Traditionally speaking, when we think of proposals when it comes to hetero couples, it's pretty much always the man who proposes to the woman. We see it in movies, TV, internet specials, read it in books - there really aren't a lot of examples that most people can think of (aside from arranged marriages) where there is any deviation from that. He proposes to her. That's it.

But what if that wasn't it?

With more and more male celebrities rocking engagement rings (Ed Sheeran, Michael Buble, David Otunga, Osi Umenyiora) and tons of couples ditching the idea of gold and diamonds entirely, younger people are all about chucking traditions out the window and doing it their own way. So let's talk about this whole proposal thing...

Reddit user That-Guy-Jack asked:

Women who proposed to your boyfriend, how did they react when you were the one to pop the question?

It turns out young people who have switched it up aren't exactly being pioneers in the proposal territory. There were some couples who responded and had been married for literal decades! Some of these responses had to be edited for language, but here are people's real-life proposal stories. Enjoy!

Forgot To Answer

He was pretty taken aback, and said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him. Then I reminded him he hadn't answered the question yet, and he said yes.

- Philieselphy

The Song


He said he had to think about it. Mind you, we'd been living together for 2 years and I proposed to him in bed. About a week later, after I had pretty much convinced myself I'd need to find a new place to stay, he sang a song he wrote accepting the proposal. And we've been married 36 years.

- OctoberYellow

Emotional Rollercoaster

I'm a guy and my wife proposed to me.

I was totally caught off guard, not specifically because I was the one being proposed to, but because we had never discussed marriage at any point prior.

As far as my reaction? Well it went down like this:

I got home from work and she was waiting in my room for me sitting on my bed. She was like "Take of your jacket". I said "Okay" and did so. Then immediately she said "Sit down". At this point I'm kind of concerned. Then she starts talking.

She said, "I really like you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you." But I heard it as, "I really like you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you..." and I was fully expecting her to say "but I can't". My heart dropped, I thought I was getting dumped.

Anyways, then she started babbling and not being able to collect her words and thoughts and I had no idea what was going on. Then she pulled out the box, with the ring. I said yes, and had to get my composure because of the emotional roller coaster I was on.

I hugged her, went upstairs, told my mom and cried (tears of joy). Then I went to the bar to tell all our friends. Now we're married and have a house and a dog :)


Carry Me

I've dragged him through Vienna for a week as this was on our first vacation together. Finally, he gave up and said he couldn't walk anymore. we sat down in the orangery of Schönbrunn Palace where I asked him. First thing he said was: Seriously? followed by: yes. followed by: you know, you have to carry me home now.

- Sjeru

Happy Halloween

Husband, here.

My then gf and I made an annual trip to Las Vegas for a Halloween music festival, for years. During the planning of the current year's trip she said "hey, we should get married on Halloween this year!"

I said it was a great idea and we got married.

That was ten years ago and we've been happily married ever since.

For what it's worth, we had been together for ten years already when she "proposed." We had a pretty nonchalant view on marriage but we instantly loved being married after.

10/10 would marry her again.


Beat Me To It

My wife proposed to me. I thought it was awesome! I was planning to ask her on New Years Eve, and she beat me to it and asked me on Christmas Eve. Never felt emasculated and still think it was awesome.

- MaryEntwistle



He kinda went "What the f*ck?" like I was crazy or something.

This was after 6 years of living together. Then I started snooping and found out about all the skanks he was screwing on our couch while I was at work.

I'm in a different country now.

- Whiteypoints

Calling Your Bluff

We were lying in bed on a Monday morning, wrestling. I mostly jokingly said "Marry me already." He said, "Are you seriously asking me?" I, thinking he was just calling my bluff, called his and said yes. Then he said yes and promptly called his mother, who was caught off guard about this news at 8:30 on a Monday. He agreed on the condition that he could still surprise me with a ring.

Going on 4 years married this winter. :)

- Catsnakemagic

The Theme

My sister in law proposed to my brother. She took some photos of his work stuff (he's a firefighter, so his last name is on everything) and put them on canvas. She convinced him to drive to one of their favorite places with this mystery box. When she finally got him to focus on the box, she pulled out the pictures and asked what the theme was. When he guessed his last name, she pulled out a paper saying "you stole my heart, can I steal your last name?"

He was pretty stoked. He was really excited that she asked, and said yes. When he told us, the family, he said he's relieved because proposing to her never crossed his mind. He was so content he would have never thought of change.

- Pinkcamo37

Taking Turns

I proposed to my husband, but we both already knew we would be getting married.

I like to think it was pretty romantic - at sunset on a bridge in a little French village in Provence. I made him turn around for something and he immediately figured out what was happening, so tried (and failed) to stay calm and just looked like he was going to burst from excitement.

I got down on my knee, told him he was the best thing that happened to me and asked. He said yes, of course, and we kissed.

Then he said he wanted to give it a try so he got down on one knee and proposed to me too!

We'd already discussed how we wanted the proposal would go, and decided while either of us could pop it if we wanted to, I was generally better at planning things out and putting my foot down (I was also the one to ask him out when we first met.)

- dat_formatting


I wasn't planning on proposing, but the question just popped out in the middle of a conversation He said yes, then had to go for a walk to call his best friend and freak out a little bit.

When he got back we decided we needed to do it right- there weren't any rings at this stage, but we could at least do the whole down on one knee thing. We couldn't decide who should actually do that though, so we both got down on one knee and proposed to each other at the same time. And we both said yes.

- payvavraishkuf



I proposed ring and all, he said no then pulled out a ring and asked me instead.

- NewtInTheEgg

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