Women Reveal The Secrets They Keep From Men In Their Life Because They Couldn't Handle It


They would blow your mind.

Some women tend to keep things close to the chest in many regards. Secrets that can never be revealed, like what kind of makeup they use or where the best clothing sales are often you wash your bras? Turns out not all secrets are as delicate or cliché as some men might think.

Reddit user, u/iluvfreakyshi-1, wanted to know about the best kept secrets women keep from the men in their lives when they asked:

Women of reddit, what is one secret you keep from the men in your life because you don't think they can handle it?

What Did Austin Powers Call Them? Dirty Pillows?

I don't wash my bra's as regularly as I should.


When Pranks And Spiders Are Never Fun


That I'm terrified of spiders, I keep it a secret because I'm terrified they will try to prank me with spiders or throw spiders at me because they think it's funny.


Making Up For It Later Makes It Better. Right?

My eating disorder.

Which makes me feel bad sometimes, in the sense that they think I don't spend that much time with them during the week because "I'm too busy" with school and work.

Nah, dude. I'm busy starving so that I can eat like a slightly normal person with you on the weekends and not want to kill myself.


Sometimes, "Family" Is All Too Much


Sometimes I absolutely HATE my brother in law...he's generally a decent dude, and has always been sweet to me, but often has "off days" where he says the rudest, stupidest sh-t. He can literally be a fount everlasting of sexist, racist, ignorant comments. Any time he meets a friend of mine he HAS to come out and spew some dumb-ss rudity in their face. I have nearly lost friends over him and am embarrassed to no end.

My husband knows his brother can be an a--, but I think he is somewhat desensitized. (Again, BIL is always very sweet and mild around my husband and I.) BIL has also been my husbands only friend and support when my husband went through multiple surgeries/health scares.

I feel like if I get too honest about the situation my husband will be very shaken. So I keep my mouth shut.


Never Let Them See You Cry

How insecure I can be, my self doubt, and how much I care.

In my past, men don't handle my sensitivity very well.


Feminism Is Great, But...


I kinda wish I lived in the 50's because I really like taking care of people, I have so much love to give and I'd make a kick-a-- house wife/mom.

I'm not saying anything about gender roles whatsoever. Just that the lifestyle would personally suit me.


Music Always Means More Than It Says

While we were separated for a couple of years, I dated a guy I knew from high school that was the lead singer in a band previously. The band broke up before we even dated, but not before putting out a decent album. We were together for a couple of months, but I broke it off and ended up getting back with my now husband.

I sometimes listen to the album and my husband loves it. (One of the songs is actually a favorite of mine, and I spoke to the guy on the day they recorded the song, in the middle of them recording.)


I Can Feel The Windows Shudder

Honestly, how loud I can fart. I can put many men to shame.


It's Always A Matter Of Perspective

How much his attempted suicide actually f***ed me up. He's still struggling pretty badly with it 2 months later and he doesnt need that guilt making it worse.Also how much I dislike when he changes a recipe I was really wanting to try.


Something Men Will Never Get


How often women have to deal with sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Not just because I don't think they an handle it, but I just can't f-cking deal with all the men who say "oh, it's not that common, you're just being hysterical, well if it was so common I'd have heard about it more, etc., whenever you talk about rape I have to bring up how common false accusations and "crying rape" are, and well you should have worn a full mech suit and never gone out after dark if you didn't want to get assaulted."


H/T: Reddit

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