In case you haven't figured it out yet, women have notably different life experiences from men. For example, women regularly experience toxic abuse online, so much, in fact, that it's received harsh condemnation from Amnesty International. And even when women aren't facing outright abuse or harassment, they're receiving any manner of strange messages that run the gamut from weird to creepy to sexual.

After Redditor Nopefeelins asked the online community, "Ladies of reddit, what was the weirdest DM you ever got from a guy?" the stories came flooding in.

"That he loved..."

That he loved my fair skin and the fact I looked FERTILE. I was also like 15.


"Until he messaged me..."

Oooh, lemme think...

I was in an online DnD group, and the only female, as well as the youngest. I was fourteen, and the oldest player, who was 27, would regularly flirt with me while we played but I let it pass (and even was flattered by it) because it was in character.

Until he messaged me saying how he would stare at the only picture I'd ever sent the group (which was of my dice, and featured some of my hand) and that he wished I could be his pet.

Yeah,, blocked and left the group. Apologized to the DM, though.


"I'm serious here."

"Will you please mail me a box of your toenail clippings. I would be honored to chew them." I'm serious here.


"It's like the two most annoying..."

He wrote out how he saw our entire future together, including meeting each other's families, moving in together, getting married, buying a goat, getting pregnant, having a miscarriage, nearly divorcing, then mending the relationship and growing old together. Then he asked if I would consider going on this life journey with him. I would not. I blocked him immediately


"A guy sent me a video..."

A guy sent me a video of him spreading his butt cheeks. Every time I blocked him, he would make a new account and do it again. It's happened 3 times. Don't know who he is and doesn't show his face. But I'd know his @ss when I see it.


"One day I got a text..."

Met one in college. He seemed normal at the time although we rarely talked. Had literally one class together.

He friend requested me on Facebook and I accepted. Soon after he asked me out on Facebook and I rejected him. He started starring at me in the one class we had together and followed me around a lot.

One day I got a text from my mom telling me I should check my Facebook. I maybe looked at it once a day at the time.

He had commented on every single post I made, every picture, anything on my wall. Literally everything he could. Every comment was different too, but all some variation of how I'm a slut. How all I'm good for is to please a man and produce his offspring... if he finds me worthy.

He planned it out well I think I because the semester ended the week before. Which was good for me I guess, didn't have to see him anymore.

I blocked him then deleted my Facebook. I was rarely using it anyway. He put so much effort into those comments, hundreds of them. Just weird.


"One of those dms..."

One of those dms that was describing a scenario, but straight off the bat. No hello, how's it going, just...

'I unlock the door. You're standing by the stairs, looking angry. "What time do you call this! Your dinner is in the trash!' you shout. I put down my keys and stride towards you. I grab you by the hair and lead you upstairs. I lay you down and take off your pantyhose. You giggle as you let out a pungent fart. It fills my nostrils and...'

I have never blocked anyone so damn fast.


"This guy was obsessed..."

This guy was obsessed with me in highschool (he was extremely antisocial, ran like Naruto in the hallways and cut himself with scissors during class). I hung out with him one time during math class and the next day he gave me a matching bff necklace. He gave me the creeps and made me uncomfortable so I avoided him in school. He still kept talking to me everyday on Facebook for months. The last time we talked was when he told me that his abusive cousin/girlfriend got pregnant and they're planning to name the kid after me. I blocked him real quick after that.


"I played a browser game..."

I played a browser game for a while called Ikariam. The pirate group I joined somehow believed I was a girl because they misinterpreted something I wrote and I just didn't care to correct them, as it's the sort of thing that shouldn't matter in a game that's 100% anonymous.

Basically no one cared except this one guy who would constantly send me messages, and I never interacted with him really (maybe a 1 word or sometimes 1 sentence answer) which progressed from him thinking I'm awesome to him falling in love with me or some crap. Because I was a "girl" who knew about computer programming and math.


"I told him that made me..."

This dude who told me he was going to block me. The reason for that was because he was calling me hot and I already don't respond well to compliments like that. I told him that made me uncomfortable and he started throwing a tantrum I guess, and I was eventually blocked.


"Then I had the bright idea..."

"You like your neck strangled?"

Then I had the bright idea of trolling him a little and he ended up asking me for neck pics, and asked me some pretty dark questions. Much of his instagram feed had to do with asphyxiation. It was pretty mortifying.


"Needless to say..."

Not a DM per se but definitely the weirdest thing a dude ever dropped on me.

I used to work at eBays call center and would talk to a lot of different sellers on the site. I had one seller would call in and request to talk to me all the time. It started of harmless enough. He just sounded like an older dude who didn't understand computers.

I was newer and hadn't lost my patience with old people who don't understand how technology works so I thought that was the reason he wanted to talk with me.

Then one day I got an email from him. It started off harmless. Someone new to eBay had given him my work email, he had a quick question and was hoping I could help. Then he asked me if I would be willing to pose naked covered in cereal for him and he would pay me. He also said I could pick the cereal if I wanted to.

Needless to say I did not respond to that email and had to have a very awkward conversation with my boss. All the calls we had were gone through to prove I didn't to anything wrong, and eventually the guys eBay account was pulled and that was the last I heard from him.


"After months of not talking to me..."

My ex. After months of not talking to me, he adds me as a friend then messages me some sappy sh!t like "I've been dating other girls they remind me of you but then i realized i only want you" Then proceeded to tell me he has a fleshlight and it reminds him of me. That day i learned that you can rekindle relationships/friendships but you disrespect yourself if its rekindled with someone who has humiliated you or disrespected you in anyway.


"Was offered..."

Was offered $200 to send a video of me spreading peanut butter on my feet... Poor college me was thrilled.


"It was so incredibly polite..."

If I'd mind terribly sending him pictures of my toilet bowl contents next time I had a bowel movement. It was so incredibly polite I almost felt bad for declining.


"Erotic fiction..."

"Erotic fiction" where he is a son fantasizing about his mother, hoping she was pleasing herself to him.

Similar invitations to erotic fantasy arrive daily on Reddit. Yeah, I realize this is a risk I take on the subs where I post. I mostly sigh, block and think "poor dear really needs a playmate."


"The guy who started talking to me..."

The guy who started talking to me on POF and was offended that I didn't want to be in his poly relationship because clearly, because I was bisexual, I should be cool with dating both at the same time.

(For the record I am 100% with poly people, just not my cup of tea).


"I want you to..."

"I want you to put your virginity in a box and give it to me."

I don't even know what that means.


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