Halloween is famous for occasional costume mishaps but an Alabama woman is taking things to a whole new level. She had bought a $3 pair of zombie teeth to complete her undead flesh-hungry costume. She used the glue that came with them to make sure the chompers stayed in place. Unfortunately, the glue worked a little too well.

Anna Tew explained that she tried to remove the teeth herself until 2 a.m. when she finally decided that she may need a little extra help. She found a dentist, Dr. John Murphy, who was able to see her the following morning to help her remove the teeth.

She explained to local news station WKRG:

"He talked about drilling. They had a saw, talked about taking them off in sections, and they couldn't numb it because they were scared they would actually pull my teeth out. So he went in and picked and pulled and I squealed like a baby and they got them out."

Dr. Murphy explained that the shape of some people's teeth and/or gums can cause these types of fake teeth to get stuck. Tew, for her part, said that she'll never wear fake teeth like these again.

People were amused.

Others seemed confused.

And most seemed to have assumptions about where she must come from.

It's probably never a good idea to glue anything into your own mouth.

H/T: Twitter, Fox News

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