid on to me. But since I was between 2 waist high pallets about 1200lbs of ice cream bent me at the waist the wrong way."

"Sort of like bending over normally, backwards."

"Ended up with 2 broken vertebrae, nerve damage and was not fun."

"Eventually got a six disc fusion and was able to walk again."

"But now I have arthritis in my back and it really hurts most of the time. I also have numb areas in my right thigh and my whole lower back."

"Would not recommend."

– Im_too_old

Fatal Collapse

"Trench collapse. Guy was pinned mid chest. Not good but not immediately fatal. Guy’s coworkers freak out and use the backhoe to dig him out. Ended up catching him with the teeth on the bucket. Essentially cut him in half."

"The guy on the backhoe was his brother."

"Dude would have probably been alright had they rescued him the right way."

– Flame5135

Drowning in Molasses

"Not me, but at the cookie factory where my brother worked a worker died when someone accidentally dumped out a massive mixer full of molasses on top of him. He suffocated before they could dig him out."

– brainbarker

No one ever expected these jabs to happen.

Implementation Of A Rule

"Engineer decided to open a parcel with a Stanley knife, not sure if he slipped or what angle he was cutting at but BAM! Stanley knife in the eye. Never saw him again but h&s quickly introduced a policy that safety goggles needed to be worn when opening boxes"

– Quizzical_Chimp

Ruined Wedding Gown

"Used to be a wedding caterer. While the bride and groom were going to cut the cake it started to fall off the table as they were both trying to catch this ridiculously huge thing the bride slipped, fell into a pyramid of wine glasses on a foldout table behind her... The table collapsed and a wine glass stem pierced her neck."

"She survived, but she was not gonna be able to take that gown back to the rental place... I've never seen so much blood in my life."

– DanteWolfe0125

These accidents were uniquely different from the common examples above, but horrific, nonetheless.

Mad At The Machine

"I dunno if you can call this an accident but I was working with this guy and outta nowhere he says 'I'm sick of working here, check this out' and jammed his foot into the gears on the machine. Completely mangled his foot. Saw him 20 years later and his foot was still f'ked."

"He was looking for a couple weeks of workers comp, got a lifetime disability instead. It was pretty horrific."

– KingGuy420

Bashed In The Face

"Work in a dealership and once a tech was using a tool that broke free bashing him in the face, knocking out multiple teeth, splitting his lip and breaking his nose…it was a bloody mess. Young kid, with balls of steel appearantly. While waiting for an ambulance he was sitting there talking and smiled to show the damage. That smile was horrifying. He recovered and got a ton of dental work and still works there."

– smallboxofcrayons

Dedicated Employee

"I was a cashier in a grocery store. One of my fellow cashiers was a senior, just killing time in retirement. One day, she had a dizzy spell, collapsed, and cracked her head open on the floor. Paramedics were called, and as they were loading her into the ambulance, she was crying out that she could still finish her shift."

– originalchaosinabox

Aviation Disasters

"I used to fly small airplanes in north west Alaska. In the two years I worked there I knew three pilots that died in crashes."

"Don’t miss how those days felt."

– SweatyMooseKnuckler

Severed Digits

"Coworker, who was fresh out of trade school was using a table saw to cut 1” thick sheets of plastic into strips. It was cold so he put on some leather work gloves."

"A glove got caught and pulled his hand into the saw, nearly severing his right index and middle fingers."

"He came to me and said, 'uh, I think I cut my hand'. It literally looked like a package of pork ribs - all mangled bone and tissue."

"They were able to save the fingers, but they’re non functional and don’t bend."

– funtobedone

Sad Sacrifice

"I worked as a maintenance tech for a fiberglass facility and one of the operators crawled out on a crane over 1500 degree Celsius molten glass to clear a jam. He fell in and there was nothing to recover."

"Dude gave his life instead of shutting the line down for an hour. The worst part is our management was cool about unplanned shutdowns since we were always hitting above our target production anyway."

– wildwildwaste

Fatal Accident

"Worked at an industrial setting, had a contractor come in and use a hydraulic ram to pull a bearing about the size of your head. They didn't hook up the lines correctly and 40,000 psi of fluid hit him in the neck and almost decapitated him. It took out part of his brain stem, I got there for the death rattle. Blood everywhere, we couldn't help him. He was in his early 20s and his wife just gave birth a few months prior."

– FrenchiestFry234

Why We Remove Rings

"Not really haunted, but we had a guy in the Army violate one of the cardinal rules of working in the motor pool; remove watches, rings and dog tags."

"He had kept his wedding ring on and was working in the turret of an Avenger (surface to air missile launching system mounted on a HMMWV). When he climbed down the tiny ladder at the back he decided to jump down the last few feet to the ground. His ring caught on the ladder and degloved his finger."

"He held up his hand and just looked at it and said, 'Oh f'k.' We grabbed him, wrapped his hand (not much blood honestly) and took him to the hospital. All the while another soldier was carrying the fleshy remnants in his hands and dry heaving. Once he was taken in at the hospital they just removed the finger. He became a cautionary tale for all my future soldiers."

– Detritus_AMCW


"Electrician here. walked into a house on a Monday morning. A dishwasher had a ground fault that didn’t trip out. Plumber became part of the circuit Friday afternoon and was still part of the circuit Monday morning. This is partly why they must be gfci protected now."

– fooshsnickens

Beware The Forklift

"Locally a forklift driver ran over a worker and the workers skull was crushed blood and brains everywhere."

"Made me more cautioned to forklifts in my factory."

– Annghellic

Working in theater, I've seen my share of fellow performers getting injured.

From theme parks to Broadway, the things actors do for the sake of entertaining audiences are nothing short of risky.

Anything can go wrong when actors rush backstage for a quick costume change or when they rely solely on the mechanics of set pieces to move efficiently.

A good friend of mine was the victim of the latter, when he expected the bottom of the trap door would be clear of a moveable stair case when jumped in as he always did at a particular moment during a theme park show.

He landed on a staircase that hadn't been switched out for the airbag because of a crew member's incompetence.

My friend sustained several non life-threatening injuries but survived.

The things we do for art...

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