Woman Wants To Evacuate Beach House Before Her Friend's Wedding Due To Hurricane, But Everyone Says She's Overreacting


Run! A Hurricane is a comin'!!

Redditor Sweeeetestofdreams is in a bit of personal and climate induced vortex. Currently she is in the direct path of a history making, catastrophic storm that is about to demolish the East Coast of North Carolina. But her bestie plans to continue with her wedding plans as if this will be merely a sun shower. Here's the story...

I 21f is staying at the beach for my friend 24f wedding and a Hurricane is coming

Okay so I feel like I'm going crazy here and I really need somebody to confirm that. My friend is getting married on Friday and this week 19 friends and some family came down to stay in 2 beach houses. We are currently at a beach in the direct path of the upcoming hurricane that's going to be hitting the states on Thursday. I have been watching the news and saw it is now going to hit us at a category 4 storm... I'm literally freaking the hell out, and nobody is listening to me. We are in the direct path of the surge and I'm terrified of the flooding and wind and everything that comes with it.

Everybody is acting like we are just going to get rained on and get rained in the house. They think if an evacuation is called then we should all just stay and wait it out because there's no point in fighting the traffic... I plan to leave soon regardless if the wedding happening or not. I'm at the mercy of a ride to our friends who aren't taking it seriously. I'm going to have my mom come get me because I truly can't get trapped here. My boyfriend is planning to leave with me. Both of our moms aren't really giving us a choice in leaving and I have a huge job interview Monday that I don't want to miss as well.

Can somebody please tell me if I'm being an a**hole by leaving? I'm so conflicted and stressed out.

Thoughts and Prayers?

Just RUN!!!

I live on the east coast of FL, so I have plenty of hurricane experience. If this house is on beachside there will be a mandatory evacuation. While they won't FORCE anyone to leave, there will be no first responders on beachside. All bridges will be shut down and you will be stuck in a potentially life threatening storm. The storm surge will push ocean water to heights not normally seen, windows can get blown out by flying debris, the house could lose the roof. Since they are renting the house, the landlord is likely not going to allow them to stay and risk their lives. Tornados can spawn off this storm, the extreme wind will likely be the most dangerous.

Our home is a mile inland and we decided to stay last year when Irma hit. We were getting warnings that storm surge could potentially push ocean water beyond where we live. I work for a remodeling company. We are still remodeling homes and condos on beachside from last years storm. Entire first floors were filled with ocean water. My husband and I have a deal. We will stay for nothing higher than a Cat 3 hurricane and we live a mile inland, have a concrete block home with impact resistant windows and our roof has hurricane straps. Hearing the sound of the roof creaking as the wind tries to lift it from your house is the most frightening sound. So imagine if your house isn't built as soundly as ours and the roof gets pulled off or a tree falls down on your house, and now you have no where to go and no one to call because you were given a mandatory evacuation that you chose to ignore..... go to Mike's Weather Page


Job security 1st!!

You're not crazy, and you're not being an a** by leaving. Even if they ride out the storm successfully (and being in the middle of a major hurricane is a lot scarier than most people who haven't grown up on the coast understand), you'd be taking a real chance that the roads wouldn't be clear to anything but emergency vehicles in the area around the landfall this weekend. There's a reasonable chance you'd miss your job interview.

If an evacuation is called, encourage them to leave. If they want to ride it out, there's nothing you can do about stupid. But you don't have to stay with them.


You're running on fumes... 

Pack up NOW!! Leave! There will be no gas, and the line off the island will be forever long. Gas trucks will not be coming to refill tanks at stations because of the risk of flooding. You WILL go through a full tank of gas, and I really really hope your tank is full now. In fact, if you guys could pack up now, nap, and leave tonight between 10 and 5 AM, you may not see the worst of the traffic, but you're still going to be shocked.



Exactly... we were in the inland path of one with 40-60 mile winds and it was scary. Imagine the worst thunderstorm you have ever been in... double it, and then have it last 12-18 hours. There you go.


Listen to Texas! 

From Houston. Don't be conflicted/stressed, YOU ARE NOT BEING AN A**HOLE!!


Thank you! That's exactly what I'm saying, I saw the devastation that hurricane caused and I'm not chancing anything, I want to leave before it hits.


The Earth isn't ending... yet!

I am not saying you should change your plans. I believe erring on the side of caution is always the correct measure. That being said. No one knows where that hurricane is going to go and what category storm it will be on Wednesday.

Hurricanes are incredibly difficult to track and even more difficult to predict the severity of the storm. The reason people didn't evacuate Houston was because they've seen dozens of hurricane warnings end up missing them.

So although this storm is potentially going to be a category 4 storm and potentially could hit you. There's a strong chance you do just get really super heavy rain and winds but are not a direct hit of the storm.


The First Responders got your back! 

I don't know you but I'm proud of you for making a good decision when your friends aren't listening to reason. I'm an EMT and my experiences have shown time and time again most people have no concept of danger. They're too used to the routine to imagine something bad happening to them. And those are the people who will make you doubt yourself when feel something bad is about to happen. Good job listening to your instincts.


The Sky is Falling! Go! 

Leave now, not later. Gas shortages, water quality problems, no electricity, no way to boil water, running low on food. These are all real outcomes. You can always come back, but every second you wait the worse the traffic and more likely you get stuck some place with no gas.


You already know! 

Yeah no, you couldn't pay me to stay on the beach in the path of a major hurricane. Storm surge is seriously scary stuff. Let alone everything else you're going to be dealing with, trust me as someone who's lived in Florida their entire life you don't want to wait until it's too late to leave. Trust your gut. Or at the very least get far away from any major flood zones.


Good Luck & God Speed! 

I was in a similar situation last year for Hurricane Harvey. The eye passed over my house. My family spent a little time debating on if we should leave or not, the issue being that on the morning of the storm's landfall we started off with the news calling for a Cat. 1 so, we decided to ride it out. Been there done that with a Cat. 1 (Ike, not in the direct path), and while not fun, it wasn't too bad during the storm or afterwards.

That being said, by the time Harvey made landfall it had turned into a Cat. 4 which being without power, internet or cell reception we had no idea. I sat in my living room for 12 hours with windows boarded and lights out listening to what sounded like a freight train right outside my front door. No exaggeration here, I literally watched my walls move in and out with the gusts. There's nothing like it I can think of to compare it to. Saying it was completely terrifying really doesn't do it justice.

For some perspective, we actually got very lucky at my home. Harvey just a knocked down a privacy fence and we lost two old oak trees. A house a couple of doors though over lost everything except the concrete slab. My in-laws stayed at their home as well and spent most of the storm in a closet with a mattress over them because the roof blew off.

These storms are no joke and it's very hard to imagine the power behind them. Once they start there's no getting out and you have to ride it through no matter what. I will never ride out a storm that big again and I will tell everyone that will listen that they shouldn't either. All of that is based off of my experiences with the wind, the surge wasn't a factor where my home is located. To stay in a beach house under those conditions and add a surge into the mix is almost a suicidal combination. Get out and do it quickly. You don't want to be stuck on the road during the middle of this and traffic is likely to be worse than you've ever experienced.

Good luck and don't push it. Leave.



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