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You can buy all their music, see every movie on opening-night, or attend every game in the front row.

But the ultimate fandom is waking up from surgery obsessing over your hero in a slurred-speech anesthesia stupor.

And one young woman who did just that for her hero, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, has now been handsomely rewarded for her obsessive dedication in the coolest way (that pun will make sense in a moment).

Callie Kessler, a young woman from Connecticut, recently had some surgery on her throat to remove her tonsils. She woke up focused on one thing and one thing only: a deep, abiding, sob-inducing—and immediately viral—love of Aaron Rodgers.

Well, that and popsicles.

Next thing you know, she had two new friends—Rodgers and his girlfriend, retired racing driver Danica Patrick—and more popsicles than she could possibly dream of.

It all started with her anesthesia-induced devotional to Rodgers and frozen treats, which immediately went viral.

As Kessler put it:

"I love him. I want Aaron Rodgers to come and then my throat wouldn't hurt. Then we could be best friends forever... Aaron Rodgers, he would buy me 400 popsicles."

Wow, yep... that's love!

Kessler also expressed her gratitude for Packers running back Aaron Jones—even though her family didn't know who he is.

"Aaron Jones-uh! You don't know who that is!...Thank God we have a running game so the pressure's a little relieved off of Aaron, cuz he's so great."

And before you knew it, Jones was responding to Kessler.

And suddenly, an online campaign began to get Rodgers to respond to his #1 fan.

And then Danica and Aaron responded in the coolest way possible.

But that wasn't just a cute Twitter joke—they actually sent her 400 popsicles!

The good people at Otter Pops, not to be outdone, then doubled down on Danica and Aaron's gesture.

And soon after, so did the namesake company itself, Popsicle!

Of course, other folks on Twitter were delighted by all this icy-cool sweetness.

So what does Kessler think about this whole thing?

As she told Milwaukee's CBS 58:

"I'm sorry for being so embarrassing... But he's a great role model and someone who I look up to... Go Pack Go!"

Hard to argue with that.

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