People Explain Which Words Just Sound Inappropriate
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We're all adults who are totally mature and don't, at all, giggle a little bit on the inside when someone talks about what conditions are like on Uranus.

Yeah just kidding, that's hilarious.

Uranus is our favorite heavenly body.

Reddit user rsideoson asked:

"What is a word that sounds inappropriate?"

Don't worry, Reddit is absolutely no more mature than we are and we all deserve a childish giggle every now and then.

Throat Thingy

"Uvula (dangly bit in your throat)"

- prettysouthernchick

"Ooohhh, so it's a girl house"

- Lusty_Argonian_Man

" 'All god's children got a uvula!'."

- theoldroadhog

"In Swedish it is called gomspene whick translates to pallet teet."

- nemeras

"That little dangly thing that’s hanging in the back of their throat?"

- Admirable-Door1724

Snl Season 47 GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

A What Hole ?


- NightOnFuckMountain

"Our city has had several instances of exploding manholes in the downtown area. My friends never let an opportunity to make such comments pass them by. (And I love them for it!)"

- Needspoons

"Played some drawing game once where you'd draw the word u get by the game and others would try guess friend got that word and drew a .. a literal manhole not the actual one, and that was when i learned that word lol"

- chaexhun

Chew Works Too


- HoopOnPoop

"Especially at the dinner table.."

- BassWingerC-137

"Those mukbangers masticate all over the place"

- imccompany

"This is the winner."

- the_pointy

"Do you oppose public mastication?"

- Cy41995

Hot Dog Eating GIF by NBAGiphy

Lets Just Not Use It Anymore

"This is not a fun or funny example, but, 'niggardly'."

"Etymologically, it has absolutely nothing to do with that other word. They have totally different origins, and sound/look similar purely as a matter of coincidence."

"But it's just not worth the explanation when "stingy" or 'miserly" work just as well, so it's basically a dead word."

- rejectednocomments

"Even the Reverend Jesse Jackson defended the use of this word."

"Also, TIL he's still alive."

- AtTheLeftThere

"I remember being a preteen and stepdad using this word. I was horrified. He was mildly racist so I wasn’t too surprised but we were in public. 'Dad!!!! There’s a black woman right there!!!'."

"He explained what it meant but I sure never ever used that word."

- baxbooch

"Yeah this word is gone forever. There is no way of tossing that out in casual conversation ever again, and even if you did you'd have to spend a good few minutes defending what you meant and looking it up to prove it."

- coombuyah26

Playing Around With Speed


"It's a running term and as a grown man I still giggle when I hear it."

- PreppyFinanceNerd

"Wait is that how it’s spelled? I always thought it was Fartlick lol"

- Hydra57

"You guys use that? It's Norwegian, meaning speed game."

- Cheetah_Hungry

"Fartlek’s were misery in high school XC. Always just called it a fart lick"

- silverhammer96

Safari Park Running GIF by San Diego ZooGiphy

Fortunella Sounds Fancier


- blaketyner

"You rang?"

- Sour_Kumquat

"Got banned from a forum for calling someone a kumquat. No regrets."

- eclecticsed

"The restaurant I worked at had a kumquat margarita and for a good 2 weeks the menu accidentally had cumquat, but each time the manager tried to fix it they’d accidentally print the wrong on again and there’d be too many copies to just throw out."

- silverhammer96

"That's a good one"

- TheKalebPerkins

The 'L' Is Important


- HiakaiSiempre

"This may only be true in American other accents it's much less suggestive"

- Tel-aran-rhiod

"Hehe caulk"

- MrsFlubberbuns96

"Don't wanna wait forever for that caulk to harden"

- Brilliant_Succotash1

"I used to work for a construction company doing purchasing and apparently in the winter caulk gets cold and refuses to work so you need to put your caulk in a caulk warmer"

- nmw6

"My brother insists on over enunciating the L so it sounds like. Cow-LK"

- jawshoeaw

homer simpson GIFGiphy

You Sure About This One?

"Jiggers, also known as the chigoe flea. Similarly, chiggers, also known as berry bugs."

- ArmoredArmadillo05

"Jigger is also the little double-ended cup bartenders use for measuring alcohol for cocktails."

- PromptCritical725

"I was looking for these two."

- kazeespada

" 'Jigger' is used every day by Australian surveyors. It’s what we call our theodolites or Total Stations. Short for thingamajigger perhaps. If my mate’s jigger wasn’t cooperating, he’d say 'jigger please'.”

- rawker86

"What’s my motherf*cking name?"

- GeezRick

So Many Botanical Puns


- bl0ckplane

"One summer day at a barbecue at my mum in laws, she walked outside and announced “wait til you see the size of the flower on my clematis” I snort inhaled my wine"

- Hatchetface1705

"I think they can cure that with a penicillin shot/s"

- 51225

"Another botanical word that makes me giggle:"


- RunningFromSatan

"Scabiosa. Or, as the Brits would say, scabious."

- Tacoma__Crow

This Is Another One We Should Maybe Not Use

"Negus. It means a hot drink of port, sugar, lemon, and spices, and it's a royal title."

- JustPlay94_cryer

"Can you use it in a sentence?"

- YubNub81

"Doesn't it also refer to an Ethiopian king?"

- Dbwasson

"Negan in Roman times."

" 'I am Negus! Thou shalt provide me with copious produce!'."

- imjb87

You heard (and laughed at) Reddits appropriately inappropriate words, now it's your turn to get in on the fun.

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