Witnesses Describe Bus Driver's Heroic Actions After Seattle Gunman's Deadly Shooting Spree
CBS News This Morning/YouTube

Commuters and local residents feared for their lives after a man went on a shooting spree during rush hour traffic in North Seattle around 4 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

According to CBS News, two people were killed as the suspect shot through several windshields at drivers a few blocks East of Lake City Way in a car jacking rampage.

"It didn't matter who you were. He was going to shoot you if he saw you," said witness John Barrett of the shooter who is now in custody of the police.

Another witness recalled their narrow escape from the chaos, saying:

"I turned around and left, because he was heading right for me. I barely got out of there. It was close, real close."

The nightmare began after the 33-year-old suspect, later identified as Tad Michael Norman, shot a 57-year-old female driver in a car jacking attempt on Sand Point Way Northeast and Bartlett Avenue Northeast.

Luckily, she survived the attack.

The gunman then targeted a bus driver, Eric Stark, and shot him in the torso, but his wound did not prevent him from saving the passengers' lives.

The Seattle Police Department called the Metro Route 75 driver a hero after he took a bullet and drove the 12 passengers to safety by backing up out of the shooter's range:

"This bus driver truly is a hero. He was able to have the wherewithal to put the bus in reverse, back it up, turn it around, which is no easy feat in and of itself."

A metro spokesman said of Stark:

"My understanding is, even after he had been struck by gunfire, he was able to maneuver the bus, to back out and get his passengers to safety, before hitting the emergency-alarm button."

Norman moved on to hijack another vehicle after killing a 50-year-old man at the wheel and sped off to flee from the scene. A half-mile car chase ensued before he collided with another vehicle and killed its 70-year-old driver.

Police spokesman Deputy Police Chief Marc Garth Green categorized the attack as a "random, sensless act" during a press briefing.

The victims, including the suspect were taken to Harborview Medical Center. After Norman was discharged from the hospital, he was transported to King County Jail where he is under investigation for homicide, robbery and assault.

According to the Seattle Times, the city's Mayor Jenny Durkan called the shooting a "tragedy for the Lake City community and all of Seattle."

"We grieve with the loved ones of those who were taken, and we extend the good wishes and support of our City to those who were injured. I am unspeakably grateful to the King County Metro driver who acted to save lives."

We have become numb to yet another "senseless act" becoming the norm.

Watch the full CBS News report in the YouTube clip, below.

Seattle shooting: Witnesses describe deadly rush hour rampage www.youtube.com

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