She couldn't remember how it happened.

When it comes to kicking back and cutting loose for an evening, the "drunken night out on the town" is a time-honored tradition, but the experience often leaves one with an empty wallet, a pounding head, and little to show for it the next day.

Not so for one London-based partier, who recently woke up the morning after to a plethora of photographic evidence of a surprisingly productive night out.

It's a good thing because she couldn't remember the night at all, but was good enough to share her night with the rest of us:

And Twitter was suitably impressed:

So much so that many wondered if this was all just a clever ploy to advertise her phone:

Twitter then began planning for the next photo shoot:

One problem tho:

While there were many different reactions to the photos, there was one thing everyone seemed to agree on:

H/T - Twitter