Clichés exist for a reason. They summarize the largest, collective group of individuals, simmering them down to an easy to understand quirk. Sometimes, they're flattering, others, they can be hurtful and offensive. However, in these specific situations, the women telling their stories can all firmly agree on these clichés: Men are oblivious when it comes to the ways of love.

Reddit user, u/AndrewS6969, wanted to hear when they just didn't get it when they asked:

Girls of reddit what are the most obvious hints you've ever given a guy, and he didn't get it?

How Much More Obvious Can You Get?

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I sat on a male friend's lap and told him "you should kiss me" and he thought I was joking. I thought at first I'd been reading him wrong (we'd been pretty touchy with one another for a while, but I'm also pretty touchy with my friends in general, so I figured he might have just been following my lead) and he was just being gentle in turning me down so I backed off after that, but no, he did like me, he was just that oblivious.


Dropped Stone Dead

Me, on rainy day: "I think dancing in the rain is romantic. Want to dance in the rain with me?" Him: "Nah, it's too wet."

He seemed surprised when I dropped all interest in him shortly after.


Neptune, I've Played Your Game Before

On a boat with a dude I had a major crush on. Sea gets choppy and I have to throw my arms around him to stay upright (Neptune answered my prayers!). I grin and say: "I'll try not to grope you ... unless you'd like me to." Nothing. (I assumed he was oblivious, but of course there's always the possibility he just found me repulsive).


It's Not Always About The Money

We made a bet over something silly for $7. He lost. He started checking his pockets for cash, and I said, "|I'll give you a choice: you can give me $7, or you can take me out for a burger." His response: "Well, a burger is more like $18."


Happy Ending.

He was flirting with me and he suggested he come over (wink wink). I said "hmmm yeah you'll have to see my bedroom!"

He backtracked pretty quickly lol.

This is the same guy who asked if I had any smiley pics so I sent him one with me smiling in lingerie.

He didn't get the hint till three years later. We now have a house and are planning a wedding 😁


That's Definitely Not The Appropriate Response

I was sending sexy pics, and he was sending back memes. I had to point it out and by the time we started anything, I wasnt in the mood anymore.


What Did You Think They Were?

We went on four dates before he realised that they were dates and not just two friends going out for the evening.


Not Just Friend Snuggling

I went to a friend's house to hang out, but I live about an hour away. I was planning on staying over (pull out sofa, etc etc). Well, I wound up sleeping in the same bed as the host. This happened three times over three weekends. He finally got the hint the third time (apparently after his roommate cleared things up).

Anyway, we're engaged now.


It's Like The Most Obvious Signal

First date with my first boyfriend my first year of college, he was walking me to my car from his dorm room. I was hoping to get his arm around me (yes, we were that innocent) so I told him I was a little cold. So he offered to run back to the dorm to get me his coat. After I took his arm and put it around me, he figured it out.

I still tease him after 15 years of marriage. :-)


This Is The Most Serious Thing You Can In Second Grade

Trying to hold his hand in second grade. He was just intensely confused. Why, Billy, why?!?! You gave me a holographic dinosaur valentine and m&ms on Valentine's day! I really thought we had something!!!! :-{


Well, Video Games Are Important Too

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Me to my husband before we started dating: Man, I can't believe you're single! Any girl would be lucky to have you! heart emoji

My husband: Nah, they can do better lol. Anyway, wanna play Left4Dead?


You May Not Understand His Past

There was this one guy I liked and I try to play a little hard to get and have him chase a little and he completely ghosted me.

Come to find out later, he had been threatened with getting kicked out of school and possible jail time for stalking in the past by another woman. Didn't get all the details, but I think she blew it way out of proportion.

So now if a woman even hinted at not being into him, he just gave up right then.


What Did You Think We Were Going To Do?

"Why don't you come over to my hotel room and spend the night" like, I don't know how more obvious you need than that. He didn't catch on until the following morning.


Textspeak In Real Life Is Always Iffy

"I have a crush on you" I said

"lol" he said

he said "lol" directly to me. we were sitting next to each other, not texting. 2 days later I gave him a serious confession and he accepted my feelings, then explained that he forgot what 'crush' meant at the time and later brushed it off as a joke.


How Much More OBVIOUS Can You Be?

Maybe this isn't as obvious as I thought it was but I spent pretty much an entire school year flirting with my crush as hardcore as my little high school, anxiety ridden self could- I.e sitting on his lap or laying across him in some way, inviting him over to my house constantly, playing with his hair, literally kissing him several times- we were basically in a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Had a conversation with him once while I was practically laying down on top of him where he was talking about how sad it was that no one liked him romantically and my dumb ass just sat there like,,,,,,

no I'm pretty sure someone likes you. Like very incredibly sure( I suppose it's mainly my fault for not just saying something then and there) Found out after I left the state that he'd had a massive crush on me too but was afraid I wasn't into him- thought all my flirting attempts were just me being super friendly. It's been a couple years and he's still on my mind all the time lol


All Those Endorphins

I once had a crush on a guy in a running group I was part of. He was talking about a marathon prep guide that he'd found and I asked him to send it to me in the hopes that he would ask for my number. He told me to google it.

Later, we were all hanging out at a bar late at night and he and I talked and flirted (or at least I did) for the whole night but still nothing.

Eventually, one day we were sitting around after our run and he started to leave, then walked back over to me to ask for my number. After he got it, I texted him "how come you didn't ask for my number before this?" And he said "because I'm an idiot sometimes".

We ended up dating for about a year and laughed about all the signs he'd missed.


Now For A Man's Point Of View

I got one that makes me bang my head against the wall whenever i think about it. Was 17 then.

So one of my female friends was hosting a massive party in her garden (also massive, fit 20 tents and still had space) and very kindly invited me to it and said i could have a +2. So of course i take 2 of my best mates, buy alcohol to last us the next 16 hours and we walk down the canal for 50 minutes to get to her house.

It started off normal, you know welcoming everyone , small talk. This swiftly escalated to shotguns and endless chugs. A couple of hours in , everyone is drunk as hell and a gally (one of the hotties to my surprise) comes to sit on my lap. We flirt, laugh and whatnot - the usual. At one point she says that she desperately needs the toilet and she needed help. I was dumbfounded as to why she needs help at the toilet, so i politely decline and insist she goes solo.

She wouldn't even make eye contact with me a year after that. At least my buddies and I still laugh about it to this day but hell...sometimes it does make me wonder...what if i wasn't such a tool?


At Least It Worked Out In The End

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Had a mega crush on a guy I worked with, let's call him James. He was the spitting image of Eddie Redmayne who I fancy the pants off.

A group of us at work were discussing Les Misérables, and I said how hot Eddie was. Someone said 'don't you think James looks like Eddie?' And I said 'yeah for sure, I fancy James too.'

He just laughed a little.

I was crushed!

(We're married now so he worked it out in the end!)


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