Women Dispel The Biggest Myths That People Still Commonly Believe About Women
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Yeah, the fact that the phrase "the fairer sex" even exists is evidence enough that we need to have a little sit-down. So look, I'm not sure who started this lie - but women are VERY capable of some grossness.

Very. You don't even want to know. Honestly, we can be horrific.

But the idea that women are somehow inherently delicate, lovely, kind, and gentle isn't the only misconception out there.

Reddit user BOBO24PLAYZ asked:

"Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?"

So first we are going to get the obvious stuff out of the way. Not all women menstruate or have vaginas, but genitals is almost always going to be the first thing asked about when a Reddit user poses a question like this.

When it comes to vulvas, vaginas, urethras, and menstruation it's seriously BAFFLING how much misinformation is floating around out there.

So let's just go on ahead and knock some stuff out right now.

A Cave System

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"That we pee and bleed from the same hole." - Scared_Gap5717

"I remember I said there were two different holes in 7th grade and I got roasted. 'It's not a cave system!' and was branded an idiot for the rest of middle school. I am in medical school now oddly enough." - toomuchredditmaj

"There are men who think we urinate and menstruate from the same hole. That is why they think we can control our periods the way we control peeing, I assume." - moffsoi

"My fav part of that myth is the implication that women are simply being stupid or intentionally difficult by choosing not to hold their periods in until the most opportune time."

"As if we have the ability but are going 'ehh, I could wait until I get home but f*ck it, imma change a tampon in a public restroom just for the thrill of it. Really feel like ruining a pair of pants today while I'm at it.' " - Much_Difference

"I don't like how the idea we can hold it implies that we're literal infants who just pee ourselves all the time for fun." - BuckyBear1917

Vagina Rings

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"That you can tell how much sex a woman has had by looking at her genitals. No you can't." - [Reddit]

"Correct. You have to cut the vagina in half and count the rings." - ThisIsMyCouchAccount

"That's to check for age. For use you have to check the tiny odometer." - DudesworthMannington

A Freshness Seal


"That one bleeds the first time they have sex. If they didn't 'bleed' they were not really a virgin."

"FALSE! Raise your hand if you did NOT BLEED!? I raising mine! 🙋♀️" - cathef

"Thisssss. I didn't ever bleed or tear my hymen until I gave birth lol. It's just a stretchy piece of skin at the bottom of the vagina, not a freshness seal" - cbrpxe

What's The Difference?

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"That we get 'loose' when we have multiple partners."

"I think it's ridiculous that majority of the guys I've met that say this don't also think that those same women get 'loose' when they've been with one man for several years." - OK-Witness8418

"I've met girls who thought this to be true and were afraid to have sex because of it!"

"Granted, they were quite young, but that's how strong the myth is. The 'mind blown' moment when these people are asked what exactly is the difference between 50 times with one man and one time with 50 men has always been pretty amusing though." - narwhals-narwhals

Born With(out) It

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"That every woman is born with a hymen. Or that if she doesn't have a hymen then she isn't a virgin."

"Hymens can break really easily, such as sitting on a bike or horse wrong, exercise, (sometimes but highly unlikely) using a tampon if inserted incorrectly. And many women are just born without a hymen." - TheShining02

It's Natural

"That pregnancy is no big deal because it's 'natural'."

"It's metal that the human body can go through that kind of stress, but it is still totally physically traumatic. It's why women have a higher rate of osteoporosis-- fetuses literally leach the calcium from their mother's bones."

"Women often herniate their uteruses after pregnancy and just have to 'deal' with not being able to pee properly or have sex pain-free because it's seen as totally normal." - facingnortheast

OK that's enough about genitalia for now. Women are way more than just that.

Spoiler alert, women are human!

Solving A Problem

"We're not a Problem to Be Solved."

"If you want to date a woman and she is resistant, you will not solve that. No matter how many rom-com movies you watch where a man spends 90 minutes of your time annoying the woman he is interested in and gets her."

"This does not happen in real life. Move on. Find someone who is more likely to reciprocate your affections."

"Source: was stalked by someone, which stopped when I told him that if he showed up, I'd push him down the front steps so grow up already." - VapoursAndSpleen

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What I Really, Really Want

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"That we are a mystery. I am sick of telling people exactly what I want and hearing, 'well, yeah but what do you really want?' "

"I am not lying or playing games. You know what women want? To be treated like human being with respect like anyone else!" - ViperBunny

"Wow, so deep. I wish I could know what you really want, though." - Imomaway


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"Women are "more emotional"....ever see a man watch sports or get told he's wrong about something?" - Rizarice

"Men are emotional too but the sh*tty part is that the only emotion they have been taught to process or have been encouraged to process are anger and lust." - bubbly-region

"Men are so much worse at handling their emotions. I assume this is because they are taught they don't have any, and thus don't recognize their many (many!) emotional outbursts." - thediplocrap


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"That Lesbians 'just haven't had the right penis yet.' "

"Sirs, I regret to inform you: there is no magic penis out there that will change our sexuality. I know you love the little fellas and think they're magical, but for us Lesbians? I swear to you, they are not, nor will they ever be magic."

"In the wise words of Mike Wizowski: 'Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.' " - RelentlesslyCrooked

Not Me

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"That we are more emotionally intelligent and intuitive than men."

"I am definitely not empathetic and don't like dealing with emotional people, I'm mostly just socially awkward and not particularly mothering or kind."

"Seems like the assumption is that women want to baby men. Not me lol" - counterboud

A Recipe For Broken Adults

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"girls are more mature"

"No, girls are just punished much more severely than boys are for behavior that all children exhibit. Boys only seem less mature because we do not demand maturity from them at a young age like we do from girls."

"Girls are forced to suppress being human and boys are forced to suppress emotions other than anger. It's a recipe for broken adults." - BanditaIncognita


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"That all women are 'indirect communicators.' "

"I'm not saying they can't be, I'm not even saying the majority don't fall under this category, but personally, indirect communication goes right over my head. It's frustrating because I don't assume people can read my mind, why should I be able to read theirs?"

"I feel like when people assume I communicate indirectly just because I'm a girl, it leads to them not listening to what I'm saying, instead they try to dissect and analyze what I'm 'really' trying to say."

"Also men are just as capable of being passive aggressive."

"I live with a man and he constantly thinks I'm trying to send subtle messages and I've had to sit him down and explain that if I'm upset about something I will tell him. He on the other hand will slam doors, stomp around the house, give me the silent treatment, say nothing is wrong only to snap at me over something small (I'm making him sound awful but he's actually a pretty great person lol.)" - Reddit



"That we are sh*t at directions. I never get lost and my husband couldn't find his way out of a shed."

"Also that we are sh*t at math. I live in Asia and the idea that women aren't good at math doesn't really exist here, so surprise surprise the girls perform on a equal level to the boys in high school in most Asian nations."

"Stereotypes are self-reinforcing, and dangerous. Even the people who are harmed by them can come to believe them and lose confidence in themselves." - practical_ghost


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"Women are perfect all the time."

"I don't like it when people hold women to a higher standard than men. We're all just people trying to do our best and I'm sick of people expecting perfection from me just because I'm a woman."

"Everyone expects me to be smiling all the time; and when I'm direct at work, I'm called a b*tch."

"Women politicians are criticized for the smallest mistakes, women in all professions are. People expect so much and sometimes I have nothing to give. I'm burnt out." - Adorable_Island_1798

Dude ... and Lady

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"That we all think and feel the same!"

"I had a manager who refused to call me dude, because his girlfriend didn't like to be called dude. I'm not your girlfriend, bro!"

"He would not listen to me when I said it was okay. I even told him I prefer it."

"Instead, he legit called me 'lady.' It would be like 'Hey dudes. Oh! And lady.' "

"Made me feel like I was different, and not a part of the team. Just call me dude!" - QueenOfAYogaBall

Normally, I would end this on a witty note - but I don't have much more to add on top of "women are human!"

So yeah, whatever "all women..." thing you have in your head, go on ahead and forget it. All women nothing. Treat us as individuals please and thanks!

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